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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-05-19, 19:05:20
OJAS from United States  
Fact: cagekopia falsely accused Agent 86 of calling LARS a scammer - No retractions, No apologies yet.
Fact: Fred posted this warning several times
2009-05-19, 19:51:59   (updated: 2009-05-19, 19:52:36)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous 2009 - 05 - 19 16:13:37 page 136

Thanks for the break in the monotony of answering Cagekopia.
What caught my attention in, Your posting was concerning scams
are not just from Africa.
That is very true. Scams come from all over the World.
But in the case of Russia, West Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Etc.
There are factory's of scammers. Not just a guy here or there but organized
groups working 24 - 7 Literally hundreds of scammers.
No where else in the World is it that bad. The Philippines has a few in number.
But anyone on the Internet most likely at some time has been contacted
by someone from Russia or Africa. The odds of being contacted from anywhere
else is relatively rare. It is just the sheer volume of scams from Africa that
make it next to impossible to trust anyone from there.
I am sure there are real nice people in Africa that have nothing to do with scams.
But it is just foolishness for someone to take a risk on someone from there
right now. The Law Enforcement is next to non existent in Russia or Africa.
Everyone once in awhile there is a token bust here or there but for the most
part the Authorities are corrupt themselves.
The Internet is a tool that can be used for Good or Evil.
Unfortunately many forget their own natural self defense mechanisms that have
in real life. They let their guard down. Their are plenty of people that
figured that out and exploit others by means of manipulation.
Middle aged people are a scammer main stay. They are more likely to
have more money and are more likely to be lonely. Bad combination.
It leaves them wide open to be fooled. People in their 50's were raised to trust
and respect others. Thats why they are so shocked when they find out there are
people out there that actually profess Love and Marriage and all kinds of
things including being a good Christian. But in the end none of it is true
the scammer is a cold blooded thief that doesn't care what happens
to their victims. This cold blooded part is beyond a middle aged persons
way of thinking. That can't happen to me, I'm old enough not to be taken in
by anyone. That may be true out in the real World but not true at all on line.
I have had enough scammers for a life time. i have stopped all on line
Dating for the simple fact that there is no safe Dating sites.
If anyone believes that they are setting themselves up to be burned.
The real woman, I have contacted on line all ended up a waste of, My time.
While they are not scammers they never tell the whole truth about themselves
and when, You meet them it is clear, Who You thought, You knew is
completely different. Why put, Yourself through such a process to begin with.
Cut out the middle man and cost of a Dating site and go out and meet someone.
Your right there are many Gold Diggers in Society now.
I was engaged to be Married. But ended it in time to avoid being in a
Loveless Marriage. Life's to short to waste time on taking a gamble on
someone on line. You can be out there and not sitting on, Your butt
looking at pictures of what may or may not be real.
Meeting new people has many more rewards than just getting a date.
The whole reason there are so many reported scams from Africa is just
because that is as, I said in the sheer numbers.
I always stop and read the few reports that come in from other Countries.
I do not know the percentage numbers on it and, I'm sure there is a thread
on here that breaks it all down. Just at a guess though.
It is hard to tell where the most come from ? Russia has always been
considered where the largest percentage of scams comes from.
But it is clear that West Africa is equal or near equal in volume now.
I focus most of, My effort toward the African scammers as there are plenty
of contributors here that handle those all the time.
Besides, I was only hooked up with one Russian. Where its been
a flood for African for me. Its hard to know what to say to people who
were scammed from The US, or Canada, or the UK There just are not that many
being reported. Well it has been fun talking about something other than Cagekopia.
Take care out there and keep, Your eyes open. Learn all, You can from
what, You see here so, You will avoid being scammed.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Hopefully You will see it coming before its to late LOL

2009-05-19, 20:15:59
OJAS from United States  
2009-05-19, 21:17:06   (updated: 2009-05-19, 21:18:13)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Steve_Dux, OJAS, Wanwan, Fred, Anonymous and anybody else fallowing the
Cagekopia Story.

