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Dating scammer Linda Scott from Lagos, Nigeria


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Name: linda scott


first western union address

Reciever's name: Amos Clement
Country : Nigeria,
state :Lagos
City :Ikeja
Textquestion : The Lord is Good?
Textanswer : All the time

158.arakale hospital road lagos ikega nigeria

2nd name and address

reciever name........royal francis
text question............what is your name
text answer..................linda scott

Other Comments:
this person contacted me through a website known as
supposedly she is in a hospital and needs 560 dollars to get out of the hospital with her passport and ticket. she also does not have anywhere to go in the us and has asked for accomodations here in the US. I have had a long internet conversation with this person if anyone knows anything else about this person post it. if anyone wants to see the Im conversation post that as well

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2009-08-13, 00:07:48
I have met a Linda Scott saying she is from Norcross Georgia USA. I am wondering if its the same one from Nigeria as her English is not 100% and she says her father has cancer. I don't want to post a photo as she may be genuine and a bad typist.
2009-08-13, 01:40:32   (updated: 2009-08-13, 01:48:52)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from ?

Your statement is at best a bit confusing ?
You start out by saying, You have met Linda Scott ?
That begs the question where ?
If, You truly have met a Linda Scott in person not on the net
then why are, You posting anything at all ?
You say, You don't want to post a picture of a innocent person.
Good for, You at least, Your thinking of someone else.
But the question remains why did, You post anything ?
If, You met a Linda Scott from the USA then whats the problem ?
There should be no question as to if she is from Nigeria ?
Your posting contradicts itself as it is written.
You cannot have met anyone then question if she is real.
That makes no sense at all ?
If You met on line that's completely different that means, You
have never met her before no matter if, You have chatted 10 years.
Meeting anyone on line does not mean, You have met that person yet.
Only when, You have met face to face can, You say you have met someone.
Now if, You have only had contact on line from a Linda Scott who claims
to be from Norcross Georgia but is in Nigeria right now.
Then, You are hooked up with a scammer.
You may not want to believe that but it is the truth.
Not only that nearly 100% of the scammers from Nigeria are men.
Your talking to a guy.
They can fake a Webcam and have friends talk on the phone.
They can fake a womans voice also.
There are hundreds of Black Men in Internet Cafes in Nigeria
scamming thousands of people just like, You every day.
They use fake names, they use stolen photo's, stolen videos,
they have many e mail addresses, they have many phone numbers.
The fact that your getting poor spelling should not be ignored.
Knowing how stubborn victims of this type of scam are.
I am not going to try to tell, You everything here its way to much
Simply put there is not one single person on line not only from
Nigeria, but Ghana, Dakar, Senegal, Refugee Camp, gold Coast,
Ivory Coast, all of west Africa.
No matter where they say they are from and no matter what their
story is it is all scammers there are NO EXCEPTIONS.
You did not get lucky at all, You got was scammed by a man.
You can believe me now or, Your going to later anyway.
You can keep being the Mugu [ Big Fool ] that's what Nigerians
call, You. or, You can save yourself a lot of hurt feelings and
save yourself from losing thousands of dollars.
You may not have been asked for money yet.
Some scammers wait up to 3 years and some never ask for money
because they have convinced their Mugu that they Love someone
they never met in person. How stupid is that think about it.
No good looking Girl needs to go on line for Love.
No one needs to ask for money or help either if they are real.
The emergency's are all fake.
Hell the girl is fake all, You have is a relationship with a stolen
photo. Go get a Playboy Magazine if you want a relationship with
a photo.
I have no idea why, You made a posting here ?
You did not report a scammer and, You didn't give enough
information to find even the restroom.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site. NEVER !!!!!!!
Never tell the scammer that, You learned the truth either.
They have a lie to cover that also.
It only helps them to keep scamming you.
Never mention this site to the scammer either.
If, You want help then come back and make a real posting not one
that doesn't even make sense.
Straight out if, Your on line with someone who says they are
Linda Scott from Georgia but in Nigeria its 100% sure its a scammer.
I hope, You listen to me and don't keep falling for the scammers lies.
Remember they have scammed hundreds of people before, You.
They have been very successful in getting guys and woman to
believe their Bull Shit. The I Love You crap is only there to manipulate,
Your feelings. Get over it and get mad because a guy is mocking you
every time, You make contact.
They are also gathering Your information to scam someone else with.
If, You end this that is only the beginning because the very same
scammer many times contacts, You again using more stolen photo's,
another fake name, another e mail address.
Scammers never give up and use any lie to keep, You hooked.
As long as, You keep believing a lying animal no one can help, You.
They have no moral boundary they won't cross.
They use Religion and God Himself if they can.
I don't care what, You have been told so far because it is all lies.
Your being scammed and, You have now been warned.
In the future if anyone contacts You White or black, Woman or
Man from anywhere in west Africa or say they are in another Country
but part of their story ties them with West Africa in any way.
Its 100% scammers.

