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Dating scammer Natalya Rybak


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Name: Natalya Rybak

Email: and

Address: city of Saratov, street Soviet, the house 53.

Other Comments:
Name: Natalya (Natalia) Rybak
Date of birth: January 21, 1979
Address: city of Saratov, street Soviet, the house 53.

Email: and

She is very clever. She did not ask for travel money or help with translation services. She is asking if I could somehow help her buy a fridge as a present for her mother.

Letter # 1

Hello XXXXXX !!!

I am very glad, that you have written to me. If it is fair, I at all did not expect, that you to me write. For me this very pleasant surprise. I promise you, that now I shall always answer you your letters. That there would be no misunderstanding, I from the first letter want to clear up, and will apologize. In my structure, XXXXXX, it is written, that I live in the USA. Actually all this not so. I live in Russia. On a site there was a mistake. When I filled in the structure, I wrote, that I from Russia, and then other country there has appeared. I do not know why so it has turned out. I apologize for this mistake. But the main thing not the country, and the person, him relation by a life, him feelings seems to me. Let me to tell about itself a little. I very strongly would like find out you well. Write to me about itself more. I want to construct ours relation from the truth and trust. In the world many people every day meet and converge. New families are created. It badly sounds, but I sometimes has such moments when I envy them. Simply I very strongly want to create the family. I very strongly would like find out about you all. Please write to me about itself more.

I very strongly hope, XXXXX, that you understand my English language as I yet do not know the English language in perfection. But I study, and I hope, that you in it will help me. I use the program the translator. It is the program is in a computer. I translate some phrases with the help of this program, and write the rest. I would like to see on more your pictures, please send to me your pictures. I ask a pardon you. But I shall finish the letter. I have not enough time for the Internet. I shall wait for your letter. Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 2

Hello XXXXXX!!!

Thanks for your letter. It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter. I want to tell to you a little about myself. My name is Natalya. To me 27 years, in my opinion are the finest age. At this age the person starts to look at a life really. Starts to distinguish good from bad, white from black. At this age there is though what that life experience. My growth of 173 sm, I was born on January, 21, 1979, I work as the immovable agent.

I live in the most beautiful city on the Earth Saratov. If you when be you will be in Russia necessarily visit my city. My city is on coast of the river Volga. Whether I do not know you heard when be about this river, but it is the longest river in Russia. Saratov old city. At us many
beautiful landscapes. clean air. You probably heard, that Russia is known for the woods and the rivers, at us it is a lot of trees, bushes, a grass, hence clean air. I live with my parents, mum and the daddy.

Still I have sister. Her name is Ekaterina. We with the sister are very similar, at least so it seems to me. At us good relations, we with the sister as a single whole. The truth we sometimes have moments when we are littered, we even it happened fighted, but all the same we are quickly reconciled, and forgot all bad friction. We always go to have a rest together, the sister to me as the best girlfriend. When I do not know, how to me to make in what or situations I always first of all address for council to the sister as and she addresses to me. Between us there are no secrets. I very much love the sister. I hardly nearly have not overlooked to tell, with us the cat myrzik. Myrzik old lives, and already for a long time lives with us. Myrzik all life it is devoted to our family. We count myrzik our brother younger:).

Please write to me about itself, what your interests? What do you like? What do you do not like? It will be interesting to me find out about you more. I shall wait for your letter.
Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 3

Hello my dear friend,

Please excuse me, simply I thought, that this your name. I am very glad, that we continue to communicate with you, find out each other

It is always pleasant for me to read your letters. When I read your letter, XXXXXX, in Me at once it is encouraged. I have such impression, that you together with The letter sends me good mood, positive energy. With each your letter I Liking you more and more, and I now would like to arrive every day in The Internet of cafe to see then your letter. I shall tell to you a little about education. This year I have stopped The Saratov State university. I studied in economic faculty. I studied There 5 years. I have inserted the hostage there a strong basis of knowledge. Now I placed a maximum of efforts to begin the highly skilled expert in sphere Economy. I love my trade. I am very grateful for all this to parents.

