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Dating scammer Tatyana Knyazeva


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Name: Tatyana Knyazeva


Russia, Kanash,
Postal index 429335
Zapadnaya st. 21 ap. 7
First name Tatyana
Last name Knyazeva

Other Comments:
1 letter from tatyana

Hello Marc! Thanks for your answer to my letter. I am very glad, that
you have interest to me. I hope our acquaintance will be a success. I
hope to you my photos have liked. If so I shall send you of more
photo. I hope, that you will send me more yours the photos. It will be
very pleasant for me to see it. Please excuse me for not the exact
information on mine profile. I live in small city in the center of
Russia, Kanash. It is small enough city in comparison with Moscow. I
have some friends in the USA. We frequently communicate through
e-mail. Two my good girlfriends and the former schoolmate live and
work in the USA. They have helped me with registration on a site. I
hope it will not be a handicap, what we to be on the different ends of
the ground? I think distance not a handicap for the beginning
friendship and it is possible more. I like to travel and get
acquainted with new people. I hope, that in the future we can have a
meeting and speak more in the real person. I have not home computer. I
write to you the letter from my work. I work as the manager in a
cafe-bar. This not that work which I really want, but it gives me
money for a life. Please write to me about your work. It will be very
interesting to me than to earn you to itself for a life. I have the
standard working day of 8 hours. Then I to come back home and be
engaged in home work or I have a meeting with my friends. I try to
conduct an active way of life. I go to fitness club three times a
week. In the winter I like to ski and skates. I like to hold my body
in good condition. I like to dance. I like to listen to music. It
depends on my mood. I prefer many styles. Basically it is popular
music, classical and a retro music. What concerning you? What do you
prefer from the world of music? I Hope we have identical preferences.
I very cheerful and cheerful person. I optimistical. I want meet the
man with which I can to share my energy. I have not been married and
had no children. But I believe, that all this will be in my future.
The last years I to be engaged in the education and career. Now I
understand, that I have missed much in this life. I do not want to
think of career more. I want to think of the family, to the man, to
care of him, to give the caress and is warm. I want to give all to my
future love and to enjoy in each day together. I am very glad to speak
you about it. I would like to speak you about it. I want to tell to
you more, but to a regret I have not enough time. I hope to receive
the letter from you tomorrow. I shall wait. I hope your day will be
successful and you will have good mood. Please care. Tatyana.

2 letter from tatyana

Hello Marc! I am very glad to receive your letter today. Thanks for
your photos. I was very glad to see it. Today I have good mood and is
ready to share it with you. How are you today? Now I have a free time
and have decided to write to you the letter. I to earn about 200-250
euros a month. These are not so big money but it suffices for a life.
I think to us it is necessary to have long walk along the street and
to speak about our life much. We should make joint trip for productive
leisure and go through some adventures. It will open our private world
and will give us the greater understanding each other. What do you
think about this idea? I think it good idea. Write to me about your
city. I think this city it is necessary to see. If we went on walk
where we could go? I when was not in Turkey, but I think it very
beautiful country. I as was not in Belgium. But I would like to travel
once. I think to me it it is pleasant. I could invite you home and
prepare you for something tasty. I think you like is tasty to have a
meal. I know recipes of tasty dishes and with the big pleasure would
prepare you for something. You will lick the fingers and to ask the
additive. Basically I prefer to prepare for dishes from Russian and
Ukrainian kitchen. I would think to you it was pleasant. What do you
prefer from meal? I prefer to eat with porridge, soup, salad and grape
juice. We could have good picnic in a wood or park. I very much like
to have campaigns on the nature in a wood or on the river. It is
pleasant to kindle a fire to look at stars, to listen to singing
birds. It is similar to you? I frequently to meet my friends to have
productive leisure on the nature. It happens very cheerfully. We go to
various clubs, we dance, play billiards, bowling. What do you like to
do with with friends? Many my friends and girlfriends to have husbands
and wives. The some people already have children. They frequently
would like to introduce me to any guy, that I would not be lonely in
our walks and at last had family. But I do not want, what to me to
impose somebody. I can find to myself good the man and we will have
full mutual understanding. Any casual meeting can change our future
and give new feelings. I think our meeting on the Internet will change
our future. We have aspiration to one purpose. Why to us to not go to
this purpose together? Together better and more interestingly. I think
you good the man and with you I shall not miss with you. It is easy
for me to speak with you. I hope that to you as. I shall wait your
letter soon. Please care. Kiss and Hugs. Tatyana.

