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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-09-11, 17:24:00
anonymous from United States  
ok today is another day as i look it looks like ravin rileys pictures are starting to slow down on the scams as long as we let your friends know that most of the women are men .... you are talking too ... so give them a cam once in awhile .... haha did you ever notice that the scammers never have a passport or visa ..... all lies did you ever notice all scammers are from the age of 29 - 39 never married and loves you on the first day
never send them money... the there is always a sickness of someone and i don't have money for doctor so could you send me money if you love me and you care .... then there is always the air fare using dutch air line ... dur they dont fly into the usa do your research ... and the cost is 1300 i think and trust me i am lonely and really want to be with you now so within 2 or 3 weeks they are trying to get that .... money then they can dump u cause they give you fake flight info.. that they are on... the there is also you can some see me in ghana.... yah right they will hold you for ransome ... and maybe make you be one of the scammers if they don't get any body to pay for u in the usa ... and as for just going to look for the girl of your dreams ... she is a scammer using everyones names to keep this going and changing there isp addresses everynight ... so they are not in the same bed every night .... so if you have someone that does e amil you every day check the isp number .... if it is the same she might not be a scammer ... as for scammers they only send you e mails when it is time for the money.... along with the pictures they use all these dating sites to get yahoo adreessto see who they can scam.... if they offer to have someone to send you a check ask them to send it western union or you will not do it ... cause the checks are bad and you will be seeing the bill for that as i did see this one got someone for 200,000 dollers
anything to do with gold watch out .... it is proberly a scam from ghana .... back to the air fare they will but the ticket ..... ha ha money gone .... so if she is not here on this web site there are other sites out there to check too but if she is real the buy the ticket but make it no tranferable then they would be out the money for the air fare ... but make sure u will not be out of the money either .... so take care and watch out for them scamers ... just play with them ... as they just want your money haha
2009-09-11, 20:07:14   (updated: 2009-09-11, 20:23:14)
wanwan from Japan  
@my boys !
Bupkus ,thanks !
This is a terrible spammer on Delphi.


1)2009-09-08, 05:13:49
ceza_fucker & condom@hotmail.cockhead from Cyprus

(I made a mistake ! So please delete my post ,thanks)
2)2009-09-09, 00:46:47
wanwan from Japan (please delete my post )

3)2009-09-08, 18:07:06
xander_fucker& condom from Venezuela

4)2009-09-09, 10:11:43
pattypcXX@yahopoo.esteem from United States (this is a terrible spammer,delete this )

5) 2009-09-10, 09:53:29
anonymous said'' I am a fucker in Morocco?''X9@yahee & .fucker condom!

thanks !

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2009-09-11, 20:30:36   (updated: 2009-09-11, 20:39:22)
Clak,Kent from Germany  
@Wan wan!
please explain what is going on here! What means it that here is a spammer! Cannot find the right translation in the english dictionarys! Friends i understand only half lyrics about yours fight here! there are peoples are undercovering our site here? Please write in understanding english here to me? Clark Kent is clever but the time to learn deeply english was to short. I appreciate all good explanations......Sorry i am stupid Clark because i was close up to Cryptonite and so i lost my genius! now my mind is free again! I am very sorry about.
Salut to Wan Wan and Gilligan
We will find out soon who is the bastard here to undercovering us! I think now i understood what s going on. No more explanations i need! I am Kasparov...good gamer and i will discover that guy here
I like everybody here! But not false peoples
False people must destroyed here forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-09-11, 21:20:59   (updated: 2009-09-11, 21:34:22)
Clark,kent from Germany  
Sorry if i waste time frome someone here! This was the biggest cuddling dog in the whole world since ever! 311,78pounds he had: Gilligan like monkeys i know. My dog right now has only 140pounds its a German Rottweiler! Wan Wan how we can meet us in reality. I have a job can go surround the world...also how we can here for friendship exchange our emails.....Dont bad respondings please guys! I mean it!!!!!!! I am victim but i am friend too
2009-09-12, 00:26:29
wanwan from Japan  
@clark kent in Germany

Hi,my friend !
I love your good job on Delphi because you support,help many innocent peoples.
Your messages & photos are very effective to scammers.
You are bothering stupid scammers.Thank you my friend.

