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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk


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2008-04-11, 14:48:42
Fjellhare from Norway  
2008-04-11, 14:52:14   (updated: 2008-04-11, 14:53:51) from Norway  


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Hi Peter...
I am glad, that today I have received news from you,
thank you that have written to me. The truth I never in the life
communicated with the person who does not live in Russia, and talks on
not my native language. But I well understand everything that you
write to me. When I went to school, and then at university I had very
good teachers on the English language and consequently I can read your
letters without assistance and write to you. And I hope, you
understand, everything that I write you.
As we with you only get acquainted, I should tell about myself
more. To me now 29 years, and my birthday July, 25, 1978. My growth of
170 centimeters, weight of 57 kgs. I now work in The seller of lady's
wear. And me it is work very much it is pleasant. I very much like
walks on fresh air, I very much love a nature. I like the sea and am
pleasant to float, in the summer I frequently bathe and I sunbathe on
a coast of our remarkable river Volga. At us in city Vladimir in which
I was born and a lot of water has grown. Inhabitants of our city name
his Volga Venice. There is in Vladimir one unusual street which name
'Blue Street', is a ship canal with sluices. The channel passes
directly on city. On it go court from Caspian Sea and Baltic, from the
White and Black seas. I love life - I am an optimist, and I believe,
that the majority beautiful a thing expects us in the future. I
believe in the God and destiny, and I expect my unique person. I
believe in family and love, and I search for persons to the one whom I
shall give all high temperature of my heart and with that whom I shall
be always together..., I want to divide with it all things - good and
sad, all which we shall meet in our life. My person, clever also has
strong spirit, it is kind and magnanimous and generous, it will do
that - be for me, and will know, that I shall do that - be for him.
Unique my person who requires love and may give love. It is a person
who requires reliable family and fair attitudes. I to want, that you
would send me the photo. I do not know, why, but it is pleasant for me
to write to you the letter. I to want, that you would answer me more
soon. Write to me about itself, than you are engaged what to like, I
all to want to know about you. Questions which you want to me also
will be interesting to me to set, I with pleasure on them shall
answer!I do not know, that I will be valid happened, but looking in
the uture with hope and a smile. Your friend from Russia Elena...
I want to ask you some questions, I hope you will answer them. How do
you release anger? Do you trust others easily? WHAT IS THE FIRST THING

2008-04-11, 14:54:34
Fjellhare from Norway
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2008-04-11, 14:58:32
Fjellhare from Norway  



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I am glad to see that we with you observe our promises and we write each other during.
I have brought a photo of Moscow, as well as promised. And I hope that you now them look.
Give I shall tell to you a few histories about my family why I live in Moscow and why my name is Marina.
There was time when there was a Second World war. And then was still the USSR, instead of Russia.
And my grandfather which all life of veins in Kazakhstan has gone on this war together with thousand army.
My grandfather was the lieutenant colonel.
During war it has received deep wound and it have sent the medical center which then settled down in Moscow.
There it has got acquainted with the fine nurse who then became my grandmother.
And so war, to mine to the grandfather of a distance in Moscow an apartment,
for its brave actions on war has terminated, both my grandfather and the grandmother have remained in Moscow.
And so has passed half of century and now I write to you the letter.
When I recollect this history I all more and I start to trust in destiny more.
And you that think? You trust in destiny? Tell about the history?
Me have named Marina in honour of my prograndmother on a parent line. Marinochka this diminutively caressing name.
I think that you wish to know, how you can change my name. Because I too wish to know as I can name you?
How you are named by friends or girlfriends? If suddenly to be necessary for you my help in what I with pleasure wish to make it.
I live one in an one-room apartment, almost in city centre. My father has died from an inflammation easy 5 years ago.
My mother has died from swelled up a brain 3 years ago. It was very much greater loss for me and my family.
I in a sort still had only my brother. It is more senior than me for 5 years, and it already has the family.
At it the fine wife, and at them already is a small daughter. To it 2 years.
I am frequent to them I come and I play with a daughter when I will be asked about it by my brother.
I have two my best girlfriends with which I together studied at university.
We with them very often gather and we recollect former year which we have lead together studying in university.
Leaning on experience of my girlfriends, I till now not married, and never was.
It is very sick theme both at me, and at all Russia. I have no guy. I have no children.
My girlfriends left on time for the husband and till now about it regret.
I wish to go into details, because I shall put before you in awkward position of my girlfriends.
I only shall tell that all divorces were for the reasons of alcohol and change.
And till now I observe a picture of evening Moscow when all youth goes on a disco or to cafe,
and get drunk alcohol before loss of consciousness.
With it that is necessary that to do because the future is looked is very pitiable for Russia.
But the states is idle. Because it from it wins many money.
Almost all alcoholic production is made with the state, and it it is on the contrary very good from it.
The state buys to itself on this money cars, country sites.
I read in magazines and watched on TV, that in your country there is no such danger to youth and adult generation.
And consequently I have decided to search for acquaintance to this attribute. In Russia many jobless people.
And on it I know, that Russia borrows 4 place on viewing the TV. I very much would wish to look a photo of your family.
You can send me? I look forward tomorrow what again to read your letter. Good-bye. Marina!

