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2006-04-18, 12:35:32
anonymous from United States  

'I do not understand your letter. I do not send the letter to other men
and it is not my photos. I send my letters only to you. It is a mistake.
Please explain. Unfortunately I have no scanner or camera to send you
my photos or my documents. I hope we soon we shall together!'


Read on.

SanDiego Union-Tribune-June 23, 2004

Man gets prison for role in Russian bride scheme.

A San Bernardino County man was sentenced to five years in federal prison yesterday for cheating men out of more than $1 million in a Russian bride scam.

The sentence was imposed from an April plea bargain in which Robert McCoy, 40, of Rancho Cucamonga admitted defrauding more than 250 men and agreed to pay back his victims $737,521. Prosecutors dropped other charges.

Investigators positively identified 352 victims, but there may be more, said San Diego-based federal prosecutor Richard Cheng.

Anna Grountovaia, 32, McCoy's wife and the mother of his 2-year-old daughter, was sentenced to three years probation after having served 11 months in jail.

Grountovaia, a Russian who met McCoy through the Internet before moving into his home, said she posed as a prospective bride in telephone calls with some of the victims, including several San Diego men. She pleaded guilty to fraud and may be deported.

She met him after the scam was already under way and didn't play a big part in the scam, filling in when he needed a woman with a Russian accent, her lawyer said.

Most of the victims spoke with women in Russia, lawyer Timothy Scott said in court papers.

McCoy is a drug-addicted felon who sports gang tattoos and has earlier convictions on assault, kidnapping and weapons charges, according to court papers.

In court filings, prosecutor Cheng detailed the scheme this way:

McCoy met his victims through personal ads he placed or answered on Web sites including America Online and

In each case, he wrote e-mails posing as a Russian woman seeking love and sent pictures of a pretty model.

Eventually, a visit would be arranged, and the victim was told a Russian dating service needed about $1,800 to pay for a visa and plane tickets.

On the day the victim was expecting the woman to arrive, McCoy would write as an official from the fictitious dating service and said there was a problem: A new regulation required the woman to carry $1,500 cash to enter the United States.

The service would lend her $500, but the victim needed to wire an additional $1,000.

The men learned they were taken days later, when their e-mails were ignored or bounced back because the accounts were closed.

The FBI began investigating the scam after a Baltimore man told a London newspaper about the scheme.

McCoy regrets what he did and plans to use his prison time to get off drugs, said his lawyer, Arthur Greenspan, who blamed the drug addiction as a big reason for McCoy's behavior.uitors to beware any woman who asks for money after an online meeting.
2006-04-19, 15:27:18
anonymous from United States  
Please tell me where I can find the fake Western Union receipt. I am currently dealing with her and have been stringing her a long. I am currently on my 23rd letter from her and trust me they keep gettin better. CH
2006-04-19, 20:32:59
anonymous from United States  
there is a link on this page- http://sweetchillis..ick29.html -i printed it, then filled it out, wadded it up a little and scanned it afterward. looked pretty good. she's still sweet talkin' me trying to get the number. you could also do a google image search for one.
2006-04-20, 09:14:09
anonymous from United States  

My love XXXX!

I am very happy to receive a mail from you. When I reading it I do not
feel that I am along, I feel, that there is a man, who needs me, for
who I am not indifferent, and who is not indifferent for me. I am
thinking about us whole time, I understood, that for the time of our
communicateions we became not only close by souls, hearts and
thoughts, but I love you. I understood that this feelings which I feel
is named love, that this is not just a word or a sound, and that for
what I would like to live, to live for us, for our love, for our
happyness, for our future. I dreaming about that day, when we shall
meet and our hearts will be beat in one rithm. Our meeting is my
persuasive idea. Every day i waking up with thought and thinking about
that fact, that we are not together and this is make me sad. At nights
I am thinking a lots about our relations. And I understand, that you
are that man, who I am ready to give my heart, hand and to share my
soul, dreams, thoughts and life. I dont need someone more, but you,
knowing you all other people become indifferent. For me in this world
there are only you and I, and our love. You are that man with who I am
ready to make a family. Nobody will force me to stop love you or
change my feelings to you. I would like to let you know that I saying
to you I did not tell someone else, thats feelings that grow from my
soul and heart. Believe me, i will noy lose you or betray you, my love
to you will not allow me to do it. And my love to you is that for what
I am live now and would like to live.
I want to receive the B2 visa. I'm really want to coming to visit you!
Unfortunately I cannot receive the visa because I have no a ticket. I
can receive the visa only after purchase of the ticket. Therefore I
need in money now. What do you think? Can you help me with money for
the ticket?
Yours, Alevtina

2006-04-24, 02:58:58
anonymous from United States  
Here is the answer to my confrontation letter to Alevtina. I really would appreciate some feedback please !!! My dear ######, I do not understand why you will compare me with other
women. To me it is very insulting also I ask you more such things to
not write to me. I very strongly believe you and my father too. And if
he did not trust you, he never would let off me to you. He sees in you
the decent, fair and kind person who can take care of me. I heard too,
that people deceive each other. At me disgust and strong hostility for
such people. I do not understand, how people which love each other,
can deceive. I simply could not deceive you because I love you and I
believe in fair, open, confidential relations. I believe in fair and
open people. I swear to you, that I never deceit you and believe that
you never will deceive me too. We should trust each other and without
trust each other we cannot communicate . You for me the unique person
whom I love also I do not want you to lose. Therefore I can cause
never evil to you. I write it in all sincerity and with all love. I
hope for your reciprocity, trust and understanding.
2006-04-24, 07:33:19
anonymous from United States  
i am so glad that i came across this website.i just went to search some info about her town and found this coz i was about to send her 680us$.thank you for your comments and i hope that no one else falls for this scam and i hope they nail her ass to the wall!
This image was also posted here:
Letters from dating scammer Maria in Omsk, Russia
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya

