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Dating scammer Ms. Rhoda Addo from Accra, Ghana


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Dating scammer Ms. Rhoda Addo from Accra, Ghana

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2009-09-06, 04:21:46
anonymous from London, United Kingdom  
Tessy Douglas: Hello
Tessy Douglas: You there..
neil.carter15: hello
Tessy Douglas: Hi
neil.carter15: hi how are you
Tessy Douglas: How are you dong overthere..???
neil.carter15: im good I am at work
Tessy Douglas: Right now..?
neil.carter15: yes
Tessy Douglas: Okay..and where do you come from...?
neil.carter15: im from england uk
neil.carter15: near London
Tessy Douglas: Alright...
Tessy Douglas: and what is your name..|??
neil.carter15: Neil
Tessy Douglas: Alright Tessy by name
Tessy Douglas: Nice meeting you
neil.carter15: nice to meet you also Tessy
Tessy Douglas: Do you have picture of you ?
neil.carter15: only two
neil.carter15: and you
Tessy Douglas: Yes i have and can we share it now..?
neil.carter15: ok
Tessy Douglas: You can accecpt that
Tessy Douglas: Good
Tessy Douglas: Are you sharing your picture with me now..?
Tessy Douglas: am waiting
neil.carter15: i cant get mine would you want to see me live
Tessy Douglas: Yes
Tessy Douglas: I don't mind
neil.carter15: the cam is on
Tessy Douglas: Wow..
Tessy Douglas: You looking Handsome Babe
neil.carter15: i know im old
neil.carter15: you look very good yourself
Tessy Douglas: Old age is noting to me alright
neil.carter15: so what do you do
neil.carter15: for work
Tessy Douglas: Well, i want you to know that, i just graduate here in Nigeria because i lost my Dad when am young but living here with my Mum
Tessy Douglas: so have not been working,but asist my Mum in her store
neil.carter15: ok i thought that you were bin the states
Tessy Douglas: On no am not in the state right now and do you mind..?
neil.carter15: no as long as you are real
Tessy Douglas: Great..
Tessy Douglas: and what are you doing for a living..?
neil.carter15: security
Tessy Douglas: Alright and how old are you..?
neil.carter15: so you are 43 have you been married
neil.carter15: i am 56
Tessy Douglas: No am a single,never married,and am not a 43 right,am a 30 years old
Tessy Douglas: what do you think about the age between us and the distance...??
neil.carter15: on your prfile it says you are 43
Tessy Douglas: Really
Tessy Douglas: I made a mistake
neil.carter15: how do I know that you are real
Tessy Douglas: Great..Can you call me so we can talk better..?
Tessy Douglas: Or whatdo you think, i think that will be nice...
neil.carter15: that I can not do from work
neil.carter15: you know im real as you can see me
Tessy Douglas: Yes and i think, that is how i can prove my self for you to believe that am real
neil.carter15: im not sure as there has been a lot of scams from nigeria & ghana
Tessy Douglas: No no no no
neil.carter15: no one ther seems to have a web cam
Tessy Douglas: So you want me to have cam..?
neil.carter15: every where else seems to have cams they are not expensive
Tessy Douglas: well my oc is noting work perfect
neil.carter15: if people can afford a pc they can surely afford a cam
neil.carter15: I think you are not who you claim to be
neil.carter15: so i will leave now, if you can prove to me who you are i would be happy to form a relationship with you
Tessy Douglas: That means we are not understanding ourselves..
neil.carter15: I understand perfectly
Tessy Douglas: But you were asking me to get cam before you can believe me
neil.carter15: if you can prove to me you really Tessy Douglas,
Tessy Douglas: How do i prove that to you Babe
Tessy Douglas: I told you to call me and believe me
neil.carter15: living in: denver, CO, United States
Tessy Douglas: So what do you really want from me..?
neil.carter15: prove to me who you are
Tessy Douglas: Can you call me now...
neil.carter15: no you can pretend to be any one on a phone
neil.carter15: this has happened to me before
Tessy Douglas: okay take care and bye for now with the bull shit word you said now
Tessy Douglas: take care

2009-09-10, 02:04:59
tp from United States  
my friend samira umar as of 9-1-09 this bitch got me to for a ph card lol her new nam this week is amina moro amina_sweet13@yahoo,com (tp)usa oh yeah she is being pimp out buy her husband what a cock sucker
2009-09-13, 18:36:48
anonymous from Norway  

2009-09-20, 17:14:34
anonymous from United States  
this women tryed to get me to send her money when i told her i would not she stopped getting intouch. i was one of the lucky ones. so watch guys, shes a hottie, but shes also hot.beware of her scam

2009-09-30, 02:17:01 from Thailand  
buxdnpra tkfgmbxv yzkhkhjw
2009-09-30, 02:18:08 from Russian Federation  
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2009-09-30, 10:35:15
BadDog from Madison, United States  
From: BadDog

To: All my friends! (I better go make some!)

Please deal with above ten postings as they appear to be spam or worse.

Thanks ladies and boys,

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2009-10-02, 17:17:28
anonymous from Sweden  
A comment to Mensa from Accra

You could not call her cause she said her phone was broken and could only send and recieve text but could i please buy her credits so we can text each other she also asked for 2000 us dollars total for passport, shots, and a visa SHE EVEN WANTED ME TO BUY HER A 300 dollar CELL PHONE so we can talk . I have not sent it thank God

This on is known to me as Amanda Brown and from Hull England with adress flat 2/1 Kingston upon Hull, Hull City h317td. And her telephone +44 7733 700 920
She writes it's broken so she can't talk on it.

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2009-10-05, 23:42:40
anonymous from United States  
2009-11-23, 18:30:58
anonymous from United States  
This girl called herself juliana sweet, i caught on to her rifgt away watch out...
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2009-11-23, 18:32:45
anonymous from United States  
Can someone tell me, have they ran across this one?
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2009-11-25, 18:46:07
anonymous from United States  
A girl fro Ghana is requesting $7000.00 USD for a Declaration Fee in order to be permitted to travel from Ghana to USA this weekend.. I have already paid for her VISA and Passport...and air fare to USA.. she pleading with me that immigration will not let her dpart unless she gets $7000.00 prior to departing the country. She says it will all be returned when she arrives in US????? This just sounds funny...I told her that I don't have $7000 and I'm done if she expectsd me to dish out that kind of money.

HELP someone..please provide me if this a date scam or what????

2009-11-25, 20:23:45
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States 2009-11-25, 18:46:07,

please provide me if this a date scam or what????

Yes it's a scam. Sorry. It happened to me also, I sent money to Russia so I could

meet this girl. Paid for her visa and plane tickets. Then she writes me the day before

her flight she needs show money for customs. But the whole thing is a scam.
2009-11-25, 21:13:51   (updated: 2009-11-25, 21:19:35)
ww from Japan  
@2009-11-25, 18:46:07
anonymous from United States
Please listen to DOC.
And it is better for you to contact the money transfer bank you have remitted to her.
You must know the place where she picked up your money.
Contact that money transfer bank as soon as you can.
I am sorry you have got scammed by Testicles.
It is a GUY.
Do you have the letter she asked for your money ?
Please post it on here.
And post her mail header informations on here(edit your info out ).
Please see this photo below.
It is your girl,,,,.


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2009-12-05, 18:46:55
anonymous from United States  
is also
janetakonobea on onelovenet .com
http://www.oneloven..oul_Mates/ can i get my money back if i shows records
i am
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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