And you know ,there are many spammers & scammers on Delphi.
Spammers love to put their e-mail address on Delphi.
It is an advertisement.
They put their e-mail address without fault,
they are convinced criminals.
They try wasting spaces on Delphi.
Or try recruiting Delphi's innocent guys to their porn site like seejulie.
We don't need spammers & scammers.We try protecting our guys from risks.

So our friend ,clark kent ,give me your hands.
When you see the stupid posts,please hit the spam !

Thanks & I respect your good job on Delphi.

mata-ne(see you again )

By the way I have never seen that biggest doggie !? Great !
I live with a small English Beagle .But he is a big eater !
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2009-09-12, 00:43:16
wanwan from Japan  

Please come here and support '' Lupe '' in Canada.

2009-09-11, 14:22:56
anonymous from Canada

hello Agent 86
I am writing to you to ask if you could
help me on how to stop this man from taking money from people that are disiabiled or have developmental disabilities issues. Or any one else for that matter. My friend met this man on I am not sure how to get this man's IP addie with out giving my friends IP addie. I do have Martins phone numbers 011447035971395 and this other number that shows up on her ph is 180223519332 this guy Martins Taylor has been asking my friend to get money for him so his daughter and the grandmother can eat. I said to my friend you are not sending this man any more money no matter what he says. I belive this man is a scammer. Martins plays with peoples emotions and feelings and that isnt right. so my question is how do we stop this joker from taking any more money from her and others. His email is
thank you for youre time

youre's truly

Thank you for your time,our gilligan !

from donkey in Japan !

2009-09-12, 02:20:38
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hello To All Wanwan and Gilligan and Clark Kent

Mr. UK Hello to, You also but please try to tone down, Your attitude OK.
There are many victims documented here with much higher IQs than, You.
Trouble with being a Genius is most have no common sense.
If, You knew someone with a very high IQ, You would already know that.
Being very smart is no guarantee as to how street smart, You are in
every day life.
Einstein could barely take care of, Himself.
People with IQ over 200 are more likely to be scammed than
someone under 100.
Watch Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman for example.
That is about a Savant but the same thing happens in normal people.
For someone who posts pictures and then say's they are only playing
with scammers and not going to be scammed.
Your postings are a waste of space here for the most part.
No email addresses or story about a scam nothing of any value
that might help someone else avoid being scammed.
Posting pictures that are already posted here is stupid at best.
Newbies to the site make that mistake.
Plus Scammers do that to waste everyones time here.
Let everyone know what, Your intentions are ?
So before, You go bragging any more about, Your Wisdom show some
of it so others can see it.
Help others by giving a complete information not the lame jokes, I see
that, You posted.
This is not a popularity contest here so if, You disagree with what, I said say so.
But beware, I do not mince words with anyone.
I hope to see more postings from, You but postings that are much
more than just the same old pictures that are everywhere on this site.

Kindest Regards to all Who really contribute here trying to help others.
Wanwan, Gilligan, OJAS, Fred, Bad Dog, Etc.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

I will be back full time soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2009-09-12, 03:06:23
Fred from Germany  
2009-09-11, 20:30:36 (updated: 2009-09-11, 20:39:22)
Clak,Kent from Germany

hallo, falls du Probleme mit english hast, schreibe einfach auf Deutsch.

was auch immer, ich übersetze dir gern.

