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Dating scammer Alonya


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Name: Alonya



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Out of the blue this glamour starts writning me. All of a sudden and a new twist she can no longer afford to have her emails translated for me and wants me to pay for it.

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2007-10-30, 20:00:34
anonymous from Australia  
Have just started recieving emails out of the blue from an Alyona from the Ukraine. He email is . The email is still current and I am still receiving them. I havent been asked for money yet but I know its coming. As said before I love playing along. Will keep u guys posted.

She has falled in love with me after 3 emails lol

2007-11-07, 10:06:30   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2007-11-07, 10:43:57
OJAS from United States  
If you're a newcomer who found this thread via Google or whatever, PLEASE READ THIS: http://www.delphifa..p=10#59557

@allbies, once in a while check these links for information currency [Link Version 2007-11-06, 12:16:02]
2007-11-09, 17:43:24
anonymous from Australia  

Hello, hello my wonderful Dan!!!! What a lovely day!!! Don't you think so?? Your letterbrightens up my day. It's like a sunshine in a dark room!!!I was sure that you would answer me. And I'm very glad tosee that I wasn't mistaken. You really have written me. Manythanks for your answer. Just a pity that your letter is tooshort. I guess you are very busy person but I hope that nexttime your letter will be more long. I want to know moreabout you as much as possible. Who knows, maybe we're theperfect half for each other??? Ok, my dear?? Let's startgetting to know each other better. As you already know, myname is Alyona. I was born on the 29th of January in 1983(I'm already 24!!!) in small town Rodakovo in the Easternpart of Ukraine. I still live here. But I work in Lugansk.I'm a hairdresser. Probably you are interested what is thereason why I live in one town but work in another one?? I'llexplain you why. Rodakovo is a small town in Lugansk region.In fact it's not a town but a big railway station. Most ofthe people work at the railway. My parents have worked atthe railway all their lives. They still work there becauseit's impossible to have another kind of work in Rodakovo. