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Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana


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Name: Nancy Milman


po box 10540 Accra-north 00233 Ghana-West Africa Phone# 233 246 664 649

Other Comments:
This woman is very very good at her job I even have been talking to her on the phone.... She is very patient and has some really good stories... She did make a mistake after 1 month of being in love and true to only me she slipped and clicked on my name when sending a response to someone else who's name started with a d like mine... Hell I'm still in love with her and I know it's a scam, Thanks.......Dave

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2007-09-21, 15:17:53
anonymous from Australia  
here is another one
2007-09-21, 15:18:52
anonymous from Australia  

2007-09-21, 16:03:54
anonymous from United States  
Watch out for a Feri Hooks. I met her in E-Harmony, and sure enough, she is in Accra, Ghana. These scammers usually send photos of models that are professionally done. And they will declare their love for you after just a couple of e-mail messages.

2007-09-21, 16:06:15
anonymous from United States  
More photos of Feri Hooks in Accra, Ghana

2007-09-21, 16:06:56
anonymous from United States  
Another pic of Feri Hooks from Accra. Ghana

2007-09-22, 19:01:38
[hidden] from Australia  
hi does anyone no this girl

2007-09-22, 21:06:33
anonymous from United States  
This one calls herself Matilda Amuaku- MATILDAAMUAKU@YAHOO.COM. Met her on Claims her mother is native Ghanaian and father is from U.S., but clearly she doesn't look like she has an ounce of Black blood. Claims to be a nurse, wants me to visit, etc. I found this site and sent the link to her to bust her during our latest chat, and of course she played stupid about it all. Very persistent....

2007-09-23, 20:39:55
This girl from Accra, Ghana is a scammer.
2007-09-26, 08:13:04

Does anyone know a Linda Boatemaa from Accra Ghana? She's a beauti with blond hair and white.
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2007-09-26, 13:33:27
anonymous from Trinidad and Tobago  
O M G now im scared please pleas some one any one please tell me if this one is real. He says he is in love with me wants money to come. Have you encountered him?

2007-09-29, 10:36:13
anonymous from United States  
Well guys, This ones from Ghana,West Africa. Her name is Nancy Blue. The pics shes sends are of a teen porn star 'Andi Pink'. She sent me all 199 of them.You can get them off the web for free. Don't trust this one at all. She will tell you that you are her soulmate. That she loves you with all of her heart and want's to marry you. She uses the story that her mum is in ghana. Also her mum is dying and she needs money to make her better. Also want's ipod, mp3 or mp4 player. Laptop to keep in touch with you.
Money sent western union for her units on her cell phone and to help pay her bills. She went as far as to have a DR send an email saying she was in an accident and he found my email address and photo in her bag. That i needed to send $250.00 to take good care of her. He claimed she was my wife. I found out that she was using Andi pink pictures and she still claimed that she used to be a porn star but stopped a long time ago. When she told me she was born July 27,1978 but claimed to be 27 it sent up questions to me. I asked about her family. She claims to have brothers and sisters. One older than her,as she was the second born,but her mum is 36. Do the math. When i questioned her about this scam. She claimed she was not a scammer. That i should send her a digital camera so she can take the pics to prove to me. i asked her how she got all these pics now. she said her camera broke and that her friend 'margret' was taking them for her. Even sent a pic of her and her friend to show me. This one is very convincing. I think now it's a guy because the last email i got said that i was the only woman she truly loved. If it was a woman she would have written only man she loved. If you question too much she will disconnect then tell you she was having trouble with the pc freezing the next day.She got me for some money and gifts. Also a second scammer contacted me from ghana. Nancy claimed this girl stole my email address from her along with her cell phone. Watch out!!!
2007-09-29, 10:53:21
anonymous from United States  
This is another one. I got this email and pics sent to me while talking to Nancy Blue. I think it is Nancy Milman. Not sure. She goes by 'Lovies Pardu' or something like that. I have 10 pics of her. Nancy Blue was pissed when i told her that this one contacted me. She claimed that this girl must have stole my email address. Guess all the scammers are in competition there. So watch out for this one too.