2006-04-25, 09:47:40
anonymous from United States  
She Is One crazy Girl. Even after I told her that I knew she was a scammer she still keeps trying. Gotta love Die Hard Attitude. LoL. I told her that I had seen her name on several black list sites so she sends me this email bellow. The best part is that someone else had already posted that email on here as well. I am just glad that I am only 26 and really had no interest in getting married. She was doomed from the start.

As you could so think (Insert Name), that I deceived you. I never in life would
allow itself to deceive you - the person whom I have grown fond. To
deceive you will not allow to me my love to you and belief in good
people and in kindness and cleanliness of relations. I do not
understand, why you have ceased to trust me and it has broken my
heart. I trusted that has found the person whom love and with which I
want to live the life, to link life.

When I had first meeting with my travel agent she ask me I'm no scare
to be alone in America? She told me many stories about how Russian
woman come here, and men take them passports and she must work like
prostitute and men hits them, use drugs and many others bad thing.

Some American men who have the big monetary debts, take in the wife of
foreign girls and through the some time get divorced from them. Under
the law at divorce debts share half-and-half as incomes. The girl
starts to pay for debts of the former husband.

I told her that I know America is no perfect world but I will be with
man who I believe who I know, no all people in world is bad, my man is
very good person and yes I know about bad stories but I know also many
good stories.
I'm sorry but I have no to say more now.
Your forever Alevtina

ps All my photos have been taken by my girlfriend. She is the
photographer. She have a digital camera. Unfortunately she is in
Moscow now, therefore I cannot give you my new photos.

The best part is that some of these pictures are obviously not taken with a digital camera. I just counted I have 30 letters from the scammer. Probabley a guy in Cleveland named Ed. CH

2006-04-25, 14:13:44 from United States  
This image was also posted here:
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya
Letters from dating scammer Maria in Omsk, Russia
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya

2006-04-25, 18:44:21
anonymous from United States  
You guys missed a couple of pictures. The one with her aunt and the one at the black sea. I had about 23 emails from Alventina. I have a couple more picture for you share file. This is not the only one with her in the black list. I have run across 7 more sites With along list of guys that got had by her. These guy shelled a lot of money. Some even paid detective and found that she was a scammer. The one I have been writing said that this guy stole her letters and pictures. About the time I started writing her or a little after her. But the best time line on this one is about 6 months of scamming. So if it a he or she no one has gone through the right channels to get it. Now there are a few more that has so many men ripped off they have no way of knowing. So check out the picture I have added.
This image was also posted here:
Alevtina Volgunova, from Serga, Permskaya

Keywords: 2 girls black dress
2006-04-26, 18:03:15
anonymous from United States  
ck out the following links, I added our 'girl' about a week ago and they finally posted them.

LMAO!!! I add her name and email to every blacklist I can find.

2006-04-27, 10:19:27
anonymous from Canada  
Just a little note on Alevtina...she's a model. And many more scammers are stealing pictures from the web to make money. If only the scammers would pay royalties to the models. Check out this site to find many more models you may come across when dealing with scammers.

I am Canadian
2006-04-27, 11:15:20
anonymous from United States  
thats a load of crap. read the story a little above about the guy in CA. no, she may or may not be writing the letters but she is or was a willing participant at some point. whatever, its still a scam. i personally don't give a crap about the person in the pictures or their story. Sounds like a new twist to tired scam. 'oh those ain't my pics this guy stole them and my letters, but write to me and send me money instead for i'm the real Alevtina'. i'm really tired of these weak ass scammers. they're everwhere, friendfinders, myspace and my email every other day. its true, most guys do most of their thinking with the wrong head, but i'm like most guys, my thinking switches back to the right head when it starts to invole money. click the link, it's a porn site. pay per click or whatever you get out of it you're as bad as the person that writes the letters, trying to make money off people who are lonely, horny or just plain dumb. these messages are here to warn others about this particular scammer not for you to promote your porn site. peddle your crap somwhere else i ain't buying it and i think most of the guys who read this are smart enough not to either.
2006-04-27, 11:39:58
anonymous from United States  
copy and paste a couple of the russian phrases from this site into your letters, 'she' has no idea what you're talking about.
2006-04-27, 13:38:05
anonymous from United States  
I have also added her name to every scam place I can find. I love the link to the russian words and terms. I just got done trying to be scammed by Alevtina and now some girl named Olga is trying to do the same so I will have to put some of the Russian words in the next email. The last email To Alevtina I sent her some information on Jedi Training and some information on how to douche. Gotta have fun with em right.
Clark Kent
2006-04-27, 16:25:35
anonymous from United States  
Shes mad at me and won't write anymore, so here's my last letter to 'her';

Subject: please open this, i love you and i can't stand you ignoring me like this.


To commemorate our Internet love connection, I have posted these loving messages dedicated to you, for all to see...

Click on these links

hugs and kisses,


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