They have directed me on this way. At me fine parents, I very much love them. My father Vladimir, him 52 Years. My mum Olga, in her 48 years. You probable in the future can with Them will get acquainted. When I was small, XXXXXX, I dreamed to begin The seamstress, as my mum. Mum worked 25 years at factory of a subject of clothes. It Very heavy work. My father too worked much. He has worked all life the carpenter. When parents worked, us with the sister, left to the grandmother. We had fine The grandmother, we her very urgently loved. She has died, when to me was 12 years. When she has died, I very strongly roared, and did not trust, it I was more her shall not see. It was the big tragedy for our family. She has given us all love and caress. Sometimes me she does not suffice, and I recollect time, which we spent together with the grandmother.

That that I so have taken a great interest in the letter to you, that at all that have not written to you about my interests, I shall write to you in the following letter, you will not be against it. I want to tell to you that my time of the Internet comes to an end, and I should finish this letter.
I shall wait for your letter. Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 4,

Happy New Year my dear!!!

I hope, you I found out, it am am written to you by me Natalya from Russia, from the city of Saratov. At me now the new address of e-mail, and now I shall write to you letters from this address, and you to me write letters on this address. From first lines of this letter to you, I want apologize before you for togas that I could not to write to you earlier. Simply I want to tell to you, that in Russia there were holidays, and not who did not work, at us it is an official holiday, officially the days off. All the Internet of cafe did not work all these days and I could not write to you the letter. I hope, that you understand me, and can excuse me for it because in it there was no my fault, is simple before me there were such circumstances. I want to congratulate you on this fine holiday, to wish you of good luck, health, well-being in all. I want, that this 2007 on would be much better 2006, and that at you all would be good, XXXXXX, that you would enjoy a life. I very much hope, that you have well met this fine holiday. I want to tell to you, that it is my most favourite holiday, and I have met this year very well. I met this new year with the family, in fact it is a family holiday a holiday, at least this my personal opinion. I always met new year with the parents earlier. When I will have family I shall already meet new year with the family. Then already after 12 o'clock in the morning to us on a visit there came my friends. We have together sat behind a table. Then we have gone on the main area of our city. On this area all city marked new year. You are simple probably cannot present yourself how many the person were on this area in new year. But it seems to me, that there there were some thousand person, and all pleased, joyful, everyone congratulate each other on a holiday, everyone wish each other good luck, well-being, and much all good. In the middle of this area put the big fur-tree, her decorate with different New Year's toys, and any ornaments, pleasant music plays, and everyone dance around of this fur-tree.

XXXXXX, I probably cannot tell to you about mine mood which at me was during this moment, all this was simple very well. And how you have met this year? I think that you too have well had fun. You have received many gifts on this holiday? I want to tell to you that my old letter box began to work badly to work, and the manager the Internet of cafe has advised me to create a new letter box, he has advised me gmail, and I have decided to take advantage his advice. so now at me the new address electronic So now you need to write letters on my new address of e-mail. I shall finish this letter, I want to betray to you with this letter the good mood. Sincerely Natalya.

Letter # 5

Hello my dear friend!!!

I am very glad, that we continue to communicate with you. you start me to inspire. My life becomes brighter and more colourful. Even my friends and girlfriends began to notice, that in me began on much greater to pleasure. XXXXXX, I the girl romantic, but judicious. I even can tell, that I the realist, though also romantic. I do not build plans which I can not master. I always base on the real opportunities. To me since the childhood repeated an old Russian proverb: 'perseverence wins'. I want to tell to you, what all this time while I could not write to you I thought of you, I asked a question than you there now are engaged, whether it is good there to you? My hobby cookery, XXXXXX, I even sometimes think, that I should go to study as the cook:) I can be on kitchen about a plate a lot of time. I think out different dishes, I experiment. To everyone who tried my dishes, always it was pleasant. Many women to abstain from different dishes, sit on a diet, keep up at the figure. I not such, certainly I keep up behind the figure. I can eat everything, but gradually. In fact to us, it is not necessary to women much. I very strongly love fruit, it is my weakness. Probably all women love fruit. My most favourite colors, it is green, red, yellow. It as though seasons, spring, summer, autumn. XXXXXX, Spring this my most favourite season. When all wakes up from winter as though after long dream, leaves are dismissed on trees, birds sing the motives. Around it becomes beautiful, cloudy, winter paints vanish. In air aroma of spring flies, the soul sings and is pleased. And you love spring? To I regret, but my time of the Internet comes to an end, I should finish this letter. I shall strongly wait for your letter. Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 6

Hello XXXXXX!!!

