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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.

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2013-08-27, 05:34:19 from United States  
HELP me please
Fell in love with the man of my heart and
Soul and I know better than to get taken down by a scammer!!

He said he is from Ireland and California
Moved to New York,NY
Call s him self
Mills Thompson
CURRENTLY in Nigeria and building a bridge
Talking every day for hours and hours
Showed picture of the site and the hotel room
The bar( could be of anyone)
Say is American, talking with severe Nigerian accent
Asked me a crying tone
As his own construction equipment was' spoiled'.
4 And I have to help him to rent the equipment for him to be able to finish the JOB, and he doesn't have the money for the rental in his text message and mail he was crying and depressed, LORD KNOWS THAT I CANNOT AFFORD TO RENT A CAR
& I am afraid that karma is going to kill him and if he was here I might have some one :) hurt him badly...just saying
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Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2013-09-02, 02:30:33
anonymous from United States  
Thanks again for the concern about my ny/Nigerian fake affair smh!
I am certainly, not as worldly'and wise', lol that I have always thought I was
I LITERALLY have turned my life temporarily inside out!!
I lost the opportunity to move to Texas for an honest job opportunity, I was about to sell my home, and I had a deposit on a trailer home, to help with the relocation and now I have not worked for about_2 months and I am not really sure NOW that I am going to go back to my profession, and I don't know if I am still able to take the JOB in,Texas, jewelry sales, and I am assuming that is why I was targeted by my fisherman, too bad I am not a jeweler the kind that you can get any thing worth anything from!
Anyway I am still stunned by my lesson. I need to get over it.
Trouble is that, he is still calling,writing, texting me
Once said cover was blown.....he sadly asked me if I could ever love A BLACK MAN, !!
That's how he came to confess that the whole story book WAS because of the poverty level and t had to stick around to listen and I became interested in the story, and he eventually sent me pictures of a young black man who is in a small room, he is clean and dressed nicely and casually.
I'm insane, and I have not been able to sleep now for weeks.
I am not in any financial situation, to even help this man who is supposedly a prisoner of his own country
And wants to come over here and live.
I really wish that I could rewind MY life back a couple of months and I don't want to be involved in this mess ANYMORE, HONESTLY I have been crying for the last week and not getting any sleep, my son and friends who love me think that I have lost my Maggie

2013-09-02, 11:08:24   (updated: 2013-09-02, 11:35:40)
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-09-02, 02:30:33
anonymous from United States
I am sorry that you are scammed! Scammers are very manipulative towards their victims and do not stop writing because the victims is not interested in the contact anymore.The scammers knows that you are reading the mails you have sent and you are emotionally affected by the scammer and that is why he continues this to try to scam you once again.

That's how he came to confess that the whole story book WAS because of the poverty level and t had to stick around to listen and I became interested in the story, and he eventually sent me pictures of a young black man who is in a small room, he is clean and dressed nicely and casually.

There are scammers that goes in the second round with a scam scenario with victims with suppose to be the real scammer ,many times that can be a another stolen photo they are using .Scammers can also reveal their real ID and try to scam with you with the poverty line to make you go deeper in the scam or they can use the recovery scam method which means they create a fake scenario with police,lawyers involved and supposedly wants to help the victims with recovering with their lost money to a scam .

I am not in any financial situation, to even help this man who is supposedly a prisoner of his own country
And wants to come over here and live.

But let me warn you whatever story they are using ,DO NOT GET FOOLED BY THAT!!
Scammers are always scammers and do not change for anyone ! You are playing a very dangerous game by showing your interest in his real ID story ,that do not mean he is interested in you ,he is interested to get something out of it :MONEY or in this case a Visa into this country, this have been happen before a woman that brought over here a man from Nigeria ,she got beaten up,raped and her kid was molested .

Even if you are not in any financial situation scammers can manipulate their victims make them take loans ,open up bank accounts for them.I have my self met a scammer once ,I was a poor like a church rat and was a university student that time ,but the scammer still asked for money ,even to trap me into the hunger game where the scammer tried to make me feel sorry for him and he had nothing to eat!! and asked at least for to send money to a quarter pound hamburger .!!(the original asking amount was 7500 Dollars and dropped down to 5 Dollars)

Scammers knows what they are doing and they can soft up anyone if opportunity is given.

There are victims that has left to meet their scammers in Nigeria or Ghana and have never been seen again ,rapes,kidnaps and even murders have been reported ...
There have been reports of victims that have been sucked into their criminal world and scams people too as they are forced to do that ....

