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Dating scammer Ekaterina (Natalia) from St Petersburg, Russia


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Name: Ekaterina


St. Petersburg, Russia

Other Comments:
introduced herself as Ekaterina, but letter ends with 'Natalia'

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2007-03-18, 08:01:28 from United States  
Saw this letter and picture in some earlier postings and though I would share them.
To bad I thought she might be for real,But I check this web site all the time.


Hello,I am glad to get your responce this evening.
First of all i would know if you want to correspond with woman which is
away from you ? I ask this question because we are thousand miles away
from each other.
Today is 14th february, Valentine day, pity, but I spend it alone,
how was your's ?
Well,let me introduce myself.
My name is Kristina,
I am 28 years old and i was born July 25,
Am i too youth for you ? :) I live in Russia,not usa.There was no
opportunity to indicate it on because registration of profile
could not went throw.
The name of city where I live is Chita,Siberia.
Which is two days by train from Moscow,What can i tell you
about my city...? well,it is nice,but i prefer continue about myself :)
i work as a dentist in dental clinic and i love my work,
I own two rooms apartment with beautiful kitchen.What is about your
place ?
My exhusband left me without computer and other expensive stuff,
by this way i am writing from internet center now.
I have no kids because when i was married my ex-husband had no luck
them to me,he was not able to produce kids,but i am able.I was not
scared,i tryed
to find the solution for this problem and to get kid from
goverment(small kid,
who had no parents),but i received no agreement from my ex-husband.
We married in 1995 and divorced one year ago.
From that moment i got thousands of admires,the most from his friends,
but no one interested me enough as correspond with two man tryed to
write to me
last week throw internet.Could you truly answer
one question for me : is every one looking for image whith naked woman
first ?
i hope no,but it seems like true.
I am looking for seriouse relations and
meeting in person,so if you do not see it could be possible,
let me know and we will not waist each other's time,
i need to find a good man who is able to take care of me,
so i ask you to think about this subject and write me back
only if you are really interested,i do not play any games and
i am very serious about relations.
I love pet's, I have doggy(dalmatin)
and kitten. do you like pet's ???
I have one brother,he is cook on the ship
and travel all the time.Tell me more about your family,about your job
and other
things could be interested to me.Feel free asking questions,i am open
woman and have nothing to hide.I enjoy traveling,do you ? i have been
Turkey,Cyprus,Spain,Italy And France.I Have never been to US.Is there
place in the world you would like to visit ? what is your favourite
season ?
i like summer the most.May be someday i could travel
to Australia,unique par of Earth as i have seen on tv :)
Well,if you are interested talking to crazy woman after reading above
my door is open for your key,if not-i wish you the best of luck,
do not forget to think about relaions with woman from an other
country and if it is really what you are interested in.
i hope to find good man and i belive in destiny.
I will come here to check emailbox the day after tomorrow.


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Keywords: blonde dalmatian dog white blouse
2007-03-18, 08:06:04 from United States  
Letter#2: email

