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Dating scammer Cindy yin


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Name: Cindy yin



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I'm in for some money with her here are pic of her

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2014-06-10, 23:04:36
Just recently contacted me from faceparty site where she is still active under lilly22, she's from Hong Kong but presently helping her sick Mom run a shop and raise crops in Nigeria but beware she/he is out for your money.

2015-02-01, 01:18:12
anonymous from Wilmington, United States  
I din'dt know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.
2015-06-28, 10:47:04
anonymous from United States  
Yes stolen pictures off this dancer living in miami florida works at a place called back door Bambi,she's taken pictures with hulk hogan and other sports jocks she hangs in orlando and the carribean.has photo with some boy about 7 years old and a light skinned black guy possibly her son and her boyfriend.
2015-06-29, 02:09:46
Pics are those of porn stripper Julie Yuliana with a number of other aliases. Being a strip tease and a gold digger are practically synonymous; no broke guy is getting laid. On the other side of the coin, no amount of money will sway them away from their greed and when you take up their sexual offers they know they have you for their taking.
2015-06-30, 14:06:41
Now after this Yuliana person saw that I had other pics of her too, they quickly disconnected. Too bad, man at times you really feel sorry for some of the people. But as someone on here said already. There are just too many women in our country to be looking for women in other countries.

I am dealing with two other russian ones now, I am just playing along. It seems to be fun at times.
2015-07-03, 22:15:08   (updated: 2015-07-03, 22:19:11)
Found this in my spam emails, i don't know her from nowhere any sites that we would be on first name terms. I did search but she already known as Yuliana on these many pages.

'Hello, I am pleased to send you email regarding my business proposal. I am the assistant marketer of my company in London UK. It may interest you to know that my company has developed business industrial empire for supplying assorted gold & diamonds in the Europe. Presently, I am in Pretoria, South Africa where i am currently representing my company in a business program but I decided to contact you because the business is urgent.

My company urgently need 1000 cartons of a product that is used for cleaning raw gold stones, The product is called SILICA OIL (One bottle is 5.8cm size and it contains 8 bottles in one carton). My boss usually buy a carton for 5000euro until the product became scarce in the Europe market. On my research, Someone gave me the contact of a store in Africa that has this product and they are selling one carton for only 2800euro but I don't want to tell my boss about it because I want you to supply the product to my company at higher price so we can make good profit.'

2016-08-09, 03:21:04
anonymous from United States  
Whad'ya know ? I got a similar message from this same con artist. It's a shame you can't fine something this cute and legitimate in the real world.
2016-08-09, 04:43:27
hello to all
I seen this woman on here.neaver met her yet in person
she has children
she works at a night club at night
so watch our and be safe out there for life and money
2016-08-10, 00:21:06   (updated: 2016-08-10, 00:21:27)
It seems many of the Yuliana pictures are dated, and just 2 or 3 years can be a lifetime for girls working in the porn industry. So when the fussy dries and the fanny wrinkles, the action that's filmed with high-definition cameras can be a disaster. So the moral of the story is these pornstars migrate to the strip clubs where the lights are dim and the trashy lap dances are all about attitude.
2016-11-12, 15:45:45
Hello every one please if you are sure of what you are saying and you have evidence of all the money you send to her like location where you send the money too or address info or account kindly text me back and i promise you that you will get your money back 5187209417 please be sincere
2016-11-12, 19:12:36
Bax from United States  
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2017-02-20, 12:59:21
anonymous from Estonia  

2017-02-21, 00:26:05
Fraud List - - www.ripandscam. com/scammer-Loys-Erica-9097.php

2017-02-21, 22:31:47
hello to all
well she on here again for money or new man or new daddy for her children.
2017-05-16, 09:09:16
anonymous from Canada  
Hello i need some help. My brother get a Facebook account last Friday night. Same day he did get tons of friend request from Philippine woman. He started to talk with one them. Less then 24 hours she was in love with him So my silly bro. He did break up with his girlfriend because of her. She want him to married her, she also said she 2 kids they coming with her in Canada. She didn't lied she said she will do anything just to have a better life for her and her kids. So i thought she is a scammer, i did checked her Facebook. She is only on there since last year June, but she is very active, and whats make me confuse she is sister on it to so her mom and they do talk on the wall often, so is her friends on her wall, from her city. U used my brother account, thought i can see her friend list, but its hide from every one. She has followers 167 almost all of them man, from her country and Arabic guys. She also was very heartbroken 10 days ago, because her true love left her. He as another Canadian guy, same age ( early 50-s) like my brother. They started they 'relationship' February in this year. But like you see she healed so fast, and now she has another true love, my dumb brother. She is 44 not so good looking woman with broken English. Now i don't know if she is a scammer, or just desperately want to live her country, or its one in the million true love happened? My friend ad her in his Facebook just to check her out. He even did wrote to her. She accepted the friend request but ignored him.Oh and today she did told my brother she is online sometimes but cant answer because she has to help her mother in her brother place or she is at work. so i don't know whats happening can anybody help ? Her name is Ana Victoria and i try to put the pics on here maybe somebody recognize her. Can anybody help me please?

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