3 letter from tatyana

ello Marc! I am very glad to see your letter today. How are you? I am
fine! It was very interesting to me to find out about you more. It is
very pleasant for me when I read your letter. I have an impression,
that we are very for a long time familiar with you. It is easy for me
to communicate with you. You seem to me very interesting by the man. I
want to know about you more. I hope you to me will allow it? I shall
be very glad to meet you in Russia. I think we can perfectly spend our
time together. Please tell to me about your family and your close
people. It will be very interesting to me to find out about your life
and your parents. You had the happy childhood? I ask you about it as I
had no parents. My mum to force down car when to me there were 3
years. I never saw the father. My childhood passed in children's home.
I very much miss mine mum. I to not remember almost her, but I have
some photo. Unfortunately now I have no what relatives. I have no
brothers and sisters. It is very a pity to me. I shall not speak more
about sad. It is sad page in my life, but I think, that it is
necessary for you to know it. I feel that you the person who can open
the soul. I hope to find in you understanding support and a kind word.
Having mutual understanding we can have deeper and tender feelings. I
really want to have it. I want, to feel care and love. I want to feel
heat and tenderness. The man which can give me it will the happiest in
the world. It not mere words. I to not waste the words. I think, that
you have noticed my imperfect English language. I was good enough to
speak in English. I to study it at school and university. I had no big
practice in conversation, but I was good enough to speak in English.
You can send me number of phone. When I shall have an opportunity I
can to call to you. You agree? It will be very pleasant for me to hear
your voice. I hope we can speak some time. It will be new step in our
dialogue. It is necessary to move and to not stand on a place. Today
after work my friends call me to go at cinema. I for a long time was
not at cinema and consequently I think it will be excellent
entertainment for me. I like to go to cinema, theatres, museums and
zoos. I always receive a lot of pleasure. I like to look films about
love, adventures, comedies, the Action and a fantasy is a little. What
films you like to look? I have DVD player and sometimes I look cinema
of a house in cosy conditions. It is sometimes better, than the big
cinema hall. At home you can feel like freely and conveniently.
Excuse, but it is necessary for me to finish the letter and to start
to work. I hope to receive the answer from you soon. Reflections about
you. Please care. Your Tatyana.

4 letter from tatyana

Hello dear Marc! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. How
are you? Gratitude to you for it. I when was not in Paris. It is very
beautiful city. I would like to visit Paris once. I want to make it
soon. I hope you can show me all Paris. I very much to want it. I
really want to arrive to Paris. BUT my trip to Paris will cost the big
money for me. I have no plenty of money. And it is possible this dream
remain unreal. I very much want to Paris and would like to live in
this fine city. But I would not have money what to arrive to France
and to live in Paris. What to me to make? Who cannot give me money for
trip to France. It is very a pity to me. I as want to tell to you
about myself. After children's home I have gone to study in school in
usual school of city. I have left school rather successfully and have
arrived in university of the city of St.-Petersburg. I studied 5 years
and after the ending of university to return back in Kanash. I have
received knowledge which allowed me to work as the manager in food
branch or the inspector of sanitary norms. I to get a job in a
cafe-bar the manager. It was the best that I could find in my city.
Now I successfully work as the manager. It very much is pleasant to
me. I cannot present myself on other work. It is only a little about
my life. I think you want to know more. I shall continue to write to
you about the life. I hope it will be interesting to you. I did not
speak you in the last letters. I have a cat. This name Max. I to find
it in the street 6 years ago. It very much to like me and I have
decided to take away it to myself. It was the small stood kitten. I to
bring Max home to wash it, to feed, make inoculations and now Max
lives with me constantly. I very much love it. You have pets? I love
almost all animals: cats, dogs, horses, birds and others. I shall send
you a photo of my cat. Max not so it likes to be photographed and
constantly escapes when I want to photograph it. Please write if you
have a pet. I as shall be glad to see a photo of it if is present. My
friends like to play with Max. It is a white-orange cat. I think it to
you it is pleasant. I really want to speak by with you to phone. I
know, that it will demand more money, but I shall try to be ready to
these expenses. Unfortunately I cannot call to you from my cellular
telephone yet. It to be under repair. One week ago I casually to drop
it. Unfortunately something happened also my cellular telephone has
ceased to work. I hope it will be is repaired. But now I can try to
call to you from mail or I shall ask my friends phone what to call to
you. It is very a pity to me, that I cannot give to you number of my
phone. I hope we can soon speak. Soon my working day to end and I
shall go home. It is necessary for me to prepare for a supper and to
have rest. I hope I shall soon prepare for a supper for loved the man
and we shall is together eat it. Unfortunately I am compelled to
finish the letter. I hope to receive your answer soon. With the best
regards of good day and excellent mood. Your Tatyana.