Hi there,it is me,Kristina.
how are you doing ? you know,i was going
to have rest,to take shower and go to bed,but decided to
come here to check emailbox,few spams and only your writings
i have find interesting.I want you to know that if you are looking
for fun or for pen palls,i am not for that,i want to find my soulmate
to share my life with,i do not want to wais your time and i do
not want you to waist my time,so lets continue talking if so,
please do not be angry with me,i just try to explain to you what
do i really need in my life,i will be 29 this summer and as you
see i have no time for playing games.Also please do not be sad
or angry if we could not understand each other at any subject,
it is possible because we live in very different countries and
our culture is so different also,i belive that we can always find
a compromiss or to listen to our hearts first of all.
I forgot to tell you about my body,it is important :
I am 5'6 tall,my weight is 110(or 53 kilogramms),
Today i had simple day,if you do not
mind i would describe it to you.I get up at 7 a.m,took shower,
had a cup of tea for breakfast,walk with my doggy,
it is always everything
i allow to you prefer tea or coffee ?
then i put light make up,i never use it too much because i am
sure that i look like good enough by myself.Then i drive car
to clinic where i work as a dentist,i have been working as
dentist for 5 years.
I have international drive licence and russian car-VAZ 2110,not sure if
you heard about it.
it is not new-i like it anyway.Two times per month i need to
show up in service,i do not have enough knowledge to repair cars by
by this way it is about 70 dollars per month to keep my car alive...
I got drive licence 5 years ago and feel free driving.All road
policemen know my car and never tryed to stop me for check.
Time for lunch always come so speedy.I am professional cooker.When
i was married(i got divorce from my ex because he was not honest and
lied to me having
an other woman also) i worked as chef cook in restaurant for two years,
not for money,just to study.Everyone who come for dinner received
a lot of pleasure trying my cooking...Then i cooked at home every day
my ex and his friends.They stop visiting restaurants and come for
every day.On weekends they asked me to cook also.I Can cook
European,Russian,Ukrain,Chineese,Japan,Italian food.My favorite
is Russian.Red caviar with pun cakes will be good for you,i am sure.
Well,now i do not eat at home and do not cook.
You could ask me : why ? Because i have nobody
to feed and eat a little only two times per day,after having lunch
i went to work again and ithis evening we spend some time
talking and then drive to fitness center with girlfriend together.
As i have already told you it is important to keep in fit,
i am doing fitness 6 years and
my body is in very good condition,i am very attractive and look like
younger than my age is.Sometimes i like to watch tv in the
evening.what is your favorite channel ?
mine is discovery.What is your favorite music ? i like very different
music to listen and it depends on my mood first of all.
It have just describe you my simple
day.What is about yours ? About my family,you know,i have a brother,
he is ship man and travel all the time,now he is some where close to
we lost parents three years ago in auto accident,very sad story.
well,i am going to drive home now.Tomorrow is
not easy day and i will need a lot things to do.
Tell me about yours wish the most in this world ?
may be about your dream or something like that.

i will be here soon

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Keywords: blonde dog trees cars
2007-03-18, 08:09:50 from United States  

Hello Greg,
I am glad to hear from you my friend,
How are you doing ? what is the weather like in your
area ? here is very cold....brrrr :)
yesterday we went out of breath doing fitness with girlfriend,
i have not eat the half of day and in the evening i fall
down on the bed after taking shower...fall down and slept
without any movement like shooted bird.
My girlfriend's name is Amnesia :) i called her so because she forget
things all the time,there was no one day if she has not forget
something :)
every morning she forgets to take off shower and her neibohoods are
angry.I told her to keep a paper with things she could forget and check
all the time :) so she will...may be there will be less angry people
of she done to them just suffering from amnesia :)
By the way her name is Polina.Tell me more about your friends ?
Well,i want to tell you about what do i think about love and relations
between man and woman.I think that each 'right' family based on trust
and true feelings.I am agree that it is not easy to keep family out of
and unplesure situations,but i am able to choose what is good for my
family and
how to make my man to feel that i am understand him,i do not mind to
and to work as doctor abroad,if necessary.
You know,i do want my man to
be strong,I think everyone should have
free of choice at first,what do you think about money
and what role do they play in your life ?
Well,i am going home now,
i am going to be back here soon

Yours Kristina

2007-03-18, 08:13:22 from United States  
Letter #4

Hello my friend Greg,
how are you doing so far away ?
i am doing fine as allways,good working day,
end of working week :)))
we had good fitness this evening...oh,i need
to receive massage...are you good in massage ?
sertainly good about receiving,but what is about giving ? :)
About making massage to beautiful woman ? i would do massage
to you,but not now,i am too tired fo this,may be tomorrow ? :)
I want you to know that i have enough money for living here,
but i am not rich,i am not after money
and i was never looking for it in my life.I think that money is just
material thing.Certainly in each family should be enough money,
but you will never find happiness having only big money.
i have my private world i would share with man i love only.
I will never marry rich man if he is rich only and there is no place
love,i just want to find soulmate to share my life with.
Well,this is my position about money and other material things.
as you know,if i met my soulmate abroad i can relocate if
it is necessary,i have international diplomar so it is not
problem to work as a dentist any where,tell me about your
place ? well,it is too late and i need to drive home,
i will come here soon

Yours Kristina

P.S do you have any plans for
weekend already ?

