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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.

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2009-05-14, 22:20:17 from United States  
has anyone seen this girl.she says she lives in lagos,nigeria.Claims both parents dead.Does not have access to late fathers trust fund,Have been contacted by a lawyer from UK claims to be esquire working for barclays bank in UK.

2009-05-14, 22:42:12
anonymous from United States  
can sending a picture of your self to some one put you at risk of them using your pictiure to scamm other.
2009-05-15, 05:25:15
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the USA 2009 - 05 - 14, 10:04:38
22:06:51 and doubled4396 22:20:17 and 22:42:12

I will attempt to answer all 3 or 4 of You ?
All at the same time.

To begin with if, Your ever contacted by anyone no matter what Country
they are in or from. If they are some kind of Beautiful woman who just
suddenly shows up and in two seconds flat falls in, Love with, You
Odds are its a scam. If anyone at all no matter what the reason given is.
Asks for money for anything. Airfare, Passport, Visa, Web Cam, Medicine,
Food, Telephone minutes, Computer, Hospital bill, They were robbed,
They were in a accident. I could keep going for a full page more.
If, Your asked for money no matter what its a scam.
No one falls in, Love with someone they just met on the Internet. No one !!!
Most Scammers use fake names and have many e mail addresses.
They are mostly men that pretend to be woman. Most photo's are stolen from Models
or Porn Stars. If anyone, You talk with suddenly sends a nude picture and, You
did not ask for it. Its a scammer.
If, You send a photo of, Yourself to anyone, You must be prepared that if its
a scammer then, Yes, You may be used to commit another scam on someone
else. So hope your pictures don't get used. Never tell a scammer about
this site for any reason. That only helps them to lie even more.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site. Scammers watch this site.
There is a Vigilante who does not look to see what, You are a scammer or victim.
He sends a virus in a attachment, Titled something like. To My Princess.
You may ask the site administrator to remove, Your e mail address.
His e mail address is near the top of the page on the left.
Just above where it says Tell a Friend. Be sure to tell, him the date, time, thread name.
2009 - 05 - 14 22:20:17 Page 99 Dating scammer Sindy, Becky Green in Ashley,
Ohio [ lagos, Nigeria ]
Talking to anyone on a dating site is a gamble at best. I was contacted by 4
scammers and no real woman all at once on a site that brags how safe they are.
I have seen many reports just like mine. Scammers manipulate, their victims.
The ones that claim someone is dead and they have money but need help.
Thats a scammer for sure. There are absolutely no white or black woman on line
from West Africa at all. No Exceptions no matter what the story is.
If they say they are from a different Country but in West Africa.
Its still a scam. No one man or woman in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Gold Coast,
Ivory Coast, West Africa can be trusted they are all scammers.
If they are from Russia notice, How they don't answer your questions.
When, They do start answering questions is when their little story is about to
come up with a emergancy that needs, your money.
Bottom line if any woman in the World asks for money its a scam.
Most scammers as, I said are men. They work in teams usually.
With family and can do fake web cam meetings with, You.
The longer, Your hooked up with a scammer the more information they
gather from, You and can use it to scam others.
Scammers are persistent and do not give up easily.
They pull out all the stops to lie to, You if, You try to end it.
Another fact is there are no white Girls in Nigeria and if there is they are
not on line.
Please save Your money and save, Your self from a broken heart.
Most guys realize they are in, Love with a photo. A stolen photo.
Plus its a sick Bastard sitting there convincing, You, He is a She.
Well, I hope this has helped someone.
Never Never Never Never send money to anyone that is not Family or a real
close friend. Someone, You just met on the Internet does not count as a close friend.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-05-15, 09:02:07
OJAS from United States  
2009-05-18, 04:28:03
anonymous from Netherlands  

Hello Sir/Maddam,
My name is Rien van Meerendonk, live in Holland, And want to say that I being cheated
by SINDY BECKY GREEN and her boyfriend, or maby is SHE a man. I have talk with her 1
time, and the phonenumber is, 002347082284787,,, The first time that she contact me
was half february this year, by MATCH.COM, where I am member from. She named herself, REMMY BANK ANTONY, and she worked as a voluteer nurse in a clinic for children
that not hed parents again. She was working there to benefite and organise a operation
from a boy from 8 year with loung canser, he must for a operation to a clinic in Madrid in Spain. The costs of this operation was 20000 USD. In that time she don,t ask me monye, but we loose contact and i heare notting of her till half April of this year. She was now in the UK at home she told me, but she have to travel again to Nigeria to the same clinic as volunteer again. there was now a boy from 14 years old with a brain tumor. He was very ill and must so quick if posible operated.Now start her real game, she told me that she have alot of money, and aske me to buy here in Holland a playstation 3 with some games, because they where to expensive in Nigeria.She want send me 5oo euro to buy it, and it was for the children in the clinic. A view hours later she call me that she coutn,t send money and of i couth buy it and send it to Nigeria.
I feel so sorry for that boy with his tumor, that I said a day later that I maby better couth
send money for the donation for that boy, they needed at that time still 2000 USD.
I send her 567 dollar. She was happy with that, but 3 days later she aske again of I couth pay some money, because said that the boy must quick to the hospital, before it was to late, but I told her that I not have more money, and that she must find other
donations. Then last week sunday she hed almost all money together for the boy.
Now she aske me money to help her with her travel to me in Holland, because she spend also cash money from her for the donation, and have not cash money anough now for travel. I pay her again 737 USD. All the money i send to her on the adress,,,,,,
21 churchstreet , Abeokuta, Ogun state. At wednesday night she shouth fly to me, and till then I believed that it was true. But then I gett a phonecall from a man that said that he was a doctor in the HOLYMARY SPECIALYST HOSPITAL IN LAGOS, that Reemy Bank Antony, hed a accident with a cab, when she drive to the airport in Lagos, and was very bad wounded, the cab driver was dead he said. He have send me a email about what happend and I couth always contact him,, But I didn,t believe the story, and know that I was cheated again. I talk one time with her and recenice her voice. She cheated me one tome more, but from Ghana, and with pics from RAVEN RILEY. I contole the hospital but there was no hospital with that name.
Please do something to stop this woman, or criminel organisation, they belong in jail.
It moste wurse and bizar of this is that they use very bad sicknes from children to gett money. it is REALY DISCUSTING. I hope that you have now anough information, and hope hat you can do something on it. If I have a email adress, I can send you the email
Nice regards,
2009-05-20, 11:59:04