Good Luck to, You and do try to post something that explains what is
going on because this posting by you was confusing at best.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-08-15, 06:32:17
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Hi there, im intrigued by the posts on this website and am curious about a woman who has been emailing me on a website called woomee. Her name is bella scott (27 years old) and she claims she is a designer who has been taught everything by her mother. She is yet to talk in more depth about her mother. She currently is saying she is from Lynwood, Claifornia and talks very indepth about what man she is looking for and how she wants to find true love asking me if i am 'the one'. There is a picture of her holding a kitten and too be honest sheis very beautiful but after reading these posts everything she is saying is suspect.......
I searched for her on myspace and found a couple of bella scotts, one of the pictures i came across on one profile is of a similar looking female holding yet a different cat....but another profile with a completely different picture of a different woman describes her exactly as shes been saying describing heself to me. She has emailed me now asking to talk with me on yahoo, which i dont hold an account for. What do you guys think, is this normal behaviour for someone who is scamming or could it be genuine???????????
Im not daft enough to send money to anyone, i dont care who they are, but i just wanted to put the name out there and see if anyone else has come across her.....Thanks
2009-08-16, 00:25:30   (updated: 2009-08-16, 00:28:17)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hidden from the Uk

Your Bella Scott is showing very typical scammer behavior.
I would not doubt that very soon, You will learn the little
lady is in West Africa for one of many different reason's.
I do not know what, Your age is ?
But just guessing your 40 or over right ?
You have a young beautiful 27 year old suddenly interested in, You ?
Don't be a idiot and believe that.
Scammers use stolen photo's, they can fake web cam appearances.
They fake the voice or have a friend talk on the phone.
Trust, Your gut if it sounds to good to be true then it is !!!!
They Love to get, You onto Yahoo IM that is there favorite.
At some point very soon something will happen to the little
darling or her Mum.
Please be very careful no matter what, You do.
Never send money to anyone, You never met face to face.
Never tell the scammer anything about this site or even discuss
anything, You find out that may prove its a scammer.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site.
Scammers are watching this site all the time.
If at any time any part of the story, Your being told has anything
to do with Nigeria, Ghana, Dakar, Senegal, Refugee Camp, Gold Coast,
Ivory Coast, All of West Africa.
It doesn't matter if they are White or Black, Woman or Man.
If there is a any connection to West Africa at all its 100% scammer.
The scammer may manipulate, Your feelings as that is how they
get the money they are after. They will tell, You they Love, You
and will use any lie to gain, Your trust.
They use Religion and would use God Himself to scam, You.
Please do not give personal information to anyone on line either.
Use, Your head on your shoulders there is no such thing as a beautiful
Girl looking for Love on line. They don't have to go on line to get
any guy they want.
Besides that nearly 100% of all scammers are men.
So if, Your talking to a scammer its a guy.
You may find many postings similar to the story, You were told.
Keep in mind scammers change their fake names all the time.
They change the photo's they stole all the time also.
Some times a exact match cannot be found because of the scammer
using different information all the time.
They have many e mail addresses and many phone numbers.
Keep learning all, You can about scams and scammers now so, You
can tell for yourself if its a scammer or not.
Post everything, You can about the scammer if it is one.
By the sounds of things as it is, You are hooked up with a scammer
with a West African connection. Do not ever confront the scammer
with the truth. It only helps the scammer lie more also it helps
them learn how to scam even better.

I wish, You the best no matter what, You do.
Just do not end up being a hurt victim by a Black guy from
West Africa. In Nigeria they call, You Mugu [ Big Fool ]

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-08-16, 05:54:25
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Thank you for the advice, funnily enough i am only 23 and didnt fall off the ugly tree, i only joined the site to meet people form around the world, not for a love interest. But everything you have said makes so much sense and i shall try and get as much information as possible so i can keep this site updated.

Thanks again. J
2009-08-16, 13:07:01
anonymous from Switzerland  
2009-08-16, 13:22:35
anonymous from Switzerland  

2009-08-22, 18:03:27
anonymous from United States  
there is also a sheryl bonnie haynes doing the same thing says she needs money for malaria medicine at the hospital in lagos nigeria, started talking to me on wanted 650.00
2009-08-30, 14:12:02
anonymous from United States  

2009-09-27, 10:57:30
anonymous from United Kingdom  
watch this woman - her real name is LOUISE HERMANN she poses as a man and calls herself LEWIS JACOBS she will tell you she is transexual but she aint, she advertises herself as a 'certified minister' and claims she can perform gay marriages. Her certification came from a free internet website that you merely download the certificate write your own name on it and hey presto - she has never studied nor is she a qualified minister or councillor. She will offer advice on a whole host of life experiences she claims she knows all about - she knows shit about anything. She has a severely brain damaged son who she has dumped in an institution and never bothers with him yet gleans sympathy about it from whoever will give it to her. She has a sever personality disorder - she suffers manic episodes - and has mania issues. She wont take her medication and she is quite dangerous. She gets extremely violent the minute she thinks she has been caught out. She can lie her way out of the most difficult situations but she causes terrible problems who all who get in her way. SHe spouts allsorts of 'good advice' but the only things she spouts about are phrases or sayings she has heard or gleaned along the way. Ask her a direct question about any subject and she cant answer it. She will tell you she is 'ill' aka 'lazy and 'not well' aka bone idle. Whatever money you have she will seep from you till you are bled dry. BE AWARE OF HER SHE IS A TOTAL LOONY
2009-09-27, 13:26:32
OJAS from United States  
Anon US 2009-08-30, 14:12:02, why did you post that photo?
2009-09-28, 10:33:15
Magnus from Stockholm, Sweden  
hejsan alla svenska kvinnor och män.hur är läget med er?skulle vilja diskutera scamming med er på trädet anna ogannisyan.ha det bra.
2009-10-05, 17:13:51 from Canada  
I have been scrammed, from Bella Scott and she asked for me to make me a member for free in Webcam and some others web pages.
I think he is paid from this Web to bring more members.
I know, I am guilty for my behavor and not helthly thinking