I am very pleased to receive your letter. It is very pleasant for me to Contact you. While this time I at all did not expect, that I with can get acquainted with the pleasant person through the Internet. Now in me has Already trust to you, that you the decent person. Now I do not doubt be relative From this it is more. You have inspired me trust, I am very resolutely grateful You for this purpose. You have decorated my life in bright paints. XXXXXX, Even my parents have Noticed which began from my person of more smiles. I spoke them about our Acquaintance. It should seem to me parents about it to know. Parents once Will not speak badly. I want to tell at once to you, that I the daddy have passed You huge congratulations. In the previous letter I promised to write to you about my girlfriend.

As I Has already written to you, her a name - Elena. We with her are familiar from school. At school we studied with Elena in one class, and divided the same table. Since then We constantly support with her relations. Even our parents - friends since then. We frequently visit to each other. Elena has the guy, his name Dima. They Already during long time meet, approximately 3 years. I constantly speak Elena For an entertainment when you marry, I already during long time would like to allocate The girlfriend for the husband. I am confident, XXXXXX, that in the closest a floor of year. They marry, because in them conversations on this theme already begin. I know About it because she my closest girlfriend, and we always speaks each other Various news. She to me spoke, very urgently likes him, and he her also Urgently likes. And XXXXXX it in my opinion the most important when two persons it is similar The friend the friend also cannot live the friend without the friend. Such two loves Hearts together will pass any problems. I always dreamed from this, I Usual before such saw only at cinema, and thought, that such it is possible Only in a fairy tale. My full name Rybak Natalia. I shall finish this letter for today, in me does not remain by time. The Internet. I shall wait very urgently within tomorrow's day again to receive yours The letter. Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 7

Hello XXXXX!!!

Huge to you gratitude, for all your letters. It is very pleasant for me to read them. I During long time did not contact the man so openly. I would like to establish on you 1 question. Why you search for second half through The Internet. If there where, you do not live there are no beautiful girls, worthy yours Attention. The same which I shall try to write to you about why I have decided to find the Half. XXXXXX, 3 years ago I have acquainted with the young man. His a name} Alexey. we with him for a long time communicated, and in due course at us have turned out serious relations. I has grown fond him though probably just it seemed to me. We have started to meet, at us all was good. XXXXX, I have acquainted, him with the parents, to parents Alexey too have liked. I him completely trusted in everything because I loved him. then Alexey me have betraid, he have destroyed my heart, have broken all my feelings. To me it was very bad, I urgently suffered, roared very much. Then we with him have left. I him hated. I have thrown out him from a head. I thought, It on it my life has stopped. Since then has transferred year. I there not anybody, have not made To meet. It seemed to me, XXXXXX, that all men such. But then my sincere wounds have started to live. My girlfriends saw, as I have tested, and advised me to try to check up destiny on a Site familiar, through the Internet. First I did not pay attention on council Girlfriends, and then I have been solved. So I have acquainted with you. XXXXX, I - very much Grateful to girlfriends for this purpose, because if not they I would not get acquainted with Such good person as you. I feel, that you not such as Alexey, you decent, and responsible the person. I would like to continue our dialogue. I bring weight of apologies, but me my letter as in me was necessary to finish time From the Internet arrives to the end. But I shall urgently wait for the following visiting The Internet of cafe to receive the following letter from you. Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 8

Hello XXXXX!!!

I again with the big pleasure XXXXXX have come to the Internet of cafe to receive your letter. It as has usually cheered me up. Sometimes it seems to me, that your letters charge me positive energy. They inspirit me.

XXXXXX, After acquaintance to you I again began to enjoy a life. Yesterday we celebrated day a birth of my girlfriend. It was very cheerful. We went downwards on the river Volga. There my girlfriend has house. Not who does not live in this house. They come there on holidays. There it is very beautiful, fresh air, in 50 meters from a house proceeds the river. XXXXXX, We there fried meat, talked, had fun. At us very tasty shish kebabs have turned out. Then we talked about news. I have told him about you, about our interesting acquaintance. Girlfriends envied me. I have found out about one my girlfriend whom I did not see 2 years. She has got acquainted with the man through the Internet. She has left for him in marriage, and now they live together in Canada. Recently at them the daughter was born. she writes letters and calls to girlfriends, speaks, that she's fine, that earlier she did not dream at all of such life. I am very glad for her. If to me have told about it I probably would not believe earlier. Earlier I even did not know, that people get acquainted through the Internet. Excuse me, but I should finish my letter as at me time of the Internet comes to an end. I shall wait for your letter. Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 9

Hello my dear,

Thanks you for your letter, to me is very pleasant to receive from you letters, your letters bring to me a lot of pleasure. XXXXXX, I'm fine. Today I went on the market, also have bought to myself in the house products. I have already had time to clean the house all that lays not correctly. Has had time to be going to eat, I have prepared for 'borshch'. I am sure that necessarily was pleasant to you as I prepare. I do not like to eat in coffee, to me to not like at all to eat in such places. I think that the meal should be prepared only by the hands. Not who cannot her prepare better than you. And you prepare her itself or eat in cafe???. If so that is possible you did not eat present, a domestic meal.

