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Dating scammer Brenda Garcia


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Name: Brenda Garcia


Her 'Handle' on Yahoo Messenger is sweetdovebrenda, or sweetdove89101

Other Comments:
Now listed on the dating site as a VIP Member (avg cost: $22. per month for VIP status, vs 'Free' for regular members, got to give her credit, as it adds to the vision that she's 'Real'. Says she's 5'8' tall, 27 yrs old, single. Wants to start a relationship.. don't they all.
Anyway, per my 'gut' feeling, I started the Net search, and found your Romancescams Site; I commend you for it. I was going through same and spotted her photo, per comment logged on 11/17/06, 20:08:57, a different pose, but same dress, and left my comment on that site at 00:21:45 re: her, which you then printed, Thanks. She originally had sent me add'l photos last weekend when I asked, so I thought that I'd share them for posting. Never have sent out $$ to her or anyone else for that matter, but by her comments in 2nd E-mail, saying in part, I quote (per her grammer), '
'But right now things arent fine wit me and dis could be stopping this relationship,i feel you can help me get things right but i think u might be mad at me to hearing this,so i would be needing your help.'...I always get a kick out of the way they write, sorta like the same as the way they talk. Good 'clue' is the word 'because', always typed as 'cos', normally found in their mail, as when you read the initial Profile or Bio on these Dating sites, the grammer is almost perfect. So I guess they get others to write the Site lingo. I'll have to admit, like most men, no matter how educated we are, a pretty nice body/face will almost get us every time, and with their forlorn stories awaking our compassionate nature, like helping a poor puppy, but our 'gut' feelings should never be ignored. In anything I do, I try to listen to these other 'feelings', and the saying 'been there, done that', then takes on a whole new meaning...Just thought I'd share, for the rest of you Guys out there.


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2007-02-07, 00:21:45
anonymous from United States  
Girl in photo is now going by handle name of sweetdove89101, and is currently on the dating site, going by name of Brenda. The dress shes wearing in the photo on this page is same as on Iwantu site, says she is in Las Vegas, Nevada. But actually appears to be from guess where, yep...Nigeria
Just everyone should know 02/06/07.
2007-02-07, 17:39:47
anonymous from Whittier in California, United States  
I have 4 photos to send, your browser only accepts one at a time, here is the first, how do I get the rest to you?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Brenda Garcia
Dating scammer Emmy David from Lagos, Nigeria

2007-02-07, 17:43:24
anonymous from Whittier in California, United States  
2007-02-07, 17:45:41
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: redhead blue dress trees
2007-02-07, 17:46:08
anonymous from United States  
2007-02-13, 19:43:06
anonymous from United States  
these pictures are actually from, a girl named JC. She is a model for that agency. She has used the name brittany on match,com. had email address of
2007-02-16, 13:04:04 from United States  
2007-02-19, 15:09:59
anonymous from Canada  
I left her eating dust a long time ago. She was suppose to be orphan working with missionaries in Nigeria for an NGO. I have deleted everything she said and sent but used the addy
2007-02-19, 20:02:22
anonymous from Canada  
may as well enjoy her pics
2007-02-19, 20:02:59
anonymous from Canada  
2007-02-19, 20:03:52
anonymous from Canada  
nice babe, too bad

2007-02-19, 20:33:43
anonymous from Canada  
you can find her here and this is her space page
this is an IP related to her
Geographic Location United States (Chicago, Illinois) This IP has not seen any suspicious activity within the last 3 months. This IP is most likely clean now and can probably be trusted. (This record will remain public for historical purposes, however.)
she has an add here http://www.europalu..2/catid,3/
2007-02-24, 22:53:43
mike from Haileybury in Ontario, Canada  
I guess Kerri Joe has been very busy too

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First name: Linda
Last name: Gerald
Aka: Anna Richards, Angela Raye, Mary Smith, Ayola Davies, Zeta, Brenda Garcia, Anita Larry
Age: 27
Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)
Address(es): 23 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4DG, England
Mark Moore 23, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, 23401, Nigeria
Phone number(s): 234 802 981 1338
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s): Christian Net, Elite Mate, I want U, Match
Report(s): Report N1 (added on August, 9, 2005)