2007-03-18, 08:16:21 from United States  
Letter #5:

Hello my dear friend Greg,
glad to get your letter.
How are you doing ?
i am very well,to be dentist is not easy,
and some day's you tired so much !
Today I prefer to stay at home and just to watch television.
My favorite channel is discovery.I like programs about animals.
I love pet's you know, my doggy his name is Balsak, enjoy
to see animal planet also :)))
You know, it is necessary for me to have 'our small brother's'
I mean pet's, bcuz it is so hard to return at home, where
nobody waiting you :((
Well, also I have good new's that happenned soon here !!!
Do you ever heared about 8 march holiday ???
You know, it is one of the favourite my holiday's,
at this day all men congratulate woman,and give
flower. You will disbelieve, last year my patient's and doctor's
from work give me 12 bouquets of rose !!
All my flat was as hothouse, and smell so great !:)
Hope in this holiday I will get no more bouquets also,
bcuz it very important for me to feel men's care....
What do you think about alcohol ?
i know that you do not drink too much alcohol often,
this subject is important
because my ex was drunk every weekend.
Sometimes i had to help him with
medicaments to make him feel better,
You know,two years ago when we celebrated
new year he was so drunk that could not opened the door and slept out
of apartment.In the morning recepsion find him and begun to bell to
the door,when i opened,he asked me if that drunk man is my husband.
I told him that yes,he is.Then recepsion told me that have seen
him with few young women the day before,when he got them into car...
It really put tear on my face.Well,i know that you
have no problems with alcohol,anyway it will not scare me away if you
I am sure that there are many ways to help man in hard situations.
There are millions of men who have alcohol problems here in Russia,
i think that there are too much of alcoholics in the World.
I do not drink alcohol often,sometimes i can have a glass of wine for
good supper or dinner.I do not like beer and vodka at all.When i was
young,parents allways told to me that it is not good to drink too much
of alcohol.Well,this is my position.I have been very drunk at ones when
it was
my 24 years celebration and i did not like those condition at all.
Also i do not smoke,my ex smoked many times per day and i know what
does it mean to live with smoker.Sometimes he left burn sigaret being
too drunk and THANKS TO GOD,i have always find it in time.
When you have mutual feelings with someone and your love is true and
very strong,the bad habits of this man just are not so important.
That as i always called to find compromiss.Well,i need to run,
tomorrow is not easy day.I will be here here soon

P.S My address :

Country : Russia
City : Chita
Zip code : 672006
Street : Donskaya street 18-23
Full name : Kristina Osipova

if you want to send me flowers
for 8 march use this site :

the other services will not be able
to bring them,it has been checked by
my brother sea man who always send
flowers for me in holiday's

Yours Kristina

2007-03-18, 08:22:26 from United States  
Letter#6: Seems legit so far.Hasn't asked for money yet,but I will keep you posted.Also,Has done just about everything I had asked so far.