At me the letter that that about a meal today turns out, so is ridiculous. But I I think that it very important. I do not want to tell to you that I crazy on meal, simply I think that very important thing. XXXXXXX, Unless you so do not think? How at you has passed time in time while I did not write to you??? You probably very strongly waited for my letter??? I try to write to you of the letter always when I have time. Today I shall go to the girlfriend and I shall talk about female problems. We so a long time with her did not see each other, that our conversation to engage at some o'clock. I am sure as about you in this conversation will be told. I have gone, I shall wait for your letter. With love, Natalya

Letter # 10

Hello XXXXX,

I again with the big pleasure have come to the Internet of cafe to receive from you the letter, and to write back. There already many know me, as I at them now the constant client. They know, that I correspond with you, once even the manager has told to me for fun that I have sent the regards to you huge Russian.

I would like find out at you how you concern to me? You concern to me as the friend on correspondence, or that that greater. Please write to me, XXXXXXX, it very strongly interests me. I do not know, that to me occurs, but last days I constantly think of you. My friends speak me, that I constantly fly in clouds. When I close eyes, and I lie down to sleep, before me you appear. Probably because sometimes I present it to myself as we with you walk on city in the warm evening, keeping for hands. The warm wind inflates my hair, and it becomes very good me on soul. Each girl that line the person was loving you probably dreams of it.

I should finish my letter, at me time of the Internet comes to an end. I buy 1 hour of the Internet per the Internet of cafe. This time suffices me to receive from you the letter and to send you back. I shall wait very strongly for your letter. Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 11

Hello my dear!!!

Huge to you thanks for all your letters. It is very pleasant for me, that you give me so much to time. I want to tell to you that I was very glad to hear this answer to the question. Well now I shall try to answer your questions. I think, XXXXXX, that for the beginning I would like to have 1 child, whether and then already we together would decide it is necessary for us to have children still.

Yesterday we had celebration. At my girlfriend Katya the daughter was born. I very much for her am glad. I present her sensations. Now all her the attention will be concentrated on a daughter. I went to them in hospital. At Katya a tired kind, but at the same time on her face it is visible a lot of pleasure. When I with her talked, all her conversations were only about a daughter. She already plans for many years forward. Represents, as her the daughter will go to school. While she lays in hospital, and she there will lie some more days, we with girlfriends make in her the house repair. We prepare for a children's room, we glue wall-paper, to paint a ceiling. When Katya will arrive home, for her will be a surprise her the house. Because she does not know about this. Husband Sasha has suggested to make repair her. We at once have considered to his to the request with understanding, and have decided help him. At Katya the good husband, he her very strongly likes. he already purchased for a daughter it is a lot of all. I present myself when I shall give birth. XXXXXX, I very strongly would like children, but at the same time to me it is very terrible. As to me told girlfriends who gave birth, sometimes give birth very hardly. They maintain strong pains. But I all the same want children. To love them, to bring up, observe as they will grow, make first steps as at them the first teeth will be cut, to hear their first words. It is very wonderful, in fact the truth?

Excuse me but I should finish the letter, at me time of the Internet comes to an end. I shall wait very strongly for tomorrow's day to come here again, and to receive your letter. Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 12

Hello my friend!!!

How are you doing? I hope to find you in good mood and with good mood. I'm fine. Than you were engaged? Today we with the girlfriend walked on shops. She chose to itself a jacket. We have passed many shops, the girlfriend dressed many jackets. All of them did not suit. That the size will not approach, color at all It is not pleasant. Then later 2 hours of wearisome searches, we at last that have found that searched. XXXXXXX, She dressed, and at once has understood, that it that we searched. She it was very glad, when dressed this jacket. Same I looked after there to itself a thing. I saw there very beautiful dress. It is bright blue color. It fitting, with cut on a back. If you have seen him on me it necessarily would be pleasant to you. But this dress not by my opportunities. It costs is expensive. After purchases we have decided to go in cafe to have a drink coffee. After such wearisome searches at me have got tired foots as and at my girlfriend, and we have decided to go home. XXXXXX, At home I laid on a sofa and watched TV. On the TV show many interesting things. At us in the house have connected a cable television, and at us shows many channels. So a choice big. I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your letter.
Sincerely, Natalya.

Letter # 13

Hello my love!!!

How are you doing today, I hope at you all well. Today I thought of different things in our life. I thought and whether correctly we live our life. It seems to me, the life is impossible to live worthlessly. It is necessary, that after you there would be that that good. Not only money. In fact money it is material things. XXXXXX, There are many people for which money it is the most important thing in the world. They think, that for money it is possible to buy and get all on light. And even such things as love and happiness. They very much are mistaken, they fools if so think. XXXXX, Sometimes I think, that money bring only angrily. If to argue logically almost all troubles rest against money. At us so the severe world, and we its make is even worse. People measure human lives in money. As they can so to argue, in fact a life this that main thing, the most sacred that at him is. it it is given him by the god. And he should live it with benefit for associates. To me from these ideas it becomes bad on soul and it would be desirable to cry. The happiness it when at you all is good, and at your relatives too all is good. It when you love happiness, and your love is mutual. Happiness it when, you wake up since morning and think what fine world, and to you to become so easily on soul. XXXXX, You with me agree? I shall wait for your letter. With love, Natalya

Letter # 14

Hello my love!!!

I so am glad that have written to me the letter. I very much missed under your letters. XXXXXX, I'm fine. You have written to me the letter and at me in the street at once all became good. I did not speak you but your letters have influence on weather and on my heart. With each your letter, my ideas become very much clean and kind. When I see that yours the letter has come to me to a box. I receive huge pleasure. And I would like to read him again and again. I like to read your letters, they at you very kind. In your letters, XXXXX, I can find much that that very much interests me in you. You probably have noticed that letters can transfer a condition oppress also mood in which you you are during this moment. Under your letters I can find out in what mood you are when wrote to me the letter. You are certainly far now, but at me such feeling that I near to you when I see your letter.

I not when did not like to be one. Always I when I remained one to me it was bad. XXXXX, My mum spoke me that I do not love loneliness. When I wanted sleep I one could not to sleep, mum always remained with me till that time while I cannot sleep. And now to me to become very bad. I do not see you, I read your letters, and to me to become so strongly alone. My mum to speak that I have very strongly changed, and that already for a long time it is time to me to meet you. I so have strongly got used to you that I can not live without you any more. And XXXXX, what you feel that to me? It is sure that you already for a long time test to me special feelings. I shall look forward to hearing. With love, Natalya.

Letter # 15

Hello my love!!!

I am glad that I who has written me letter. I is glad that alive and healthy, and what not not insult of you. I very strongly missed on you and should you tell that your letter as wonderful balm for me. I am very strongly tired. But it is noble weariness. About not that cannot stop to me from that what to come and write to you the letter. Tomorrow to me again for work, and again I shall be occupied there all the day, and it is very good. So my character has not got used to idle. I am brought up so to me all time that that is not necessary make. I could sit simply so omit hands. Still when I was small my mum spoke me that I shall work much. When I at home I cannot dare to sit at TV, while I not cleaned at home. I want to tell to you thanks for that that you so worry about me, this implies only one conclusion, that I to you am not indifferent, and it very much pleases me. I promise that I shall have a rest and I shall well sleep. XXXXX, I am always glad to see your letter. To me to have to finish this letter because my time of the Internet comes to an end. With love, Natalya.

Letter # 16


I all time think of you. I dream about that m that you will be the best, XXXXXX, the most desired the man in my life. I not when I did not think so much of the man as about you. It is a shame to me to you to admit, but me visited such ideas from which I become red. I would want that knew that I always think of you, XXXXXX and what not that cannot prevent me make it. I want to tell to you about a state of affairs at present in my house:). I'm fine, I have already had time to come from work and I sit in the Internet of cafe, I write to you the letter. On work and houses all is good, at us not who not a pain. That and you wishes. I ask you to take care. I want to tell to you. That ideas about you always only the most light. I yet when in the life did not think of you so a lot of time. For that time that I of you have found out. I so have strongly got used to you, that I do not want you to lose. I shall wait for the letter from you. With love, Natalya

Letter # 17

Hello, my darling!!!!