5 and last letter from tatyana then i stop it !

Hello dear Marc! I am very glad to receive from you the letter! I have
taken pleasure at reading your letter. I really enjoyed your letter.
How are you today? Than you will be engaged? It is very interesting to
me. I have a free time from work. Difficult day today was. I had a lot
of work, but now remained very little. I shall be very glad to meet
you! I shall be very glad if you will come to Russia. It is very a
pity but I so strongly to want me to visit Paris. I can arrive to
Paris, but I have no money for this purpose. If you to pay my charges
and to send me of money for the visa and air tickets I with the big
pleasure I shall arrive to Paris and I shall meet you. I have found
out about cost of all documents and air tickets to France. To me the
passport for travel abroad 60 euros will be required. The visa 180
euros. Consular gathering of embassy 25 euros. The medical insurance
76 euros. Services of travel agency 70 euros. Cost of air tickets up
to Paris airline Aeroflot 917.59 euros. I will need 1328.59 euros.
These are really big money. You are confident, what really want to
help me with such big money? I have no this money. You can help and
send me this money? Please to allow to me the answer. If you want send
money you can to make it through western union or money gram on my

Russia, Kanash
First name Tatyana
Last name Knyazeva

I can receive money in any bank of my city. As it will be necessary
for me to know about you the information: your full name, a home
address and a phone number on which I can find you at any time. Please
have gone to me it in the following letter Last night I had clearing a
house of a dust. When I to vacuum my carpet Max laid on a carpet. As
soon as I began to vacuum from it Max have jumped and started to run
from a room. It very much is afraid of a vacuum cleaner. Max ran on
all apartment. I have finished cleaning and go on cuisine what to
prepare for a supper. Max wanted to jump on a window leaf. Max to not
jump up to a window leaf and to fall with the big Noise. It has broken
a flowerpot. Probably Max is tired to run from a vacuum cleaner, what
even it is tired and it did not have forces what to jump to a window
leaf. This falling has caused in me a lot of laughter though Max has
broken a flowerpot. It should to look. After Max go and has gone to
bed. It became a pity to me Max. It is very a pity, that you did not
see it. I think you for a long time to laugh. With Max frequently
there are various ridiculous situations. Frequently because of it to
suffer my flowers. I have many colors of a house. I like to care of
plants. It gives to an apartment a cosiness and beauty. You have
flowers of a house? I have houses a small citric tree. The last year I
had 2 lemons. It was very amusing to collect lemon from a tree. I like
to drink tea with a lemon. It is very tasty. As I to bring up this
lemon itself. I not up to have told about my yesterday's day. After I
have had supper I had a meeting with my girlfriend. We had rest in
cafe and ate ice-cream. Then later our girlfriends have joined us. We
had the company from 5 women. We gossiped, discussed our day. I have
told to my girlfriends, that I have got acquainted with the man. They
were pleasantly surprised. They wanted to get acquainted with him. But
I have told that it not possible yet as he lives in other country. I
have told to my girlfriends about you. I have told, that we had a
meeting on a site of acquaintances and to exchange letters through
e-mail. I hope you not against it? I to tell only a little about you.
My girlfriends very much want to see you. They have very much become
interested in you. Female curiosity. They would like to know the
person who has interested me. You are really very interesting to me
and you very much like me. I like to speak with you. I hope it
mutually. I feel well when I read your letters. You the pleasant
interlocutor, with you are easy to communicate, speak on various
themes and to find out each other better. It very much is pleasant to
me. I think, that with you to me it will not be boring. It is a pity
to me, that we cannot speak by phone yet. Unfortunately I cannot use
an office number for personal conversations and the international
negotiations. We have restriction in connection. I can lose work if
find out, that I use phone for the international negotiations. I do
not want to lose work. It will be very unpleasant for me. If I will
lose work I cannot find more the best work. I to care of myself and I
have no other support. Please excuse, but I can not use phone on work.
I hope you understand. It is necessary to wait while my cellular
telephone will be repaired. To a regret I shall finish the letter. I
hope you will enjoy it. I hope to receive your letter soon. Please
care. Kisses and hugs. Your Tatyana.

My address:
Russia, Kanash,
Postal index 429335
Zapadnaya st. 21 ap. 7
First name Tatyana
Last name Knyazeva

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