Hello Greg,
i am glad to hear from you.
I have no opportunity to write you earler, bcuz we have
four no working day's here with 8 march :)
Russian people love very much hopiday's
no matter, what holiday to congratulate :)))
How are you doing ? i am well,
everything goes fine and my mood is so good.
What about you ? i thought of you few
times today.Why ? may be because we become closer.
You know,i think that you are honest with me,that is
important if i can trust to man.How can i trust to someone
i have never seen in person ? but why not ? if sometimes you trust
to someone you see everyday and then he just let you down ?
It is possible that you are good man and by this way i can belive
you.May be i am not right,but who know what is right ? if everybody
could know what is right,why there are so less people who is really
happy ? i think that there are many answers to this question,but my
is to live and feel with heart and soul,but not with what other people
only.Well,this is my opinion and i do not ask you to agree with me,
just to be what you are,just to tell what you think and what is your
own way.Well,you know,sometimes you got in situation when you just ask
yourself : Oh my god,how could i open my heart,i was just toy in his
hands,he played with me and just take off :( i will never open my heart
to someone else...but time is recover everything in this world...
it make as feel better..just look around ? what do you see ?
the world is beautiful and various,as our you are sad,
your heart is broken,but what is about those time full of love and
happpines ?
may be it is just payment for everything ?
Well,tell me what do you think about trust in whole ? i wrote to you
about my position and i am not sure if that position right,may be you
could complete it with your own and it would be very interesting
to read,what do you think about trust,what does it mean for you and if
you ever going to open your heart to someone else in this world ?
Well,i need to run,it is not easy day,
i will come here the soon

Yours Kristina

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2007-03-18, 08:24:38
anonymous from United States  
A few extra pictures.

Keywords: blonde blue jeans climbs on rock or monument
2007-03-18, 08:28:43 from United States  
One more
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Keywords: blonde blue jeans red top
2007-03-18, 08:57:34 from United States  
Got another one for everybody.This one asked for money and does not answer my questions.I will play with this one for awhile and keep you posted.
Email is Name is Ekaterina.Good looking girl and too good to be true.Here are the letters followed by pictures.

Hello! I have problem with my gmail box. So please write me back to

that address:

I tell you more about myself. My name is Ekaterina! I from Russia. I

am 28 years old. I was born on the 01 of July in 1978 year. I was born

in Kazan, I lived there five years. Then my parents decided to live in

St. Petersburg. I have spend most of my live in St. Petersburg city, a

historical town here in Russia. It is a nice town with a lot of

museum, in our city to be the well-known museum the Hermitage, park's,

old building. I have 1 sisters (one in Saratov). My father and mother

lives in St. Petersburg. My father was a military and travel a lot

when I was young. They are both of them on their pension. I was also

married at an early age, 20 years old , it lasted about 3 years, but

we split apart having are own problems with life. The man in Russia

don't like work and want many things without work. Alcohol is problem

here else. I live in the city St. Petersburg, in a nice apartment

alone with my dog Dik and my parents. I wrote USA in my profile,

because haven't access to that nice web site from my country. I don't

know why. I work for Reals estate Consulting, we buy and sell any real

estate in many countries. I was in many countries by my work including

USA and Canada. I have been with my company for 5 years. I really like

my job, having a lot of fun doing it. I have spend a lot of my time in

my work, making homework, so I have not been able to meet a man with

who I would have like to live with, so I have been alone for a while.

Like you, I am looking for someone that will be loyal and thrustful,

someone to talk, to take care of, to go out and have fun with friend.

The man I have been on dates were nice, but are looking mostly for an

adventure. I like adventure like anybody else, but I am now interested

in having a long term relationship. I really think that love can come

at what ever age so I am confident. I am strongly against drugs use, I

do not smoke. If you somebody smoke around me this is not problem for

me. With my friends, we go to happy hours after work on Fridays for

fun. We do drink beer or wine from time to time but not too much.

Since I am writing this for Internet cafe, I'm sending some photos of

me to you. I will be hopefully waiting for your letter to write a

little more to you. Bye, Ekaterina!

Good day, how are you, Greg! I'm work much and if I will not able reply to you fast,

