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Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-08-02, 16:58:12   (updated: 2009-08-02, 17:48:28)
just be careful of her
2009-08-02, 18:00:59   (updated: 2009-08-02, 18:05:52)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

To begin with looks like the photo problem got fixed.
Next time instead of blowing a gasket over nothing.
In the bottom right corner of, Your posting for one hour
after, You make the posting is a edit button.
I suggest that when the wrong picture appears simply hit
the edit button try entering the photo again.
The correct photo will then appear.
Wow, I wonder what poor guy's picture, You took a dump on ? LOL
Aside from the loss of a bowel movement on a picture that
had nothing to do with, Your scammer.
Keep in mind this is a public forum.
No threats are ever tolerated here.
While, I have strong desires and fantasize about what, I want to do
to my scammer, I do not put them into writing.
Please for future reference if, Your contacted by anyone from
West Africa at all do not make any contact at all because its a scammer.
Also nearly 100% of the hundreds of scammers from Ghana alone.
They are all men and not woman at all.
You may have known that but, I just wanted to clarify the reality of it
for, You.
Absolutely no one at all is on line from West Africa that's not a scammer.
So don't bother responding to anyone from there for any reason.
Your second posting is way over the top for a glitch in the system ?
Try to remember the photo's posted on this site are nearly 100%
victims who had their photo's stolen and used by scammers.
There are very few scammers photo's posted here.
Tone it down OK.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-08-02, 18:42:06   (updated: 2009-08-02, 18:45:58)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Philippines Gail ?

You answered Wanwan with questions.
Not a smart move on, Your part.
Gail whatever, Your name is ?
Your posting pictures with on them is over now.
Every time, You post them they will be removed.
I tried to communicate with, You by making posting everywhere,
You made a posting. I am done being ignored by, You.
Wanwan can say whatever, He wants to when, He wants to.
Right now, You need to address, Me.
I don't buy into, Your, I'm educating, Bull Shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop promoting the web site now and don't bother trying to
argue the point.
There is no reason, You could give for putting that many postings on
this site.
You are not reporting about a scam and, Your not helping anyone
avoid being scammed by, Your stupid marathon of pictures.
There are hundreds of Julies pictures already here doing the very
thing, You claim, Your doing. Duh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tell everyone that they were scammed by a man not a woman.
Thats because less than 1% of scams are done by woman.
There is about 10 pictures out of the thousands posted here
that show the actual scammer.
So, Your coming here and posting the very same pictures is
spitting in the wind at the very least.
Who needs to see any more Julie pictures not me that's for damn sure.
I have hundreds of, Her pictures. My scammer used, Her pictures.
If, My pictures were posted here, I would not mind at all for,
Your information. At least, I would know they had been used in
a scam and by them being posted here shows others that they
were used by a scammer who's ability to keep using them has been
effected by them being here for potential victims to see and avoid
being scammed.
By the way if, You think Wanwan is a watch Dog LOL
Your in the middle of a pack Idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!
As for someone who needs to think about anything look in the
mirror Dumb Ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No one not, You or anyone else gets to spam this site the way, You
have been doing.
Please if, Your going to attempt to make any kind of argument
go to school and learn the English Language and how to make
whole sentences that make sense first. LOL
The only educational thing thats happening here is, Your being
schooled in how to shut up and let it go.
By the way, You not only ignored, Me but Fred and few others.
You have made a lasting impression on everyone here already.
Don't think, You can just ignore the warnings any more.

Bupkus this idiots postings above everyone.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

That Wanwan is one smart dog !!!!!!!!!!

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2009-08-02, 19:12:38   (updated: 2009-08-02, 19:17:04)
wanwan from Japan  

Your postings are NOT educational and informative on Delphi.
It is so called a '' SPAM ''.And you are '' SPAMMER '' on Delphi.
Many contributors gave you '' warnings '' ,but you never listened to that,why?
You had put '' same '' messages on here.Agent86 said '' Gail ,stop your posting ''.
But you didn't listen to him.BadDog,Fred gave you warnings but you had put.
It is so stupid ! Fool !
You have wasted '' many '' spaces on Delphi!
These spaces are only for victims.
And we already have known '' your Julie '' .
If someone will ask '' Who is this ?'' ,
our contributors will be able to suggest '' It is Julie ,an US porn star''.
The reason is why we don't need your '' Educational '' non-sense messages on here.
You must learn that you already have '' WASTED '' many spaces of Delphi.
And you already have '' WASTED '' a lot of time ,agent86's time,Fred's time,BadDog's time.
Agent86 had given you many ''warnings '' but you had ignored .
You have '' WASTED '' the time of agent86 !!
It is the spammer's '' ACTION ''.