Emailed me sayting she likes older more mature men. I am 48 and she is 22. Yea, right. Then says she wants to come to the USA and visit me. After a few letters starts saying she loves me. Then send me letters with her phone number and address and a man named Victor Ibini that is
supposed to be her travel agent. Says she needs 2800.00, 1600.0 for the ticket and 1200.00 for cash to support her trip. I asked her to get to a web cam because I wanted to see her, she immediately got furious with me and just sent more pictures instead. I asked her if we can talk on the phone and she says only at certain times. ??? What she doesn't have a phone where she lives ? I told her I was not going to send her the money unless I could see her on a web cam and she asked me to send her extra
money and she will buy one. On site she states her income is 100,000.00 - 150,000.00 and she cannot afford to buy a web cam ?? She is gorgeous and very slick, beware guys. I have reason to believe she is
working with someone from Nigeria thru the UK.

K. B. (USA)

Report N2 (added on September, 6, 2005)

This is the next letter she has sent me requesting money be sent via Money Gram. I am playing her to see just how far she will go. When I talked with her on the phone I noticed a heavy Nigerian accent. She has stolen these pictures from a girl whom I suspect is a model. Guys beware, she is slick and crafty.

Kenneth (USA)

Report N3 (added on September, 8, 2005)

I was first contacted by 'Anna Richards' on 7/9/05 on the
Christianet website. She gave me her e-mail address right away as She claims she was born in Indiana and her dad was an American... also claims her mom was half Nigerian and half Austrian. She said her dad died when she was 17 and she moved with her mom to Nigeria. Also said she was planning on returning to the US. She sent me some pictures of 'herself'. She is absolutely gorgeous. I found one of them on your website under the name of Linda Gerald. Later she had her 'travel agent' send me her flight info. Several e-mails later (9/1/05)she tells me she needs money to make the final payment to the travel agent. I asked her how much and how I could send it. On 9/2/05,
she gave a name (Mark Moore) and an address (23 Opebi Road Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 023401) to wire the money via Western Union.

James (USA)

Report N4 (added on September, 15, 2005)

She IM's me always asking for 1000 dollars to be able to buy a plane ticket to me. she said she just got out of school in africa.
Supposely her mom and dad died. She says she loves me and always calls me honey the pictures I have look just like this girl. She said she was in Nigeria.

Terry (USA)

Report N5 (added on April, 4, 2006)

Typical airfare and internet expenses scam. Falls in deep love within couple of emails, followed with her phone calls, all of which abruptly stops as soon as she learns that money is not coming as she wants. She claims to hold a UK passport, her brother big businessman in Germany, she is Spanish, and doing family charity business in Nigeria.

Danny (Canada)

Report N6 (added on January, 15, 2007)

I was contacted by Anita Larry through IwantU web site. And I contacted Brenda Garcia, through IwantU, I thought they looked the same, but wasn't 100% sure they were the same person untill I saw her on this site as Linda Gerald, many of the pictures I have are the same ones you have posted as Linda Gerald, this one was pretty easy to figure out she was a scammer, both as Brenda Garcia & Anita Larry. it sure takes some of the fun out of internet dating dealing with these beautiful scammers.

Ken (USA)

Scam letters: to K. B. (USA)

to Kenneth (USA)

to Danny (Canada)

to Ken (USA)
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown

2007-02-25, 09:09:07
[hidden] from Canada  
hey. her name to me was karri joe. i just finished my first conversation with her on yahoo, and nothing seemed right. i met her from datesxxx, using the address the pictures i have are already posted here, and as of 10 am EST., she is still using this address. not too smart, and in my experience, not many of them are, talking about love and coming here in the first conversation, yeesh. i just wonder what she??? really looks like.
2007-03-21, 17:22:11   (updated: 2007-03-21, 17:23:30)
anonymous from United States  
She tried to get me too, from saying she lives in Denver CO.
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