Sir, please remove my email from 18-05-2009,,, at 4:28:03
Thank you
2009-05-20, 14:28:12   (updated: 2009-05-20, 14:33:46)
anonymous from United States  
Yes and I am working for the CIA based in Nairobi and my brother is station chief in Vienna, Austria...I got all of the same messages from a Rose Kotey and in a few days I emailed her many times so she could not have the time to read any of them and back came those same responses...

We know where she is at in Nigeria, Accra and my brother is so pissed off he's got three soldier's of fortune he worked with in Columbia and these guys are not going for Allison's birthday party!!!

Faithfulgeen made another mistake and sent me the 103 IQ test and I replied with my BA in International business at Pembroke college at Oxford, UK.

I gave her 21 days to send me $500 and the time has come for the Columbia's to stop by and pick up my cash!!! I told her that she can run but never hide and it's going to be a pure joy when I see the new Allison photos and her last message said 'BLESSINGS!

When she watches angels and Demons she will look worse than the demon and as usual Tom Hanks was great!

We have every photo that Allison has ever used and her days are coming pretty soon and pretty she was???

Naturally anonymity prevails, JB

2009-05-20, 16:23:09
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the USA

I don't know where to begin but here goes.
First off Accra is in Ghana not Nigeria
Plus, I would love nothing more than to be a fly on the wall when
the Amigo's show up looking for that rotten girl scammer only to find
a room filled with only men. LOL
You need to learn that there is only about a one percent chance it has been
a girl who was doing the scamming and she is not the one, You have a picture of. LOL
These men use stolen photo's. So who are the Amigo's going to be looking for ?
It is a little scary that someone who claims to work for the CIA
Would be so foolish as to post anything telling the Entire World where,
He is. But, I guess things haven't changed since, I was in the Army.
First Lesson any Private is taught is Military Intelligence is a Contradiction of terms. LOL
Why You posted a picture of Yourself ?
Well refer back to my previous comment.
A true CIA person would never advertise his photo.
But Thanks for stopping by, I Think ?
Just so there is no confusion this site is for posting scams and scammers.
Not bragging about things, You obviously know nothing about.
The girls photo's were most likely stolen.
If, You had bothered to post one, We could most likely tell, You who and
where she is. Working as a Porn Star or Model completely innocent of things,
You are supposedly hunting, her down for.
By the way idiot scammers watch this site 24 -7 and, You just tipped
them off by, Your stupid boasting.
Good Luck with that.
Like, I said, I would Love to see 3 guys rush in then realize they don't have a clue. Priceless !!!!! A real Kodak Moment for sure. LOL

Come back when, Your willing to take the time to find out what, Your doing first
then if, You have something to contribute go for it.
Rookie mistake, You definitely want to avoid that's posting, Your e mail address
on this site. I wasn't kidding when, I said scammers watch this site.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2009-05-20, 23:53:30
anonymous from Spain  
kisiera saber si conocen a esta chica, se yama anastasiya anufrieva, calle kalinine casa 71 428000 cheboksary, despues de 3 meses carteandonos, me pide dinero para venir pa españa, yo no mando dinero a nadie pero si me gustaria saber si es scammers o si hay alguien mas k se ha carteado con ella. gracias de antemano.

2009-05-22, 03:25:25
Fred from Germany  
@anon US 2009-05-20, 14:28:12 (updated: 2009-05-20, 14:33:46)
Rose Kotey (Katey) is a scammer
use google and you find her

2009-05-24, 10:15:20
anonymous from United States  
The letter from 'Tammy Morgan' is almost identical to one I received from 'Lauren Smith', with the same requests. Beware of scammer
2009-05-24, 16:28:10
anonymous from Netherlands  
2009-05-24, 16:30:33
anonymous from Netherlands  
2009-05-24, 16:30:39
anonymous from Netherlands  
2009-05-26, 09:32:14
anonymous from United States  
Has anyone run into a smiling rita on any dating websites. I met her on and wondering if she is a scammer ?
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