then I just have no time, but I will try answer to you as soon as

possible. I am fine. My work has taken a lot of my time today. But I

was happy to read you letter. It is fun to know a little bit more of

you. For myself, I wanna tell you some about my dog. I found her while

working at the family's house. She was hungry, her leg was hurt and

she was very afraid of me at the beginning. But with patient and

perseverance, I was able to feed her. After fixing her leg and trying

to find her owner with no success, she decided to stay with me. I do

not know what kind of breed she is, but she is faithful and is very

protective of me. I university degree. I'm lawyer. I do like 'Bad

boys blues' and else, Abba is a great band. Else I like rock, the

Beatles, Rolling Stone, Pink Lloyd and a lot of new groups like the

Green Day, Offspring and other a like. But, I prefer the 80s and 90s

music. I haven't been in a disco for a while, but if the music is good

and the company is right, I love to dance to what ever is playing and

to have a good time. I have been twice to Europe, mostly in Paris and

in London. I liked the British more than the French. I have also been

in Germany, Italy and in Belgium when I was young. Like I told you , I

have been to the US (Washington). I am not in a serious relation at

this time. Like I told you, I have spend a lot of time on my work and

making homework, so there was little time to look for the right

person. I am looking for a lover, yes, but also a partner in life.

Someone who can help out with the little problem of life, with who I

will talk of everything and nothing important. I am sending you a new

photos of me. I leave you now and wait for your letter. Bye for now,Natalia!(Notice the name?)

Hello Greg I hope that you are fine and that your day is or has been
good. I guess that there is a lot of deception to be found on the
Internet, lies are easy written to play with the thrust that people
will give. I will not play this game, with you or with anybody else. I
am not that kind of person. I am on the Internet to try and get to
known people, to create friendship and, maybe, to find somebody that
will be special. I had bad experience in my last marriage. But I still
have dreams of living a better life, finding a nicer man, to have a
loving family. I have a lot of courage to think of leaving my country,
family and friend to be able to live my dream. It is something that
can change me because of the culture clash, the different language and
the life style change that I will have to endured. I'm think that you
seem a good and honest person. I only want to get to know you more.
And nothing very serious now, I want to know you better before I can
think of something that would be more serious. I like to write to you
and will continue with an open mind and a open heart as long as you
continue to write back. With a little time, if our friendship grows
more, I can try and see if there is a possibility for me to travel to
meet you in your country or near, if it is OK with you, that I can do.
Or maybe, you can eventually come here and see my country, see how I
live. What do you think about this ?. I leave you now and will answer
your letter as soon as possible. Bye Bye, Ekaterina!

Hello dear friend Greg! How are you yourself ? I hope that this day
goes well for you. I'm very fine. This morning at the office, I was
very happy to get your letter, it has put a smile on my face. I will
think about them all day. I like to get your letter and to write to
you, it is kind of talking with a good and nice friend. I really hope
that with time, we will become maybe more than just friend. I was
thinking that maybe I can see if I can organize to travel to get to
meet you eventually. I have US and Canadian visa and else Euro Union
visa. As I would be pleased that you could show me your country, will
explain me culture and ask you many question about it. But some more
else about me, about my childhood. My childhood was also very
pleasant. My father was a military man, so we moved a lot to different
places in USSR, see new surrounding, meet new people, it was super to
have many friends all over the country. I have nice memory of summer
camps, camping trips with my family, going to visit in the Russia
going the beach at the sea,... It was all very funny and a very happy
time. My family was always together on those trips. Of course, these
trips have stopped since my parent divorced, but is was OK. My parent
are happy with their live now even if they live apart. My father, my
mother and my sister are very close together with me. Every year me
and my university friends try to get together for a party and talk
about everything and anything. We were all young and did all kind of
crazy stuff, nothing illegal, but sometime very stupid. During the
summer, we would have party, go to a friend with a pool and have a
BBQ, then after that, go on the main road just to hang out and have
more fun till dawn. It was a very crazy time. And after that, I
married so I did not have time to do all those things with my friends.
But since my divorce, I have made contact with them again. We do not
party has much, but we still try to get together one way or another. I
like to take care of homeless animal. I like to think that by taking
care of my own dog, who was homeless, I have made good. My dog seems
to be happy to be with me, to have me to take care of her. I have to
get back to work, so I say goodbye for now. I'll be waiting for your
new letter soon. If you want, I'll try to send you more pictures of
me. Kiss.Ekaterina!