I agree with Fred in that trying to communicate anything to cagekopia has
been a waste of time.
He absolutely ignores everyone not just me.
He now has two front men Praising, His Scam Busting. [ See Rhoda Addo ]
It is clear from the latest to sing, His Praises its all about money.
The newcomer even says straight out, Hes moving to Ghana to be in Business
with Cagekopia.
Enough is enough this must be stopped as it is a total waste of time.
Cagekopia is not reading anything that anyone has to say.
Then when, He does all, He talks about is meaningless topics.
Including the fact, I had just answered, His question just above, His posting.
He is acting exactly in the same arrogant manner as the other scammers, I
have encountered on this site.
We can present as many facts as we want but why bother ?
You guys can all turn, Your attention to the needs of real people that need help.
I will continue to monitor this mental midget even though it is wasting, my time.
Fred, You have made several observations that are right on.
Cagekopia is clueless as to who, I am. LOL Thats nice to know on one hand
but disturbing in other ways. LOL
Hello Everybody, My name is Jerry not Joe LOL
I am homeless and, I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran. I cannot drink Alcohol
because it would kill me because of my medications, I take.
I drink one Beer a year on, My birthday against Doctors Orders. LOL
So, I try to get a real good Beer when, I do.
I have never been on cam with this Jack Ass in, My life.
He sent, Me e mails and, I responded to, His e mails. I never once connected
to the girl, He sent me pictures of and e mail address.
He can't remember who, He's talking to, Me or Joe Anonymous ?
Well when, You spin a story for to long a time, its bound to come back on, You. LOL
Just so everybody knows except, Him. I own, My computer its not new but
freshly rebuilt. LOL I had to get a new one when the Virus, Our friendly
Vigilante sent, Me destroyed, My old one. LOL Actually it did me a favor
as the old computer wasn't working all that well anyway. LOL
As for how, I get my High speed Internet ? I would tell, You but then, I
would have to kill You. LOL I'm certain Cagekopia will never read all this
about, Me. LOL Just wait and see like, I said, He isn't reading anyone's postings.
If, He is, He sure has a lot of explaining to do. LOL
As soon as, He mentioned the girl He was trying to hook me up with would be asking
for money, I deleted, Him and her out of, My life. The next time, I was contacted by this mental midget was, May 2 nd. when, He Illegally got, My address from this site.
he did not realize, He already had, My e mail address from before. LOL
I will not sit back and allow this clown to muscle, His way into this site
with, His business Associates acting as front men for their business.
Nothing any of these these guys has said has helped a single person since they
showed up. Not one single thing. Today Cagekopia posted a list of e mail
addresses of known scammers. So, He claims big deal !
Who cares if, He's, White Black, Danish or anything else ?
I don't care a single thing about what, He claims to know about Ghana.
For Gods sake what is next the daily weather reports from Ghana ?
He is not addressing the, Elephant in the room.
He is completely ignoring everyone by, His meaningless dribble.
To much time and effort is being wasted on this scammer.
I don't care how, He words, His excuse to receive money.
Who cares about that anyway. Its the fact, He is openly trying to
promote, His business here on this site and now with front men singing, His
praises that is the problem. No one here that contributes expecting pay.
This idiot needs to stop any further attempts to say otherwise.
If, He doesn't like being called names then why did, He use foul language
in response to me to begin with ?
His arguments over the definition of what is is not a scam are pointless.
Weather, He will ever understand what, He's doing is a scam is most likely
never going to happen. How, He can come on this site with a long list
of the main contributors leaving postings for, Him and to have all of
what has been said treated with total disregard is unacceptable.
So please everyone just go back to what, Your good at and ignore this
piece of garbage. Fred knows me pretty well. LOL I won't let up on this
guy until, He's gone. LOL Its not my site and its not Cagekopias either.
As long as Peter allows freedom of speech here, I will not hold back my
tongue on everything. I will however try to be as respectful of others along the way.
But, I will not be tongue tied if Cagekopia keeps attacking me. LOL
Everyone has done such a good job confronting, Him and it is no ones fault
that the majority of things brought up has been ignored.
All of this is Cagkopias fault. No one else's.
Well, I'm pretty tired of this and hope this will end soon.
I have no intention of ever going on line with, Him as that is wasted effort.
He will undoubtedly keep trying to sell, Me on, His good intentions and
Blah Blah Blah Blah.
Just a scammer trying to work a angle.
One of the main reasons, I came to Deliphaq in the first place was because
there wasn't some kind of fee.
To make money off people who just were taken by a scam and then charge them
to get answers and help is just another scam on top of being scammed.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully no more postings from
Cagekopia Inc.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 AKA Jerry Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Here You Are Cagekopia You need directions more than, I do LOL