You have to learn that Delphi is an OPEN forum for victims.
Delphi is not forum for SPAMMERS !
Delphi is an OPEN forum but we must follow the Delphi's rules.
Already you have got the warning '' Enoguh is enough '',
you had to stop your non-sense postings but you didn't.
You have '' Disturbed '' Delphi.

Again I say '' your postings are NOT educational and informative'' on here.
'' Julie is not a scammer ''
And 1 photo,,,it is enough and That does it. // That's good enough!!!!!

If you will find different scammers,you will be able to post on Delphi.
It will be very helpful to others.
But if you ,,,again try to put '' Julie is not a scammer '' ,'' see Julie www com,,,etc'',
you will lose your access privilege,and you can not visit Delphi.
It is unhappy to you ,so I hope you will learn the Delphi's rules.
I give you this rule of Delphi '' learn how to control oneself''.
You must follow the Delphi's rules.

Today you already have put '' Juile is not a scammer '' on Delphi.
That does it !!
Never put '' same message '' & '' same photo '' like see julie com XXXXX.
No thank you !!

I am a pacifist.

2009-08-02, 21:53:09   (updated: 2009-08-02, 21:59:09)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-08-01, 18:59:10 (updated: 2009-08-01, 19:21:47)
anonymous from page 120

Here's, Your list of the Ill's of Mankind.
Its just that a list that with little or no effort could be twice as long as it is now.
It doesn't concern, Me what the factors are that cause people to turn
to scamming others instead of earning a living for themselves.
You sound as if You don't approve of, My statements that say
People not only from Ghana but All of West Africa on line are scammers ?
I will never apologize for telling the truth.
Sure there are scammers in other Countries Duh !!!!!!!!!
But the other Countries don't have Lazy Stupid Ass Holes filling
Internet Cafes in plain view of the Authority's scamming thousands
of people each Day. Only Russia even can be considered as bad as
All of West Africa. Scammers from West Africa Flaunt their Arrogance
at the Rest of the World.
At least in Russia the Mafia mostly is to blame for large parts of it.
In Africa its a game to them victims are passed off as Mugu [ Big Fools ]
There is something fundamentally wrong when a popular song
in Nigeria is at the top of the charts there completely mocking their
That is nothing more than bragging about stealing the Life savings
from people who worked hard to earn what these scammers steal
and don't give a damn if it destroys their victims lives or even if
that victim commits suicide.
I am not laughing at all, I cannot find anything funny in this crime.
I am restrained by my own Moral Limits as to what, I can even say
what, I would Love to see happen to everyone of these Animals.
I say Animals because, Human Beings have Moral Boundaries.
Scammers have no respect for, Their Victims they have no Moral
Boundary they will not Cross. They use Religion and God Himself
if need be to gain the money they steal.
It is a provable fact there simply is no one on line at all from
West Africa that can be trusted for any reason.
Until the Governments of those Countries take action to
stop these scammers. They are as guilty of the scams as those
who do them.
If the scammers had any fear of being arrested and tried in Court
for their crimes and actually had to repay their victims.
Not create a scam that claims to be repaying victims of scams.
I can not excuse the thousands of scammers working each day
from West Africa alone.
Why even mention any other Country that there are scammers
operating in. They are such a small percentage no one even notices them.
I hardly ever see a scam reported from anywhere except Russia and only
a few others on a regular basis. But not a single day passes without a long list
of victims from West Africa.
I don't care if West Africa is a 3rd World Country there are other
3rd World Country's that are as bad off but they don't allow scammers
to operate openly and unchecked for the most part like West Africa.
So no, I will not change my position that if, Your contacted by anyone
at all from West Africa its a Animal, Scammer that needs to be stopped.
When the scammers get arrested and stopped then, I will consider
changing, My mind.
Since that is not happening at all, I will not change anything, I use
in trying to stop these animals.
Make a list with thousands of the Ill's of Mankind who cares ?
There has been evil Men for thousands of, Years.
These scammers are the worst kind of evil.
They are not satisfied with getting the money like a thief.
They actually manipulate peoples lives.
I can only Hope that God gives each one of them exactly what
they deserve.
I have no reason to have compassion on these animals.
Here's a link if, You want to see the truth about how
Nigerians look and feel about the victims of scammers.
They are the Masters their victims are the Mugu [ Big Fools ]

I think, My opinion is very clear on this topic.
Remember, you asked for opinions on this.
Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

dope fiends
some police men or women
some security agencies (peoples employed by)
some governments (small factions or all)
hungry people
bad friends
porn sites (some)
dating sites (some)
lazy ass people
porno / drug people
drug dealers
just sinful evil ass people for a variety of reasons (with greed topping the list)
people with a grudge
angry homosexuals (small-small) / with a chip on their shoulder

AGENT 86 / WAN-WAN / MR DUX / OJAS / FRED / or anyone / - your comments or additions would be appreciated -

Who's the Mugu in this Picture ? LOL
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2009-08-02, 22:02:17   (updated: 2009-08-02, 22:04:31)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Good Bye, Your done now.