2007-09-29, 15:55:52
anonymous from United States  
My Mother full name: Joy Vincent Abada
Date of brith :1936 60 year old ..

My fathers full name: Vicent Abada
Date of brith: 1930 67 year

My full name : Oghenero Abada
Date of brith : 1973 33 year

Address :No 50 Osamede Street

So if u are to send the the funds u promise to send u can send it with this informations ..

Name : Oghenero Abada
State : Delta
City: Warri
Country : Nigeria
Zip code : 234

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Scammer Victoria from Ghana

2007-09-29, 15:57:15
anonymous from United States  
How are you doing today, i hope you are doing fine. am very happy when i recieve your email and your picture you really looking nice in your picture, i have been looking for a nice and caring person like your self. You really sound nice to me, i want you to understand that, i have been lonely for a very long time. well i must tell you that when i read your email, i will like you to tell me some thing, are you married, do you have a girl friend, actualy when i read your email, i think you are going to be a nice and caring man, I never want to reveal this to you, because we just meant, but i think i need to tell you this now, because i think you are a nice guy. and i think i can trust you in this too, this is why i am telling you this. all i want you to do is to keep this as a top secret between us. and also promise me that know other person will hear this ok. right now am really going through hard and terrible life.

Actually it happend when i lost my dad, my dad is dead and i am left with my mum. so after the dealth of my father, his family member came to the house and collect everything my dad left behind for us. and they ask me and my mum to leave the compound and they sale the house. we could not able to find them again becasuse of the war that happend in my country liberia, so just last week my mum show to me some document which my dad use to deposite $19Million US dollars in a bank here in ghana and also a picture of my dad at the time of sign the agreement letter with the bank and he use my name as the next of kin to the funds. so when my mum show to me the document, i was so happy so i travel to ghana with my mum. when we get to the bank and we present all the legal document that was given to my father at the time of depositing the fund with the bank, we were told that the money is still with the bank, but they can not transfer the money to us here in africa, becos my dad went into agreement with them at the time of depositing the fund that the fund should be transfer on express transfer to leave africa. i never new my dad was planning of opening a company abroad.

so on our way out of the bank, one of the staff of the bank advice us to look for a trust worthy foriegn partiner to help us recieve the fund from the bank. so i want you to help us contact the bank, so that the bank can transfer the money of my late father to your account, so that i and my mum can come over to your country and meet you so we all can start a better and happy life again.

Please, i want you to understand that i trusted you, and i feel we can be together if it is meant to be, that is why am telling you this top secret becos am sacred and this is all we have left in this world. i believe you can understand my present situation. i trust you that is why i am telling you this. as am writing you this mail, my eyes is full of tears becos my mum is seriously sick and we dont know any body here in ghana. so we are living with an old lady called Mrs. Vida Anayor, she is working as a security officer close to us, but she is very old and she will stop work very soon, so try your best and help me and my mum. we really need your help. life is so hard and terrible for me and my mum right now in Ghana bcos we dont have any helper. My dear, i think I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go alway from my life. try and get back to me with your private phone number so that i can call you . i will want you to understand that we are going to sign an agreement before the bank will transfer the fund of my late father to you bcos we have not meant before now and the Agreement is for the security reason of the fund too. so i will like you to provide this information so that i and my mum can get the Agreement done from a lawyer here in ghana, and send you a copy of it to sign. so please reply me with your, Full name, Age, Occupation, address and private phone number. my mum promise to give to you 20% percent if you can help us get the money from the bank.

i am also sending you a picture of me, my mum, my late father at the time of depositing the fund with the bank here in ghana and a picture of my late father caskette doing berier ceremony. pls try and get back to me as soon as possible so that i can send to you the document that was give to my father at the time of depositing the fund with the bank.

please take good care of your self, i hope to hear from you soon.

with love in my heart,


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2007-09-29, 16:01:02
anonymous from United States  
Watch out of this girl she is dangerous.
She is a big cum.....

Oghenero Abada <>

well i do understand what u are talking about and i am going to make it real with u and we are going to make it real btw ourselves and right now if we begin to make love the theme of life then our days will become harmony Loving You is noit a crime but to keep being love and caring...

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