2009-05-19, 21:46:56
to 86
thanks for your comments and taking the time to do that for me / for others. the world has changed my friend as you know. alot of people have no integrity / but some do. I'm not sure where this comes from. this generation is totally arrogant and selfish and my own parents used to think my generations was bad? my gosh...
I do have a lead as to who is working with this fagecopia gent and someone unmentioned on any article here as of yet but before i post it i have to make sure it is true. i can tell you this much though - there are more than a couple people in his / her group and they are seriously covering their ass right now and i believe they are monitoring this site. i also believe he has a connection thru a marriage or sibling being married to someone living in the new york area (close to new york city but not directly in it) / or newark new jerzey (the sister city of kumasi, ghana). beware 86 and friends of people (ladies) who say they are christian and then converted to islamic. i will explain this later when i have some more facts and can put it all together so i can explain it thoroughly. also please just know that i am looking into this with you as well as others. there are also a group of scammers coming on strong out of the HOUSTON area pretending to be from GHANA / NIGERIA etc... and possibly connected to a railroad and also thru a security agency. I have strong reason to suspect this. again please wait for a later posting 86. it may not be thou for a while but if you will pay attention or keep all this in the back of your mind as to what i am saying here. there is also scammers in FLORIDA working in real estate with family in AFRICA and family in NEW YORK. This will all come into fruition soon. It about the money but I say to you again when the ladies are doing it their 'philosophy' is if a man is going to hurt me i am going to get paid for it. also believe that even if you / we / others cant stop them all then these people will pay for it somehow. after i told this FUCK YOU LIAR she / he still ca on my insant message and said 'HELLO ARE YOU THERE...' i didnt pick up but chuckled to myself 'damn' / thats insane. it has been the same chain of people using 200+ email addresses each that have been trying to work me and they are getting scared and then thinking what the hell does he really know and who is he? well gosh i'm not going to say - but i am just a guy (of whatever position) who knows a few people and eventually these punks will reveal themselves or be revealed ...i say this openly now bec i really dont give a shit if they monitor this site or not bec the authorities are following this 'story' and just trying to collect enough evidence against them to put them away and throw away their key for a while. You have been a bigger help than you know. they are aware of their locations and IP addresses. but i do want to concern you with this or at least remind you that if you use a computer not registered in an individuals name but a public computer and you run a persons IP address through a couple of different ways then it will show the IP address is from SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA - but guess what that is the headquarters for MICROSOFT CORP. all this tells you it is from a public computer anywhere. there is also a EUROPEAN words IP address. thats all for now - THANKS for your assistance in helping everyone. and being there to protect some of the older folk. anyone that would scam an old person is totally fucked up. sorry for the language my friend but i just cant think of another way of putting it. we'll talk again soon.
2009-05-19, 22:06:31
anonymous from United States  
Please can this end the discussion and bickering over cagekopia and get back to the subject at hand. That is busting scammers, I am so sick of reading this crap and want to see scammer pics.
2009-05-19, 22:19:25
Fred from Germany  

2009-05-19, 10:06:25 from Ghana
Too all
As my friend Lars said to me yesterday and this is his word and i agree totally with him.

The defination of a scammer , is when they lie to get money .

thats exactly what you are doing.!!!!
2009-05-20, 00:25:38
wanwan from Japan  

Great !!
2009-05-20, 04:07:08
[hidden] from China  
OMG! This is so boring already. Going round and round in circles.
Just ignore him already. He will go away.
2009-05-20, 04:58:20
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Your so absolutely right !
That idiot keeps ignoring what, I say.
He keeps saying things that, I never have done.
In my last postings, I even told, Him my real name is Jerry.
I also asked everyone to just ignore, Him and go back to helping
real people.
This fool is wasting everybody's time.
I left, Him messages on all 5 threads so, He would see at least one.
This last comment more than proves, He is not reading a single word
of what, I say.
So please just go back to dealing with things that matter.
I will baby sit this idiot until, He leaves the site.
That way everyone else can get on with life and accomplishing
something besides listening to this lunatic.
Thanks China for all, Your efforts, I appreciate, You even if the
clown never noticed what, You said.
Have a good day and keep up the good work.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 AKA Jerry not Joe Maxwell Smart LOL \\'^o^'//