It was very difficult for me to write to you. Only for one reason. Mine mail has been broken. I even very much was afraid, that I shall lose all your letters. Also it is very glad, that I could copy your letters. XXXXXX, I have created the new address. To me have told, that mail yahoo, safe. And I even have paid this mail. Simply to me have told, that so it will be even better. And now very much I hope, that my mail will not be more broken. And I can write to you letters constantly. Now on my work the free time is more. And I can write to you every day. Also I shall be very glad, if you will write to me on a new mail. Excuse me XXXXXX that so for a long time did not write. I shall go now on a stop to go home. And tomorrow, when I shall come to the Internet of cafe, I shall be very glad, when I shall read from you the letter. Natalia

Letter # 18

Hello!! My dear!!!

I am very glad to see your letter. I at once want to apologize, for that that so for a long time did not write. Not enough time was simple. And it is a lot of work. But now, I I have a lot of time to write to you the letter. Also I shall be very happy, if you will answer me, reciprocity. I think, that you and will make.... XXXXXX, Today at us stepped winter. It was simple before very warmly. Also the rain was constant. It was wet. But now on the present there has come winter. And in the street now-17 degrees of a frost. It is not very cold yet. But I have had time to freeze, XXXXXX, while went in the Internet of cafe to read from you the letter. Also it is very glad, that I have such opportunity. I probably have already tired you? If it is fair, I any more do not understand, that occurs. Is already tired to change a mail. Simply gmail has been broken. And I cannot look letters. I was in the big shock. And now, I very much hope, that we can write our letters each other. I now shall go home. But I shall stand all over again at a stop to wait the bus. From the Internet of cafe, up to my house, about one hour to go. And I shall go by the bus. And to think of you. Your Natalia.

Letter # 19

Good afternoon my dear!

I too very much want that between us there was no such big distance. But only as to me to make it, I yet do not understand. I shall tell to you XXXXXX... I loved first and last time when to me was 15 years ago. Has passed more than 10 years. It was when I studied in 10 class, average (initial) school. The most usual school love which is experienced by any girl at school has happened to me. You experienced such feelings when went to school?

Tell to me XXXXX. The person who became my first love, has made everything once and for all to discourage me to test to somebody strong feelings. It was the classical love of the schoolgirl to teacher .him called Aleksei Andreivich, and he conducted at us a history. I loved two months silently, and my life went about one lesson of a history to another. On breaks between lessons, I tried not specially face with the teacher in a corridor. he always the first greeted me. Spoke: ' Hi Natalia! ' - And tenderly smiled. And each time the hot wave of happiness, love, gratitude covered me with a head. I did not try as other girls, find out his a phone number, and constantly to call him home. I waited. I was confident, that sooner or later Aleksei the attention will pay to me. he really looked at me rather frequently. I was his the favourite schoolgirl, and received on a history high estimations. It seemed to me, that when I answered at a board, he looked at me the in love eyes. During any moment I have understood, that will suffice to be silent, has come it is time to operate. I have written him the letter. Anything especial, the usual letter of fifteen years the girl who have been in love with the teacher. Furtively I have put the letter him in a portfolio. Also waited. Expectation last not for a long time. In two days of me have caused to the principal.

In cabinet I was waited by director, my favourite teacher and my mum. And my letter laid on a table. Aleksei Andreivich has not thought up than that it is better how to give my feelings on worry of adult people. Me shamed, appealed to my mind, spoke that the main thing for me is well studies. Instead of to think of any nonsenses. I was the obedient girl, and to think of nonsenses have ceased. I have well left school, then university. Has turned to the beautiful young woman. But any man has not caused in me the feeling, even were vaguely similar that children's love. First I concerned to the coldness philosophically, but then it the beginnings of me to frighten. Once upon me has dawned. I have understood, that my teacher on a history is guilty in it. Which has killed in me ability to radiate heat. And I would like to see him, and to ask, what for he was so it is ruthless to me. I hoped, that, after this meeting to me ability love will return. Surprisingly, but the teacher still worked at school. On former taught children of a history. When I have seen him, I was struck to how a little he has changed. At first he me not found out, but in some instants him the sight started to vary. I have read in him pleasure, amazement, fault.... One and a half hour later we with Aleksei Andreivich sat in cafe near to school. I have told him all. And has then come him turn to speak. That I have heard that, have completely stunned me. he has told that too loved me. But that I was only the little girl. And when he has read my letter, he simply was frightened. Also continued to live. I have understood, that I cannot have at myself the man which will test cowardice to recognize feeling of love. And I left from that cafe in tears, but now precisely I understand, what the man can light in me ability to radiate heat of love. I hope that it there will be you. This letter is written with love. Always yours Natalia!

