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Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-05-18, 17:34:58
wanwan from Japan  

Hi,Lars ! fine? I hope so.
We don't think you are a scammer.
But we regard you as a sheep.Scammer is a wolf in Ghana.
I mean the relationship is a wolf and a sheep.
Fred is a wise man.
Please read his final message,Lars.
Most Ghanaian girls can find a Ghanaian nice boy in Ghana.
So she doesn't go to internet cafe.
If Ghanaian girl comes to internet cafe and says '' I love you ,I give you my kiss,sssssssssssssssss!''
It is a Scam.If you will send her(he) 100$,please imagine what she can get a rich life.
Ghanaian girls don't want you,Lars.
They want only your money.
Scam is their business.
And it is very easy way to forge,fake the webcam !!
I hope you will wipe your eyes and will see the bottom line.
Never send your hard working money to an organized criminal.
It is your nest egg.

Lars,I have a pen-pal in Ghana.
Her(he?) name is a Nana.
For a long time I am correponding with her.
She gave me a mail. I show you ,Lars ,so please read her mail as follows:

Hello my great friend, it's been a long time since i wrote to you .
I guess you've also been busy with your work
I've got some few words to share with you
You're the fulfillment of God's dream.All i will like to say is that God's dream is manifested in you just as his love was manifested to us through His son Jesus Christ.For the bible say's
For what the law could not do,in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, condemned sin in flesh:That the righteousness of the law might be manifested in us ,who walk not after the flesh but after spirit(Romans 8:3-4)
i guess you'll try as much as possible to understand this few words
THANKS for your time

Then she has given me her face photo !!
Do you know the person? I show you,please click it ,

It is a Raven Riley !! A Porn Star in USA !!

So I emailed Nana(a scam boy ?) and say '' I know you are not a Ghanaian girl but a scam boy ! ''.
Further I say '' I have sent your email-address,scam mails,sender IP address,etc to your local police ''.
Now ,sound of silence ! Nana doesn't email me,why,Lars ?

And please see this photo.Nana has sent me it.
It is a Raven Riley,a porn star.African scammer loves Raven Riley !!

In Ghana Scam is a business.
I don't know the reason why you love to listen to cagekopia's words.
And I don't know the reason why you don't love to listen to Fred's precious words.
If I were you,I would love to take Fred's words !!

Again I say to you Lars,we don't think you are a scammer.
Only we hope you will wipe your eyes and will listen to Fred's words.
It is a final friendly message to you,,,,,,,,I think so.Am I wrong ?
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2009-05-18, 20:05:58
anonymous from United States  
please dont let her take you for a fool to

2009-05-18, 20:08:19
anonymous from United States  
she is a scammer and go by the name doris asante and karla spice

2009-05-18, 20:09:39
anonymous from United States  
this is fake and doris asanta sent it

2009-05-18, 23:42:57
cage, not once did i ever tell to strip. and im not homeless. i have a 4 story house. $500 i gave her , and the webcam was too dark to see . and i didnt invite you to come to fight , you did me, '' COME OVER TO SWEDEN AND ILL PUT THIS BASEBALL BAT UP SIDE YOUR HEAD' thats when i called you chicken shit, i said i will get some of teams to go with me. do you know that you on my yahoo id! maybe that why i have not seen you, you keep your light turned off. i feel sorry for you claus, scaming all the time. SGT. ROCK, 10-4
2009-05-19, 02:46:01
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Might as well save, Your breath where cagekopia is concerned.
He can't remember anything correctly about anyone.
He is so overwhelmed at the volume of things posted about, Him now,
He can't keep, His story straight. He has given up trying to read everything
as is evident by, His remarks. He is answering things that have been answered.
Plus, He is not answering many of the more important things but talking
only about things that don't matter at all. Pathetic really.
He flat Denys ever contacting, Me back in January when, I was new here.
He claims things about, You that, You never did.
Face it the guys a train wreck.
It has been mentioned that maybe all this on my and others part was a
witch hunt ? Without going into, Who said that.
This entire thing could have been avoided by cagekopia from the very
beginning. That is something that is being swept under the rug now.
Cagekopia chose to ignore, My warning to him. He instead chose to
argue with me. That makes what has occurred anything but a witch hunt.
I gave, Him every courtesy as, I would anyone else.
If, He had just simply listened to what, I said and stopped trying to
sell everyone on, His idea of hooking guys up with girls and could
understand what, He was doing is a scam. His pride and arrogance got in,
His way.
This entire thing could have been avoided like, I said.
He would still be considered a scam buster and everything.
He is the one that would not listen to reason. That what, He was doing is
a scam no matter how, He tried to justify it.
His selective memory and avoiding talking about what really matters
is what got, Him to this point.
He for some reason doesn't remember me ? Why, I do not know ?
Our friend from China posted a link that shows a picture of, Him.
That is on Rhoda Naa. When, I saw the picture it confirmed to me that,
He is the one who contacted, Me. I had deleted everything to do with him.
A very long time ago.
So to anyone who wants to call this a witch hunt take a look at the facts.
Cagekopia has not given any reason as to why, He broke the law in obtaining
e mail addresses from this site. Thats a crime, he admits to doing.
The only reason stated so far is so, He could raise money. Thats a scam also.
His behavior has been anything but helpful from, His first posting all
the way to now. He is making comments now like why do, I say what, I do ?
Claims not to have said things. Well for one there all on record here.
Anyone can look back and find them. He evidently doesn't understand
that all anyone has to do is look back a few pages on any of the threads, He has postings on and find everything. He now is trying to claim, He didn't say.
This guy is hopeless in my opinion, as being able to get anything
through to, Him. It has not mattered what, I or anyone has said,
He just keeps going like, He never read anything said to him.
Only select things that just don't matter at all.
I am not surprised to hear that, He is unable to tell the truth about what
happened concerning, You and the girl, He hooked, You up with.
He certainly has gone brain dead with what has happened with me.
I know, He will just keep coming back and saying, He doesn't know
what, I'm talking about at this point.
What a waste of everyone's time.
I felt, His total disregard for all the people who had posted so much last
night on the Rhoda Naa thread was just insane.
Anyone else in their right mind would have known at the very least there
is no point in arguing about anything anymore.
But, I fully expect him to come on here in the next few hours and start
rambling on again and not ending this now as, He should.
Whats, He going to accomplish ? Its just ridiculous at this point.
Whats, He going to do take everybody on every day ?
I hate writing anything because, He hasn't listened to a word said to, Him
from the very beginning.
Cagekopia look back to the beginning of all this at what, You said !
While, Your there notice that, I treated, You with respect.
You have brought all this onto, Yourself all by, Yourself.
I warned, You and, You ignored, My warning.
Its all there go back and read what, You ignored.
You might learn something.
Doubtful at this point in, My opinion.
Again this has not been a Witch Hunt as it has been called.
Get over yourself cagekopia and either make things right or just go away.
What happens from here is, Your responsibility no one else's.
Anonymous Thank You for sharing, Your side of the story in what, He has
obviously changed to discredit, You.
He hasn't even admitted stealing everyone's e mail as being wrong.
His behavior is that of a scammer. He's not sorry for doing anything wrong,
He can't even admit, He has done anything wrong.
Again Cagekopia, I am homeless. Anonymous has a house.
Try to get something straight for a change.
My name is not Joe either. I am poor, I could not travel to Ghana if, I
wanted to. Plus there is the fact, I never want to go there anyway.
Stop acting like, Your some kind of expert on scam busting.
Everyone here knows how to scam bust without, Your help.

