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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-11-29, 18:04:37 from United States  
got a yahoo messanger connection from africa agian new warning SHARON MORGAN ) sharonmorgan1234 yahoo messanger joined yahoo 07/14/08

2009-11-29, 23:31:44
ww from Japan  
@2009-11-29, 15:53:48 (updated: 2009-11-29, 16:16:24)
anonymous from Germany

Thank you for your beautiful report ,our clark !
It is a big and a nice news to us !
Congratulation ,my friend.
Finally,you have found a new love in your life !
So beautiful life story !
I hope other Delphians also will find beautiful loves in their lifes like you,clark !
I am glad that you have an enjoyable time with her.
There is always a chance to be happy,
and I want you(and other Delphians also) to be happy.

By the way,I have found my new dreaming girl in Japan.
ha,ha,ha,ha, I love her.
I want to email her but I don't know her address !?

mata-ne ! clark !

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2009-11-30, 22:27:53
rebecca armah left her ip address and you can now....find

2009-12-01, 02:54:45
anonymous from United States  
Does anyone know this girl she goes by the name Dorin Casey
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Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2009-12-01, 16:26:39
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Anybody know her

2009-12-02, 05:04:27
ww from Japan  
2009-12-02, 08:25:24
gregor from Iceland  
some one now this @ adres ??
2009-12-02, 15:52:58
anonymous from United States  
Does anyone know this girl she by the name Dorin Casey to me??
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana

2009-12-02, 18:12:52
anonymous from Canada  
anybody come across this lady? she seems real but can never ben too sure.
2009-12-02, 18:15:18
sorry didn't realize theres two pictures in one.
2009-12-02, 22:16:34
anonymous from United States  
does she look familiar to any one? Have been chatting for almost two weeks now. Keeps asking for ipod, money for food stuffs. Claims parents are dead, and lives with grandma in Ghana

2009-12-02, 23:02:10   (updated: 2009-12-02, 23:39:46)
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States 2009-12-02, 22:16:34 (Page 228),

does she look familiar to any one?


2009-12-03, 02:43:34
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-12-02, 22:16:34
anonymous from United States

Hello the picture You posted is of Julie.
Her pictures are used by many scammers.

Go to this link it is known as Ghana Pedia Link.
Just scroll down the page and You will find positive proof Your being scammed.
You will see Julies pictures posted there.
You can file a report there of Your own its Your choice.
But You will see if You read the site her pictures are used By Ghana
scammers all the time.


Thank You Wanwan for this great link it really helps a lot.
If You have more questions please feel free to post them here.
Thank You Doc also.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-12-03, 11:12:22
anonymous from Australia  
If you have the time, waste the scammers time, promise to send money buy dont, say you have and get them to go to the Western Union office to find out where the money is as many times as the dumb fucks will go without giving up. they probably have someone on the take in the Accura W.U office anyway but waste their time as much as possible !
2009-12-03, 13:12:56
anonymous from Toledo, United States  
I have been talking to a female? from Accra, Ghana. She goes by the name of Carr Nii. And just like I have read so many times on here. Her dad died 5 years ago and she lives with her mom and uncle. They don't have any money to pay bills etc.etc. Can't even afford to by food. Now I have been talking for 3 weeks and learned a lot of crap about her. She is a very good lier. After day 2 she sent me picture of herself. OMG WOW. So I felt sorry for her and sent her 50 bucks for a new web cam, because the one she had had a terrible picture. But the new cam only worked for about five minutes every time she used it. Every picture from the cam was great, what a body. But she could not sit still and just chat with me. She always had to give a show. Even when I asked her to sit still, she couldn't. It was a recording of Raven Riley.

Her uncle will pay for the plane tickets, the Visa and passport so she can come to the USA So I copied the passports that are on the internet, ( the fake ones ) and sent the pictures to her and asked her which one she wanted to use? [Them are fake, mine is real.] But sense she was having a bad time with her computer and cam, she wanted me to send money for her to buy a laptop. I won't send anymore money, I will buy the computer and send it to you. But she had to prove that it was this girl in the pictures. I told her to take a still picture of her holding a piece of paper and have it say Hello XXXXX (my name) wrote with a marker and while holding the marker in her mouth.. She did send me two pictures of her, both were doctored pictures and the lettering was done by a computer and no pen in her mouth. She didn't get the laptop. She is still talking to me, but I'm the person having all the fun now.

I'm out 50 bucks, but it was worth it. Having fun with this clown.

Her name Carr Nii
1414 Kanda Highway
Accra, Ghana 00233

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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