Bupkus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-08-02, 21:58:30

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

2009-08-03, 11:34:36
why the government of ghana or russia cant do nothing with this getting larger scam.
2009-08-03, 12:23:30
anonymous from Philippines  
WATCH DOG..WHOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!



2009-08-03, 16:39:58   (updated: 2009-08-03, 17:39:30)
agent 86

I value your opinions. I have been scammed too...for hundreds of dollars from GHANA women / -2- cars from US women. etc. I could continue / I have been a man of means but have lost my credit and monies throughout the years due to bad decisions helping women who were using me. and guess what sir / they werent all in GHANA or a part of the list of aforementioned countries, but gee also some in the good old USA. Even though GHANA SCAMMERS ARE SCUMBAGS / PIECES OF SHIT, AS WELL AS THE OTHER SCUMBAGS IN DIFFERENT PLACES, my posting was intended / trying to help people that wanted to investigate what is going on in their scams / to look deeper than just in GHANA, etc. IF it was applicable.

People are nieve to the world. Yes GHANA and other countries scams a whole lot (I have lost hundreds to it from women / men) as well as the aforementioned countries but there are more avenues to look than just would appear the most obvious. That is a trick / it is so easy to figure out. Because the scamming is spreading further and in our own backyards. I have investigated plenty of things and you dont even know half of it or close (not just dating scams). I thought possibly by showing you some respect you could help shed some light on things for other people who cant figure it out if someone in GHANA is doing it or somewhere else. You had been scammed right from someone from the Philipines wasn't it? I have no need to glorify myself. I am a sad bum like you just trying to help. And trying to educate people with your help. I'm not playing any tricks on you to fade the heat from GHANA peoples, WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, etc.

I feel a person you should look out for is the guy from the UK who has posted a few articles here and is / was OR may have been in collosion with Western Union (WU) scams under the name of his gal DONKOR...and saying if you want to meet a GHANA woman then go there. You know the one who sais he has been there and is going back to get married in SEPT? Yes I know first hand about them...

If anyone ever gets on here and says anything someone doesnt like than immediately they think you are a scammer. To some it is a witch hunt / and not rational at all. People look to you! You have the power to change things. Also, there was no need for your BUPKUS disrespect to me / I showed you no disrespect. People that read the articles here see those kinds of immature outbursts and dont take anything here seriously. You disrespected me for no good reason even when I am on your side and have contributed plenty of articles here to help people. Im not trying to change your mind about GHANA, etc. / Im telling people to look deeper if applicable. I was merely asking your opinion and trying to help. NOT EVERYONE IS AS SMART AS YOU.

FYI: I have gone under the name GILLIGAN / THAT CRAZY MONKEY also / so I have nothing to hide. Go back and read those postings. Again I am on your side and I know a whole lot about scamming. But you seem to know more so I asked your opinions / help not for my sake but others!!!
2009-08-04, 00:39:31
anonymous from Quezon, Philippines  
Hello just to confirm f this is a scammer? Thanks
2009-08-04, 02:45:28
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-08-01, 18:59:10 (updated: 2009-08-01, 19:21:47)

I think your posts are informative.
And I found this article so I give you this one.
It will be useful to you ? I hope so.
See you again.

Please give me your handling name on Delphi.
It is like OJAS,DIRK,JJ,BB,fanfan,Gones etc,,,.
Thank you for your time.

2009-08-04, 10:18:05
anonymous from United States  
ester ansomaa
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rosemary Asomani

2009-08-04, 13:09:34
anonymous from United States  
This is the real Jaime Spartan, in Missouri, USA. His information may be being used as a scam for dating or other. Addressess were exchanged so that letter exchange could occur, general information was posted on and may be being used also. Beware do not send money. This information was taken by someone posing as Mubaraka Jibril (of whom is an online scammer).

2009-08-04, 13:11:13
anonymous from United States  
This is the real Jaime Spartan, in Missouri, USA. His information may be being used as a scam for dating or other. Addressess were exchanged so that letter exchange could occur, general information was posted on and may be being used also. Beware do not send money. This information was taken by someone posing as Mubaraka Jibril (of whom is an online scammer).

2009-08-04, 13:11:56
anonymous from United States  
This is the real Jaime Spartan, in Missouri, USA. His information may be being used as a scam for dating or other. Addressess were exchanged so that letter exchange could occur, general information was posted on and may be being used also. Beware do not send money. This information was taken by someone posing as Mubaraka Jibril (of whom is an online scammer).

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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