2008-04-11, 14:59:08
Fjellhare from Norway  
IP address location & IP address info:
IP address [?]: [Copy][Whois]
IP address country: Russian Federation
IP address state: Mariy-El
IP address city: Yoshkar-ola
IP address latitude: 56.636902
IP address longitude: 47.871101
ISP of this IP [?]: ER-Telecom
Organization: ZAO Company ER-Telecom Yoshkar-Ola address space
Host of this IP: [?]: [Whois]
Local Time of this IP country: 2008-04-12 00:57
2008-04-11, 14:59:55
Fjellhare from Norway

2008-04-11, 15:01:03
Fjellhare from Norway  
..that was part I....more tomorrow and the next days....toooooooo much to post....
2008-04-11, 16:13:16
OJAS from United States  
Good to see you back with your Norwegian flag! Probably the winter grip has eased a bit in Norway?
2008-04-11, 18:36:25   (updated: 2008-04-11, 18:41:10)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-04-12, 08:46:54  
hi natalya adel egypt
2008-04-12, 13:10:33
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Anon France,

Is there any specific part you want us to check?

@Peter in Germany

2008-04-12, 13:21:50
Fjellhare from Norway  
Hey, meine Liebe Peter!

Erneut freue ich mich, als ich deinen Brief in meinem Emailbox sehe.

Weisst du, du bist sehr teuer fuer mich. Jetzt alle meine Emotionen und

Gedanken haengen nur von deinen Brief ab. Ich schaetze unsere Verhaeltnisse

mit dir, Peter, und ich hab Angst das zu verlieren. Im ersten Mal probiere

ich Beziehungen mit Mensch anzufangen, der so weit von mir ist. Ich weiss nicht,

was mich in Zukunft wartet. Aber danke ich schon Schicksaal dafuer, dass ich sich

solchen wunderbare Mann getroffen hab. Ich waere gluecklich Beziehungen mit dir

in Zukunft zu haben. Und waere ich gluecklich, wenn du das auch willst. Dabei,

dass wir Beziehungen in Entfernung zu schaffen probieren, ich bin dankbar Schicksaal

dafuer, dass ich das in diesem Moment habe.

Das ist zu teuer fuer mich. Ich meine, dass alles, was im Leben war – alle Proben und

Verluste, hat mich gelehrnt, das Leben zu schaetzen und weise zu sein, Entschluesse zu

fassen, richtige Wahl zu treffen, als man waehlen muss. Ich meine, dass ich durch diesen

Weg gehen musste, um bereit zu sein einen Mann zu treffen, der mein Herz und meine Seele

ist, mit dem ich kleinen Welt der Liebe und Zaertlichkeit schaffe, dem ich meine Sorge,

Treue und fortwaehrende Aufmerksamkeit gebe, mit dem ich bis Tod lebe, weil er mir die

wichtigste Sachen gibt – echte Liebe und Sorge. Das sind einzelne Sachen, die die wichtigste

fuer mich sind. Und bin ich sicher, dass du diesen Sachen auch wuerdigst. Hoffentlich beunruhige

ich dich nicht, dass ich solche Ideen ueber dich und unseren Beziehungen habe.. Ich denke, wenn

ich halte mich nicht, du gehst von Computer weg ;-)

Gut)) Jetzt will ich kurz ueber meinen Plaenen fuer Zukunft dir erzaehlen.. Ich will Naehenkurse

besuchen anfangen. Das ist mein aeltesten Traum auch. Du weisst, ich mag experementieren.

Ich hab schon dir geschrieben, dass ich in Kueche experementieren mag. Und jetzt will ich Kleidung

naehen probieren. Vielleicht bin ich weltberuehmter Modegestalter in Zukunft?)) Diese Kurse dauern

ungefaehr 2 Monate und 2 Mal pro Woche. Was denkst du dafuer? Ich denke, als ich diese Kurse beende,

erste Kleidung, die ich naehen probiere, ist eine Jacke fuer dich, Peter. Ich hab schon mich Design

der Jacke mich ausgedacht. Ich hoffe, dass das dir gefaellt?))

Heute war ein gewoehnlichen Tag in der Arbeit. Meine Schueler haben eines Aufsatz geschrieben.

WEisst du, als ich diese Aufsaetze lese, ich verstehe jeden Schueler. Sie sind alle verschiedene.

Sie haben verschiedene Standpuenkte, verschiedene Interessen. Diese Welt hat noch nicht geschafft

ihre Weltanschauung zu beschaedigungen. Und als ich hoehre Ausserung von jeden Schueller ueber unseres

Leben, ich verstehe, dass unsere Kinder so gut, vernunftig und einige – weis(!!) sind. Das ist so

spassig! Als wir suns treffen, ich lese dir unbedingt ein paar Aufsaetze. Ich galube, dass das die gefaellt.

Liebe Peter, Ich will dich fragen..

Was denkst du ueber Russland? Interesiersst du dich fuer Politik? Welche Kleidung traegst du?

Welches Jahreszit magst du?

Ich werde auf deinen Brief warten

Du bist immer in meinen Gedanken

Deine fuer immer Kristina

2008-04-12, 13:23:30
Fjellhare from Norway

2008-04-12, 13:24:08
Fjellhare from Norway

2008-04-12, 13:24:40
Fjellhare from Norway

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