Cagekopia makes as much sense as this tree LOL

2009-05-20, 05:47:48   (updated: 2009-05-20, 06:35:08)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Will somebody please tell me where at any time from the very beginning
of this Bull Shit where, I ever made any of the statements Cagekopia
is accusing me of having made. If anyone finds one please post it for me.
I want to see it with, My own eyes. Please include page date and time.
This, I have to see with, My own eyes. LOL
I never once said to this Dip Shit, I ever saw, Him on line let alone drinking.
Shit is, He on some really bad drugs or What ?
I posted my real name Jerry all over the fucking place at least 6 times.
He hasn't even stopped calling, Me Joe. LOL
I never have mentioned not even once if, I have a car or not.
For the record, I have a Motorcycle but anyone who has seen, My past postings
would know that. It is wrecked and on a rebuilt title. My Helmet is worth more
than the bike, I ride. LOL
I live off, My Veterans Disability benefits. Anyone who knows what that means
knows, I'm not getting rich. LOL
Earlier, I explained that, I have, My own used rebuilt computer.
But Numb Nuts ignored what, I wrote. As for how, I get High Speed Internet,
He can Kiss, My Ass if, I will tell, Him that. LOL
Mr. Brain Dead did try to set, Me up with a girl.
I wish now that, I had not deleted the pictures of him and her.
He can Kiss My Ass if, He continues to call, Me a liar.
Up until now Cagekopia has stated very clearly that, He has never been to the USA
now, He just said, He has been to Atlanta, Georgia.
No one has to make this drip and, His partner scammers.
They are handling that very well without anyone's help. LOL
O Please don't get me started on Obama. Or should, I say Obummer LOL
It is very hard to [ concentreat ] because that word does not exist. LOL
My head is starting to hurt from concentrating on this Bull Shit to long. LOL
I have not and never will see this Baboon on cam and, He has never seen
a picture of, Me as, I never sent, Him one.
Well this is all just to boring now. This fool has no reason to keep
coming back.
I will baby sit and try to clean up after the fool.
So everybody just go back to what, You were doing nothing to see here.
Well hopefully the village idiot won't post anything for awhile.
For the Love of God and Humanity stop calling, Me Joe.
My name is Jerry most of the site knows that now except for the idiot,
Who doesn't read what, I post.
I just read what, His partner said on Rhoda Addo thread. It says,
He met Claus in the Atlanta Airport waiting for A connecting flight
to Ghana ? What the Hell would a flight from Sweden be doing
routing, Him through Atlanta ? It may be true but still that sounds stupid.

Cagekopia where the Hell were You when they Passed Out Brains ?
Go somewhere and get a life.

Agent 86 AKA Jerry Not Joe Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

You know its kind of fun mocking this fool that doesn't even notice my name.
I wonder if the Dip Shit will ever notice ? LOL

Just like the picture below the Cats are three amigos from cagekopia Inc. I'm the bird

2009-05-20, 10:48:53
Steve_dux from Australia  
Thanks for the links, but I think they are selling fake security cameras and not information about faking web cam views. I think that's what you wanted me to see, but not sure! I've heard about the faking of web cam views, I'm also very observant. I ask questions of the surrounding area, (because web cam views aren't very clear I ask them to describe whats on there left or right behind them, they must turn around to look for themselves) Also what there wearing.
I like the ducklings being caught....good idea when they have to land on concrete. Some varieties of wild duck, nest in trees. I've seen it myself. Seems fine as long as there landing on grass or leaf build up. At that age they weigh less than the egg they came from.....water loss.
2009-05-20, 10:59:57  
@cagekorpia, you've got cirrossis of the liver
2009-05-20, 11:00:20
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ Agent 86 AKA Jerry Not Joe Maxwell Smart

Your a real trouper!

I think the one about 'YOU SEEN ME ON CAM DRINKING REDWINE AND COFFEE' that Cagekopia accused you of saying, was said by Lars. Though I'm not sure and can't find a reference for you....Sorry!

I agree with your accusation of Cagekopia suffering Alzheimer's. He's been very inconsistent in his recall of what has been said! In Australia we call it 'a senior moment'.
2009-05-20, 12:36:36
OJAS from United States  
Steve, yes mate, I meant faking views in webcams, but you got the picture (pun intended!) :-)
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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