Kindest Regards to everyone except cagekopia
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

This describes, You cagekopia

2009-05-19, 03:24:21
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

You are completely hopeless !
You completely ignored what, I posted just above this last posting of yours.
You continue to talk about things that are answered in my posting.
But, You didn't bother to read it did, You !
I never talked with or ever tried to hook up with the girl at all.
You sent me pictures of Her.
So, You continue to call, Me Joe LOL
For about the tenth time, My name is not Joe
I have no desire to see, You on cam or talk with, You via e mail.
I saw, Your picture on the Rhoda Naa thread.
But that's right, You did not read what, I posted above here.
Go Away Your wasting everyone's time. !

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-05-19, 12:46:07
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ Cagekopia
I'm willing to add you to Yahoo messenger and to view you on cam and see what can be done here, because your just wasting everyone's time. It's just the opposite of what you claim you want to archive, (to help) only you want to do it for money. This site is not here for your soliciting of money from others.
Accept my invitation and we can proceed to work this mess out!
2009-05-19, 13:41:36
LARS from Sweden  
and others interested

Sorry for the long time to answer, i missed your entry.
Yes this girl have model clothes for me (weddingdress) and many times got up and show me if i asked her to check her losing weight. Drinking water and comment that .

She have had so many accidents and misshapps for her and the whole family, so i have long time suspect her for being a scammer we even have many fights about that. I can think i have been very naive but when you are in love you dont think clear.

Anyway when the storys of her gone worse i contacted cagekopia aka Scambuster Ghana. He get her phone number and adress. I have many times ask her where she lived with help of Google earth and got a close adress.

Any way when he called her number from a local ghana number there is a man answering telling its his number the same thing on her mothers number. When i call from Sweden it was akways her or her mother who answered .He also tell me the adress was far from where it supposed to be.

I have with help of the new Google Earth edition with street names been able to confirm thats correct.

When i confronted her with this she disappered and all phones i have exept her mothers (where this guy still answer) was disconnected.
I have after this by searching another way found out more lies from her.

And what Scambuster Ghana consern i can only say what i know myself after talking to him on phone That he is a Danish man who lived a long time in southern Sweden.
And i think he helped me get certain of my scammer.

2009-05-20, 02:25:57
anonymous from Rochester, United States  
black girl on bed red pink skirt.. is also using aka monica_love of sunyani i have many picture of her/him .
2009-05-20, 02:40:19
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hello Everyone on this thread

I am writing this because Cagekopia has been very unpredictable as to
what thread, he is going to deposit, His next rantings on.
Cagekopia if, You read this save time for yourself and everyone else
and go to either Rhoda Naa or Rhoda Addo everyone is waiting for, You.
I'm sick of chasing, Your postings all over the place.
But with the Wanker behavior, You have been showing lately, I figured, You
get lost in this mess, You have created. LOL
My name is Jerry not Joe meathead try and remember that from now on.
I do not drink any Alcohol as it will kill me because of, My medications, I take.
Your nothing but a liar if, You think, I have at any time in my life have ever
been on cam with, You ! I only have communicated with, You via e mail.
I never once contacted the girl, You set, Me up with.
I stopped all communication with, You the day, You announced the girl was going to
need money. I own this computer it is a rebuilt like new. Not a new one.
I have High Speed Internet but if, I tell, You how. I will have to kill, You. LOL
So now run off and tell everyone how, I threatened, You LOL
Your new front man showed up today. Wow that makes, The second
fool Praising the mighty Scam Buster Cagekopia. LOL
Well, I'll be fallowing along behind, Your postings again in just a little while.

Agent 86 AKA Jerry not Joe Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2009-05-20, 09:27:19
anonymous from United States  
anyone have any info on the woman goes by the name Agnes Numo

2009-05-20, 09:29:04
anonymous from United States  

2009-05-20, 09:30:05
anonymous from United States  

2009-05-20, 09:30:51
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
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