How somebody can stop her?
2009-10-08, 14:31:26
anonymous from Canada  
Hello my love
How are you today together with your business and your entire family? I saw your profile and I was highly satisfied with it.
My name is Miss.Binta Camara i am 24 years old from Durfur Region of Sudan and presently i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the killing of my family by the rebels, please don't be discouraged for hearing this.

My late father Nelson Camara, was the Chairman, Cammy-Melton Oil and Gas Company a private extracting oil firm in Durfur. The brutal killing of my mother and my father, one kid sister and kid brother took place one early morning by the rebels as a result of the civil war It is only me that is alive now and I managed to make my way from the help of the red cross society to the West African state called Senegal refugee camp here in 14 Rufusik Ave Oakam North, 12 km from the capital city of Dakar Senegal ......which i will be out this time.

I would like to know more about you. Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently
At the same time, I want to tell you more about myself. Honey,with trust and the love that i fund in you. I have not been to your country before but I will like to come there to meet you.
I am staying in a refugee camp. This Refugee Camp is headed by a Reverend Father Joshua Leo whom i used his office computer to send you this email and i only enter his office when he is less busy.

In this camp we are only allowed to go out from the camp only on Mondays and Fridays of the weeks. It is just like one staying in the prison and I hope by Gods grace with your help i will come out of this place soon. I do not have any relatives whom i could go to now.
Rev.Joshua Leo who is the Reverend Minister in charge of the church in this camp owned by United Nations. The pastors e-mail address is ( ) This is his telephone No.( +22176 8696 690) You can as well reach me through his telephone number, when ever you call tell him that you want to speak with Binta Camara .
As a refugee here I don't have any right or privilege to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country. I want to go back to my studies because I only attended my first year before the tragic incident that lead to my being in this situation now took place.

I am seeking for help from a good man who will help me out of this condition? either marry me or who will be very sincerer in friendship and take control of the sum of US$4.5 Million which my father deposited with a Bank for investment and to enable finish my university education.with Chase Financial Bank in London in which he used my name Binta Camara as Next of Kin
If you consider yourself very sincere and trusted, please reply me so that I can give you more information on this. Meanwhile for agreeing to help me I will give you 25% of US$4,500,000.00. Though you are going to manage the entire money for any good investment in your country since I do not know anything about business or trading.
.Attached here are more of my pictures for you, and i will also like to see of yours.
Now, about my hobbies, I like Swimming,dancing,cooking,meeting people,going to social activities, and also i like music such as Love songs mostly west life songs, Elvis Presley
My dear i love you with all my heart and hope you love me as well, if so then i wait for your urgent and positive response yours in loBinta


Dearest in mind
I thank you for your email that I received,your email is giving me joy.
all i need from you is to help me out from the refugee camp and also transfer the money to your account while i continue my education,
Here in the refugees camp I am living a life of tick and tack no medical attention, just like somebody that is in the prison. addition to this i lay a more trust on you to transfer the money of my late father left for me in a bank, I guess trying to seek your help in transferring the money into your bank account even if we don't know each other is giving me a hope to live a better life in the future, Because I have in the back of my mind that you will not betray me in cause of this transaction.
This is what you have to do after the transaction
1) You will help me to get my traveling documents to join you over there to continue my education then you will manage the money for me in any good investment
2) After the transaction you will withdraw some money and send to me to pay for my flight ticket to you country,
So I want you to indicate to me your intention toward my demand for your assistance.
I will like you to send me this below information's so that i can write an authorization letter to the bank for the release of the money into your account as my foreign representative.
3. YOUR DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER for easy communications with you
As soon as i receive the above informations indicating your readiness to assist me, i will be sending to you the contact of the bank and other detail information's concerning the transfer of the fund..
I have prepared all the information of transaction of the money. As soon as I received your next email indicating your willingness to help me I will instantly to send to all the necessary information to commence the transaction to you in order for you to get me out from this refugees camp as soon as possible,
I do not have any telephone number , But you can call me with the same Rev.Father office telephone in the refugees camp his name is Rev Father Joshua leo, this is his email
( ) or his number is 00221768696690 When you will call remember to ask of Miss Binta he would send for me,
I will be waiting for your call and your next email
regards love Binta kisss you

Be Careful guys ...

2009-10-20, 18:53:27

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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