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Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya


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2006-04-11, 13:32:50
anonymous from United States  
O.K., I got the no hotels in her city so I have no place to stay letter. She/he is going to ask her aunt if I can stay there. She doesn't think so though. She will check into apartments and their prices. Obviously, next will be the send me some dollars for the apartment letter. She, I mean he loves me again. Anybody else heard anything? I will drag this out unti I do the western union thing. Thanks guys, FB
2006-04-11, 16:29:36
anonymous from United States  
XXXXXX here no news or emails in over a day. He gave up.

I will send one more going away email on Friday, maybe about me and a friend Taking a romance tour of Russia and I would stop to see her. LOL

That is it, I am bored now. That was fun
2006-04-11, 21:13:55
anonymous from United States  
She's an amateur. She does not take the time to completely read your letters. Easily found to be a fraud, but she is so pretty that she tempts. Love you my pretty little russian, JOHN
This image was also posted here:
Letters from dating scammer Maria in Omsk, Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde blue dress
2006-04-12, 06:48:08
anonymous from United States  
looks like laemails

I am soooo sacred, you are a scammer. All your same letters to many many men. So change you name again and hide from the police.

The lawyer will think it is funny when you a man shows up at the court and call me the liar !!!!!!!
Alevtina is suppose to be a woman. Do you worsted.

All info info is false. you will never find me. ha ha. you went to western union, ha ha. stupid stupid bitch.

The officials know all about you.
Just wait for the knock on your door, it will be the KGB !!!!!

Stupid Slut Man.


Well you have offended me. But I not scammer and if you want I shall
assert the rights in the international court. Then you should spend
many money to the lawyer for insults which you to me have written. All
your letters at me are kept I is ready to bring an action against you.
Wait a little.

AD> Even in the end you cannot answer 'Yes or No'
AD> Maybe you can answer this,
AD> How big is your penis ? You are the liar. you are a man
AD> scammer. I have told everyone on the internet about you and your
AD> lies.
AD> How many men have you stolen from. Did you know it is
AD> impossible for a bitch like you to get a Visa to come here !!!
AD> The only way to get a Visa is for an American to go to Russia
AD> and get a fiancee Visa. That is the only Visa our government
AD> will give out.
AD> It is good we keep smelly pussy like you out of my contry.
AD> Your emails look just like the ones you sent to others.
AD> Maybe you will remember the email you wrote them
AD> Everyone know about you
AD> scammer. Better get a new name and new photo's.
AD> I have told the F.B.I. you emails and your I.P. address you send your emails from.
AD> They will contact the law in Russia, I hope they caught you.
AD> This was for all the ,en you fooled. It just have been so
AD> funny when you went in with a fake MCTN: number, haha lol
AD> I hope they give you no more money.
AD> No I hope you get cancer today and die tomorrow. You are
AD> the worste person on the face of the earth.
AD> Good bye you stupid scammer.
AD> I hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AD> ----- Original Message -----

AD> From:nicelady129
AD> Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 4:34 AM
AD> Subject: Re[4]: The end, is up to you.

AD> good luck in your search my sweetheart liar.
AD> Alevtina
2006-04-12, 08:20:35
anonymous from United States  
Well, needless to say, after that beautiful goodbye to our great love, I haven't heard from him. First time without a daily letter in 3 weeks. It was a tremendous job on your part, it is greatly appreciated. Almost pissed myself from the unending entertainment.
Thank you, will let you know if IT surfaces....... FB
2006-04-12, 09:19:36
anonymous from United States  
Your welcone, no new responces.

Amazing this little podunk russian girl knows about 'international court'.
And has money to hire a lawyer, but no money for Visa or airplane ticket.

I will miss him, I just pray ever sucker Googles the name Alevtina before they ever send money. That will make it worth while.

Good bye and good luck. Mr. XXXXXX
2006-04-12, 09:28:46
anonymous from United States  
I was onto this bitch after the second letter, but kept it going for a couple of weeks because the pictures were so good and it was such a nice fantasy. Told her/him she was a slut last night.
2006-04-12, 10:19:00
anonymous from United States  
God Bless everyone,

I think all of us were just tring to find some company in this RUDE world.

The lesson must be, just be happy with yourself, anyone else is just exrta.

2006-04-13, 00:20:24
anonymous from United States  
All the Alevtina Volgunova photos I have received so far:
This image was also posted here:
Letters from dating scammer Maria in Omsk, Russia
Letters from dating scammer Maria in Omsk, Russia
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya

2006-04-13, 00:20:54
anonymous from United States  
2006-04-13, 00:21:14
anonymous from United States  

2006-04-13, 00:21:36
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Letters from dating scammer Maria in Omsk, Russia

Keywords: brunette blue jeans flowers black top park red shopping bag
2006-04-13, 00:22:02
anonymous from United States  

2006-04-13, 00:22:24
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: brunette at street on sidewalk bus tree
2006-04-13, 00:22:54
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya

Keywords: 2 girls black dress
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