My advice to you :Change email address,phone number everything ,scammers never stops asking for money !! Do not post your email address and your photo on a public site like this ,scammers comes watching here often and collects email address .They also use harvesters a special program that collects email addresses from websites.

I know you are hurt bad and this is affecting your mental status as well,let me ask you then Is it really worth to have sleepless nights for someone you have never met for real? Is it worth breaking your wellbeing and health for a rotten scammer that parasites on people ? Is it worth destroying your future prospects for a criminal ?

Please wake up before it is too late !! I have met victims that has lost everything and you are on your way to that direction as well .Do not let that happen ,please seek for help as a consolar that you can talk with .And if you do not have anyone to talk with post here on this forum .

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2013-09-02, 11:44:02
Bax! from United States  
Anon. friend,

Please follow the support group links which I have given you.

I also will briefly tell of the regional immigration laws governing much of the West African countries. A person who has ever accepted monies sent to them is governed by fraudulent collection laws and totally forbidden from aquiring a passport to leave their homeland.

Student and visitor applications also, must show that they have the available funds to fully and unassistedly pay the full costs by themselves. This must be proven by bank accounts and receipts
or pay-stubs showing that the funds are legally obtained.

The person must also prove that they have adequate monies to fund the entire cost of their
worldly needs during the visitation or schooling period of time. The laws are unrelenting,
if a person is suspect to past fraud activity, a by-law criminal case will persue.

Please understand that in this matured level of scam activity, you are not communicating with
the one scammer, the whole pack will attempt to ensure that their goals are accomplished.
Even to the point of delivering a local impostor as a real-world connection. Guard your heart!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Caroline Teriba

2013-09-02, 12:12:52   (updated: 2013-09-02, 12:13:40)
Miss Marple from United States  

Many criminals working similar scams will help each other. It’s primarily small groups of disenfranchised young men – poverty-stricken, ill-educated – finding it virtually impossible to get regular work and make any sort of living.
‘They frequent internet cafes, witness what others are up to and get involved. Someone learns how to do it, teaches others and it develops into something of a franchise. Small amounts of money will change hands for information. They may have a girl to help them, and she’ll be on a modest retainer too.’
Not all victims are ‘quick hits’ either. Some of the cleverer and more entrepreneurial scammers take time to woo their victims, hoping to earn even richer returns.
Mr Woodcock said: ‘Scammers can keep relationships going for months or even years. We call this grooming. For a long while, they ask for nothing. The victim believes their ‘suitor’ must genuinely love them. But sooner or later there will be a specific request. Whether it’s for a visa or a marriage, the scammer will eventually ask for something.
‘Moral codes and expectations in these cultures are not the same as ours. We are fair game to them.’

One guy even admitted to his victim, “I know I’m a fraudster, but I still love you”. It was all she wanted to hear. She continued with him, kept sending him money. Victims have to accept the truth before they can be helped.’
In the most extreme cases, victims have become money mules, moving cash from Britain to Canada, America or the Netherlands en route to Africa. These women, and a few men, then cease to be the victim and become the criminal.

2013-09-12, 00:39:54
this is from temmy thomas from her father,,,,,,,,,,is it fake yes or no ,,,,,,,,

2013-09-12, 15:42:21   (updated: 2013-09-12, 15:44:19)
anonymous from United States  
HELLO again, and I have tried to post to 'dax'and ms maple..and after composing a very strong letter of appreciation for the concern you are giving me, I lost my post , and thru frustration I didn't say that I am listening. I am an educated mature women. I am Maggie, who was asked to build a bridge in Lagos :/. I'm sorry but I am crying as I'm Preparing this because I have to stay close to you and this site especially now.
I have only posting on the site , and I am not going to lie about anything..
I feel like I am betraying the trust...etc of the young black man from ogden? I have his own address and phone number, I was on the phone with him one night and the calling card expired, he said that he was going to call me in a short time and he called me in less than 10 minutes stating that he ran to the store and bought a new card to talk to me.
I feel like a child, torn apart by the boyon the phone and the ppl here who are certainly convinced that I am going to be taken for granted or something terribly worse.
I am sorry that I have upset you, and I need to stay here as you suggested. Please don't disregard me for being so involved with the boy, and I feel terribly wrong about writing here, my life has been so involved in the process of the insanity that he and I created, and after I discovered his attempted SCAM, and now I'm taking to ayoung hungry BLACK MAN who admitted that poverty took him to the bridge scam, and I ...
Please don't HATE me for feeling that I have had a death in my family... I'm so sad and depressed and torn, and hurt and I wasn't looking for a mate , I wasn't expecting to get sucked up
By caring for a poor....I have learned that I am ignorant to SO much..
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2013-09-12, 16:49:33
~Bax! from United States  

I spoke harshly, because I know your confused feelings intimately.
To learn this lesson on my own would have been extremely devistating to my life!
This previous post of mine is word for word, your words. Although my
story is different, the danger of our empaty is the same.


