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Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-03-04, 15:03:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
cecily from Ghana

2009-03-04, 17:41:39   (updated: 2009-03-04, 17:45:18)
Does anyone recognize this girl??, she claims to be from Ghana & constantly requests money. She apparently needed money to help her mother's business flourish, also she requested money for malaria pills, claims to have been detained at the airport and needed money to persuade authorities not to prosecute, recently she was allegedly kidnapped and needed money to set herself free. Any info would be appreciated. She goes by Afuum, Afuumlove & Everlastingqueen83.
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Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana

2009-03-04, 22:33:18   (updated: 2009-03-04, 22:33:52)
anonymous from United States  
The Photo is of Raven Riley / Porn Star / There are hundreds of her pictures posted on this site. The photo is stolen This is most definitely a scammer.
The other thing that stands out is this is a girl in Ghana.
There are no white girls anywhere in Ghana. No way
This is most likely a guy or group of guys working out of one of the many Internet
Cafes. They always have one tragedy after another. Medicine, Robbed, Etc.
They will try to manipulate your emotions. They have been at this for years.
Never send money no matter what bull shit story they feed you.
Do not tell them where you learned the truth they monitor this site already.
Never put your E Mail address on this site. Also after you break it off with the scammer keep your eyes open because they will try to scam you again. You will get e mails from other scammers. They don't stop just because you quit on them. Check any photo's you receive on this site using the picture search. No matter what never send money to someone you do not know personally. Most scammers contact you first.
Learn from this site read more about scammers on this site. You will learn to tell a scam
on your own. Never believe someone Loves You after just meeting you on line.
They will say anything to get your money. Again there are no girls from Ghana
Black or White that can be trusted. Please save yourself now.
Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-03-04, 22:41:42
anonymous from United States  
Another photo Raven Riley Just one of the dozens, I have LOL
Agent 86 \\'^o^'//
2009-03-05, 02:41:02
anonymous from India  
nice back!
2009-03-05, 09:45:45
2009-03-05, 09:58:37
anonymous from Nigeria  
am here
2009-03-06, 00:05:26
anonymous from United States  
I am sorry to hear about that large of loss.
But I do understand how and why it happens.
Try to put as much information on here in the hope of helping someone else
from being hurt and losing money to cold blooded thieves.
I personally lost $1,500.00 US Peanuts compared to you. But, I'm a Disabled
Veteran and could not afford what, I did. I'm still paying back money, I borrowed.
The main thing, I have learned is to never send money to someone, I have never
met and don't know personally. I wasted a lot of time and energy for a kick in the teeth.
I am now not looking for relationships on line. But spend my time trying to help
others break free from being screwed over. The scammers keep contacting me.
They have tried everything they can to stop me. So, I am at war with them.
Much more satisfying to know that, I'm making them lose money and time fighting
with me. I'm not very computer savvy but have learned a lot very quickly.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
PS : There is hope out there these ass holes will be stopped.
419 refers to the Nigerian legal code these scammers are arrested under.

2009-03-06, 02:43:32
anonymous from Sweden  

Does anyone regonize this girl? Is she a scammer?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana
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2009-03-06, 04:48:50
@ Sweden : Are you serious?? There are HUNDREDS of photos of THAT girl on this site, if you just spend a few minutes looking.

Porn Star ... Raven Riley
2009-03-06, 05:25:17
anonymous from Sweden  
Thank you very much.
She take's contact to me and use names Ernestina Adjei.
How the hell they can send a live video in msn where is this same girl?
2009-03-06, 09:42:35   (updated: 2009-03-06, 09:48:25)
This photo is Raven Riley porn star. Whomever is using it is luring you in with the hopes of parting you from your money. DON'T BELIEVE A THING THIS WOMAN TELLS YOU! She also goes by the name of Affum Larbi, her email address's are & She will tell you lies, that her mother needs money to help with her business, that her mother is dying and needs heart medication, that she needs money to help her brother finish school, she will take your money and bleed you dry!! She also sends out phony marriage certificates saying that she is allowed to marry you online and then when you send her ticket money so she can come and live with you, she will ask for more money so she can prove 'ways and means of support' in a foreign country. She provides a phony visa, passport, airline information and continues to LIE! She will claim her uncle is after her for her father's inheritence of a small chunk of gold. She will claim to be kidnapped and that you must send money for her release! Interestingly enough, the 'kidnappers' will then allow her to go to the Western Union office to pick up YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY and then generously give her $10.00 to catch a bus back to town! Upon trying to come to you via the airport - a customs officer will detain her for not having the papers in order to transport the gold - but OH MY! ...he's just nice enough to permit her to call YOU and beg for another $4500.00 to secure the papers before she's arrested and sent to jail for 5 years! He even allows her to use his own cell phone so that there is no trace of a number!!!! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS PERSON! She has others helping her run this scam on unsuspecting lonely hearted men. Again AFFUM OR AFFUMLOVE IS NOT RAVEN RILEY! Here are the photos that I have:
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Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2009-03-06, 09:43:56
2009-03-06, 10:53:41
anonymous from Sweden  
I knew that. I don't planning to sen her any money or anything just playing with her or he or what they even are, and I ask that only to be sure.

That what i wondering is how the hell they can send that live web-camera picture in msn when i chat whit those people and those video's is this same girl? How they do that, if it's not realy that girl what she say she is?
2009-03-06, 18:40:55
I must admit I am experiencing the same thing but with a man. Exactly as stated by some of you, but reversed, this man im'd me on a popular site, I read his profile, he did have a pic and directed me to talk with him on Yahoo. He proceeded to sway me with lovely words, etc etc and than the kicker He stated he had fallen in love with me, give me a break, how is that possible. MMMmm I see a pattern here. He stated he was a professional business man who was traveling soon to Africa, and I did receive a call from Africa. However, he was not too interested in speaking with me, he asked I log into yahoo to chat, and proceeded to ask me for help. He told me that the airline lost one of his baggages which contained his laptop and his important papers needed for the business deal, so he asked me if I can help him financially that he was with his daughter, and needed the money he had on him to buy a laptop so that he can retrieve his documents. Well all I have to say is thank god I have common sense or else I would have been swindled out of a grand.

He had made several mistakes: successful business people will not travel if they did not have the money. A laptop and important are to taken on board and where's the credit cards. I am assuming a business person will have credit cards. So ladies beware of this man. In the picture is a fine african american male, (if it is him). Unfortunately I did not save the pic, but immediately the first day that i chatted with him his profile was gone, how ironic. could these two be working together. Maybe she is his daughter he is 51....
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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