My dear! I am always glad to get one of your letters and to get to
know you more and more each time. I am fine. I will surely have a
happy hour after work, with friends, to go out, play pool (billiard)
and have a good time. I have a big day's work ahead of me, reports to
give, reunion, priority to give, personal management,... but I have
fun doing all this, so it is alright. It make me think that it would
be fun to be able to call you up just to go and have a walk outside,
go to have a coffee, a light lunch in a restaurant and to go strolling
on the main steet to do window shopping. And to finish the day, home
with a nice wood fire and a nice glass of wine. Hey, I'm getting
romantic :-) love good food. Else I like to cook. I like to try all
kind of dishes for other places. There is a lot of Italian food that I
like, Mexican also, but I have tried lately some lamb from a
Portuguese restaurant that was delicious. Greek dishes are also nice.
Else we have many good dishes in Russian cook. I have to go back to
work, so I leave you now. I hope that you have a fine day and I will
wait for you next letter. Bye for now and a kiss! Ekaterina!

Hello Greg! I am very happy to get to read another of your very nice
letters. It always give me warm feeling to know that there is somebody
special out there that seems to care very much about me, it is also
very pleasing to know that it is you. What have you done lately ? How
was your day's work ? Have you been out lately ? Tell me about all the
things you do in your day. How is it in your country ? You are a very
passionate man and it pleases me to get to know you more every letter
you send me. When I feel lonely, I only have to think about you and
then, my loneliness disappears to be replace with smiles of joy and
happiness. Like you, I think that trust, respect and taking care of
the loved one are the very essential things for love to grow.
Understanding between 2 people is also very important. I really hope
that we will have trust, respect and carefulness between us. I would
be happy to get to meet you face to face. It is something that we can
write about in our next letter if you want. I will be waiting for your
message. With kisses!

(Asking for money here)
Hello my dear Greg! How are you days going on? As for me I have much
work. But I will have vacation in one week. I'm really happy about
that cuz I haven't vacation 3 years. So my boss decide give me some
time to rest. I want spend my vacation very good and I guess that I
can come to visit you for one or two months, of course if you not
against. I think that we can know each over face to face better, and
we can have a great time together. Will you invite me? LoL. I have
foreign passport and visa so I don't needing in any paperwork. So I
can come to you so soon as I will found good flight. But this is not
too hard, cuz our company work with one tourist agency very long time,
and they always can find good flights to any point of the world. Today
I was in that travel agency and check cost of flight to you. It will
cost for me about 1800 US dollars. In this cost including round-trip
tickets and health insurance. In my country I can't buy one way
tickets, cuz in many countries immigration cervices afraid that
somebody could stay in them countries illegal, or something like that.
And about insurance, this is I must have too. I thought that I will go
to my vacation to other country so I saved some money for that. I have
600 US dollars for tickets, but unfortunately I haven't another part
of that sum. I wanna ask you, dear will you able help me with other
part of money. I think that it will be very honest from you and my
side bye tickets for me together. This will be great chance to meet
each over and know better. What do you think about that?Ok, I will
write for your letter. Sweet kisses! Bye, Ekaterina!

Wrote back that I could have some time off and come to her country.Asked what airport to land.

Hello my love Greg!!! How are you today, my dear ? I hope fine !!!
Unfortunately I never was in abroad, but I very much hardly would like
to visit abroad sometime!!! I never was in abroad and to me very much
it would be desirable to visit this country! Russia - the beautiful
country, I do not argue but to live in it not too easily! You saw that
recently has taken place in Beslan! And how many acts of terrorism in
Russia? Here it is very terrible to live! It you see can happen to
everyone!!! Your love Ekaterina !!! (Changed her tune a little)

I replied and still asked her what airport and I have the propper protection to keep us safe.I am waiting for a response
Keep you posted!

2007-03-18, 09:01:47 from United States  

2007-03-18, 09:04:56 from United States  

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2007-03-18, 09:13:16 from United States  

2007-03-18, 09:15:17 from United States  
Thank you for this wonderful site!!! It has sure opened my eyes
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Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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