2009-09-12, 04:56:11   (updated: 2009-09-12, 05:17:50)
Clark,Kent from Germany  

Danke Fred! Komme gerne drauf zurück!
Salut to Agent86! Thanks for your inspirative comment!
Wish you good rest my friend! Enjoy your coffee!
2009-09-12, 05:00:42   (updated: 2009-09-12, 05:19:14)
Clark,Kent from Germany  
@Wan Wan!
You can find this dog if you google the name Aicama Zorba of la Susa!
Was biggest dog in the 80'th ! His son is smaller! only 147kg!
2009-09-12, 06:49:12
anonymous from United States  
these names and all were for stop scammers yesterday as they might help someone else otuther
victoria baigham age 24 .lagos nigeria ,
marin cheremina age 30 moscow ph#0074957851102
maria karatceva age 26 -kazan russia #79613745811 ,
julia karanova age 27 ,moscow russia #79053797059 ,
veronica hendrick age 29 ,gbongan #002348062459572 ,
connic tafoya age 26 , logos nigeria- texas ,
elena age 27 , maturimmin@rambler.ra
daniel parker age 39 ,
daniel parker #2348024038435,#234805293996, # 2348021392110 , 01733265000
#5598323369967,# 01182126516 , 01732637011 ,#01732511006 -lagos nigeria
irina age 27 - cheboksary russia ,
ekaterina age 28 #74957851102 ,
angea walter - aduja nigeria -
marina 28 - kirousk ukraine #380994377542 ,
rabecca obias 30 ,manila phillipines ,
sheryl hayes 45 - lagos nigeria -
irina vinofradova 27 , novocheboksarsk russia ,
lisa smith 29 -lago's nigeria #2348064016526 ,
ekaterina rassvetnaya 23 ,romamov ukraine #380937533497
marina pdubna 32 # 380931054378 ,
marianna 27 ,ezhovo russia ,
cynthia morris ,lagos nigeria #2348077463606 ,
joan appawu 32 ,accra ghana -
maria lebepeua 32 , zelenodolsk russia , #79027379689 ,
tola raimi 25 , logos nigeria #2348059344320 ,
valeria 19 , belgurod russia ,
julia , bogatov russia ,
anna ignatova 24 , nikolaev ukraine # 380679755761
brenda white 27 , aka lily ralph , lagos nigeria ,
olga kiselewa 25 ,
ekaterina 31 , yoshkarola russia -
rhianna howel 30 , lagos nigeria ,
jessica greenfield , lagos nigeria , ,
mariam jackson 27 , winneba ghana , 011233245909401 ,
synthia desmond 24 , dakar senegal ,
heres to are nato people to help them not get scammed by a scammer thank for your help you nato allies
2009-09-12, 06:52:06
OJAS from United States  
Clark Kent, Bitte schreibe auch für die deutschsprachlichen Besucher http://www.delphifa..=101#85610
2009-09-12, 06:58:37
Clark,Kent from Germany  
Werde ich demnächst machen!
2009-09-12, 07:32:20   (updated: 2009-09-12, 08:26:54)
Clark,Kent from Germany  

I meant that with yours all helps one group of scammers is terminated!
I maybe wrote it wrong to Wan was yours all efforts here...with posting posting and again posting...
thank you very much Gentlemen!

And thanks to the Hackers are entered in the computers from this scammer rat pack.
I had coincidently a swedish victim on my MSN messenger and contacts and warned him about the person Wasky Sackey! At this time i already found pics of her here in this site and sent pics to this victim So friends of him i though are hacked in her´s/he´s scammer computer.
I act when i saw on MSN that W.Sackey was new connected in network of someone of sweden.
Good job

All this is posted in Swedish newspapers and there is also a forum in sweden about this topic...Wasky Sackey
This was a really genius scammer. Very very smart and clever! Patient too. I had many problems and efforts with! He/she was holding me always in move! By the way. This was my first scammer in life and he/she fucked me very bad off! After this i was coming continueally here to this site and posted and posted
I think i dont have to shame me when i say honest that i was totally inloved for her. I know the feeling from the mostly of us when being scammed! I lost alot of money and i lost the trust in persons, thats more bad!
All the tricks reported from Agent86, this scammer was using. Fake webcam fake documents and also fake Homepages... the whole pack. I gave her my homephone number and also from my mother when i was there for visit....She called there also mornings and evenings. It was so real for me. Now i learned alot of this greedy sick creatures. Webcams can be faked. I never believed before...but it´s fact

My opinion is to post also old pics and also when this pic is double here. The victims are not knew where to find by first visit here, the scammer who is scamming.
We must use this space for our pics we have. It tooks to much time to explore site by site to find someone to identify. I know that many persons here are tired of JULIE OR RAVEN. But this pics are actually in use by scammers. Also when many persons are tired of, it makes not less dangerous the scammer.
2009-09-12, 08:14:09
anonymous from Los Angeles, United States  
has anyone had any contact with a girl who goes by the name HAWA MUKAILA? her email id says newlove04. she says she is from ACCRA GHANA. SHE SAYS SHE IS 23. D.O.B:OCT 20 1986. LEBONESE, 5FT 7. IF SO PLEASE CONTACT ME AT TIMLOVESTONE@YAHOO.COM. THANKS!

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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