Letter # 20

Good afternoon,

I now write to you the letter and I think. And what will be if I shall come to you? Than we shall be engaged? I have come to the Internet of cafe, XXXXXX, and have literally reflected above it. You can answer such question? And yesterday, at me very heavy day was. I had to go much. I have had time go for work, to ask for leave for one day, I am simple had not time to make the affairs. And put in what. Houses have ended all products, and it was necessary for me to run, and to buy products. And as now very much there are enough money, it was necessary for me to buy where products more cheaply. And I had to go much. I want to write to you very beautiful letter, instead of to write to you about the problems.

But that that at me is impossible. I now sat, and looked at the letters XXXXXX. And I am simple in horror, you write to me as to you well and as you are happy. And I any more write the first letter to you about the problems. And me it became again sad from it. You forgive me. I fairly write it with all my heart, and now I want to recollect that was at me good. Also you know that I have recollected? I have now recollected travel on the sea. The truth it very much for a long time
was, and I remember not so well as your letters:-) But I shall try to recollect in detail. XXXXXX, It was, when to me was only 12 years. I then for the first time, and last, I flied by the plane. Fairly to tell, I liked to fly above clouds. It was very beautiful. When look out of the window the plane, and you see as the ground leaves, it is simply delightful feeling. We flied from the city of Moscow, up to Sochi. I badly remember cities. Probably then it was not interesting to me onsider city. And then, when we went by train, already after city Sochi in that place where we shall have a rest. I well remember. It was very dark, literally that it is not visible at all. In Russia there is a saying about this city (In city Sochi, dark nights) This saying is fair. When we have already left a train, and went on to the house, the house was on the seacoast, Was audible noise of the sea.

How to shout birds, but it is completely not visible the seas. But when in the morning, I have left a house, and saw all this nature. As the sea, almost under the house. And then at me such dream was born. To live on seacoast that it was audible noise of waves, both shouts the seagull. And all this, not leaving far from a house. It is simply delightful! We have carried out on the sea there is more than week. And I remember only emotions which I tested when spent time, on the sea. Very much it was pleasant to me. I shall wait from you the letter. And very much, very much I want that tomorrow since morning, I can read your letter. Always yours, Natalia!!!

Letter #21

Hello!!! My dear!

I like to receive your letters. I did not like your question. About the friend to the man. I even can will take offence at your words. But I shall not be:) I write letters only to you. Only to you, XXXXXX and not to whom more. You understand? I shall write as I like to travel. XXXXXX, I hope it of you to amuse. And the most important what expenses:-) I love travel and everything, that to them is connected. When above a head absolutely other sky when the sun differently shines, and around of mountain or sea open spaces, when there is no any familiar tree, when special color and special I... Certainly I did not make trip, to the far exotic countries. Therefore, I have thought up for myself a special kind of travel which I have named (travel on a sofa). I lay on a sofa, and I read the book, or I watch TV. So not for a long time I wandered across India. In this country a lot of beautiful. And it me has seriously carried away. The Indian women love, that their body, leather, hair were beautiful. They render on hands and foots thin figures from henna. And not only for the sake of attraction in dance of the man. Business in the friend, henna keeps softness leather. Having seen on the screen as it is superb looked such body art, executed by henna, I have decided to make to myself as. XXXXXX, The most important that was necessary for me. It is henna. And I was very much pleased, that such product at us not in deficiency. It is a lot of at me interest to henna was, and began to read books. And found out many curious things. You imagine, henna contains substances under which influence the external surface of hair is condensed. Therefore after use of henna hair become thicker and seem that hair began more. I think that to me has carried that I have opened for myself natural means for protection of the hair. Very much I wait from you the letter. A kiss. Natalia

Letter # 22

Hello, my dear!!!