You know that beyond this, I must try to convince you of this truth.
That they live only to impress oneanother of their collective cause.
The greater the victims conviction, the greater their bragging rite.
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2013-09-12, 20:19:15   (updated: 2013-09-12, 20:22:34)
anonymous from United States  
Thank you,
And as you can see, I've come straight here for the strength that I needed tonight..
My own SON, and I are momentarily and viciously not'right'!
In the last text message that he sent me was' DO ME A FAVOR AND GO CALL AFRICA AND LEAVE ME ALONE, YOUR RUINING MY DAY.....
I came here to check if perhaps you saw my post.
And I am grateful for the fact that you did, and you are' on it'!!
Thank You! I can't say that last night, he asked me about 15xs, in a,10min. Phone call..
Not listening to the fact that I have serious responsibilities..
Wow, I've only been to Canada, and Puerto Rico and I never had to get a passport!
I was honestly, telling him that maybe Friday....
I'm a procrastinator and I don't think that I am going downtown to get a Pair of shoes.
Never mind a passport..and, I have been threatening MY SON that I truly hate where I am. ( I have a very broken heart....not because I am losing the love I've been.......but I am sad, that everything is fake, and I believe you both!! I am sureof it..I'm sure that he wants to come over here, or live like a king there, either way, he'd be better off,AND, im ALSO positive that he is bragging about me to his boys, you have to admit that everything about this is sad, and evil, and .desperate, scary, and I can make you laugh...I lied to him oh so very much..he's the age of my son Shane!!! He has no clue that I'm 50!! So this is truly an episode for Jerry Springer!! I think we should all benifet, I mean he wanted me to build a bridge in Nigeria,lol with FOOD STAMPS!!!! I am not Oprah Winfrey, this would make a family special, especially after I caught him , and he humbly lolyeah... asked 'if I could love a BLACK MAN!!' Lord
I have been looking for even a campground.. wanting out of Philly so bad, a move to Africa, sounded like a very independent thing for MOM to do , thinking that I have nothing more to lose.
And Ola, said that you can buy a very great home and very cheap(im assuming that I lived long enough:(
We joked, that if I were kidnapped, no one here, would, or could pay for the ransom! He laughed loudly.
2013-09-12, 22:44:43
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-09-12, 20:19:15 (updated: 2013-09-12, 20:22:34)
anonymous from United States


I do not think no one laughs ,I do not laugh at all as this is just upsetting how these scammers manipulates people in this way !! You are dealing with the ultimate psychopath that has no guilt,no remorse or no shame towards anyone !

I feel like I am betraying the trust...etc of the young black man from ogden?

You are a victim in a crime and are victimized by the scammer and you are feeling responsible for the scammers actions now .Victimized and abused women has this kind of behaviors also towards their abusers ,the scammer gives you guilty feelings and feeling of shame in the same time ,please for your own sake cut the connection to this scammer !!

Please read below here and go into the link and be informed ,this is what can happen !

Scammers will not stop until you make them stop. When a scammer confesses they are a scammer and they fell in love with you; this another part of the scam. What usually happens is you get sucked right back into it and worse the second time. They will convince you to visit them in Nigeria. You will lose more money, if you consider visiting and even your life. We are dealing with one victim who is being held in Nigeria against her will and her child is the leverage to keep her there. She is scamming now, and could lose her life. The FBI warned us a couple years ago, if they (victims) go over they will be dragged into the scamming business and are in danger...and its true.

2013-09-15, 13:48:54
anonymous from Singapore  
Yes, I am from Singapore. I am being scammed by a lady calling herself Rose Kotey. I have included her picture here that she has sent to me via email. I first contacted her on
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)

2013-09-15, 13:50:18
anonymous from Singapore  
I have a second picture of Rose Kotey. Any of you been contacted by her before?

2013-09-15, 13:52:29
anonymous from Singapore  
How to use the picture search feature? I want to do a picture search of the above picture!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)

2013-09-15, 14:53:35
DOC from United States  
Singapore, Scammer using photos of....

✚ Ann Angel ✚


2013-09-15, 16:53:12   (updated: 2013-09-15, 16:53:36)
DOC from United States  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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