I was possible now so I shall name you? XXXXXX, The my dear friend!!! My favourite friend!!!! I think that those will not be against it... Today at us remarkable weather. But only it is cold. Approximately - 15 degrees of a frost. But at all a wind, also the sun shines. While went in the Internet of cafe, heard as sing birds. And while went in the Internet of cafe, thought of you. And to me it was very warm. And now reading your letter, to me it is very warm. Thanks you! I very much like to write to you of the letter, and to read from you letters. You that as? How you live? All is good? At me now only, one very good news. Probably I shall start with It. at my mum the Birth will be fast Day. Anniversary! To mum there will be 50 years! It certainly is a lot of, but is very big holiday. Mum will mark the holiday on work, beforehand. But the basic holiday will be at our place. Even the aunt will arrive. Which lives very far from us. The aunt, is the sister of mum. The younger sister. And now, I cannot believe in it. 50 years to my mum. Absolutely adult:) and such big holiday!! I so am glad, and on this at me today, and probably tomorrow too will be. Very good mood. And you write to me, it happiness:) XXXXXX, Now we prepare for this remarkable holiday. Has bought many products. Also we prepare for many dishes. I so am glad! Just to present mum, I yet have not thought up. We for a long time do not have normal refrigerator. I while at all do not know cost. And now it is very interesting to me. And how many cost of a refrigerator at you. You probably know. If not you know, and if not it is difficult. That when you will pass by shop, look please. I simply think, that a refrigerator it is very expensive. And yet I do not know, I can buy to mum a refrigerator whether or not. Simply we have refrigerator. But it very old, and now almost does not work. Now winter, and we can keep products on a balcony. There it is cold. But in the spring, to us not where keep products. And now the refrigerator, is very necessary. Mum already lifted this theme. But only we yet that have not thought up.

And now, I have to mum surprise. But only yet I do not know, how to me it to make. Probably I shall go today on shops. Also I shall look cost of a refrigerator. And if at me it will turn out, I shall buy certainly:) for now. I shall write to you the letter. Also I shall ask. As you think. Mum will like such gift? Probably very much it is pleasant:) And how at you an affair? I am not annoyed at all about you. I can not be for a long time angry at you:) reading from you the letter, I think only of one. XXXXXX, Probably it will be very good me with you! I have not absolutely understood your question on a flower.

I did not think yet, to what flower of to compare. I very much like an orchid, and a lily. Probably only if with them. And with animals, I do not want to compare myself to animals. Simply I do not want, and if I shall be. That only with a cat. I do not know why. Simply grace of cats very much is pleasant to me. I now shall run on shops. To look cost of a refrigerator. XXXXX, My kiss to you. And up to tomorrow. I hope, that you too will look cost. Also you will tell to me? Once again a kiss, from Natalia from Russia!

Letter # 23

Hello, my dearest!

Is very glad to see from you the letter. I probably any more for the first time write such words. But it is valid so. I am glad literally, and I dance. When I see from you the letter. At me already start to look in the Internet of cafe. As on crazy. but also let think. I have really gone mad. From your letters. And how you write to me. XXXXXX, I probably can tell with full confidence. I love you. Also it is the fact. I now am not afraid to speak such words to you. At all I am not afraid. And even it is proud of itself, that could meet you on the Internet. Simply if to think, the Internet, this very big. And I could meet you. It is possible for me is proud of it. And you? You are proud? I went yesterday on shops. Also looked at cost a refrigerator. You imagine. I even did not think. That now such expensive. I certainly understand refrigerators, that now it is very difficult to find a refrigerator of old model, for small cost. And now, in shops not such a refrigerator. Probably now to me to not buy to mum such gift. To me now it is very sad. Simply I thought, what not so it is expensive. And now, XXXXXX, I simply do not have money to such gift. And it is very important for mum. And not only for mum. Simply to us not where keep products. While winter, we still can take out on a balcony. But then. When it will be warm. It will be very bad. And now, I very much hope, what you can help with it? I shall hope very much. On it! I now shall go home. And very much I hope, that you will receive from me this letter, and will agree to help me. In such small business. I am simply confident, that for you this small business. And it is very important for me. It! You understand me? I shall not scratch you. If only it is very gentle:) but only I now not about it think. Simply now at me very bad mood. Seriously it is very hard for me. Simply I already spoke mum that I shall buy. And mum waits for it. And when finds out, that I simply did not have money, to it. It will be very bad. I very seriously write. And it is very hard for me. I do not know, that to me now to make: Kiss from me, my most dear prince! XXXXXX, Love! Natalia

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Ca you post some of the header's? Where did you find 'her'?
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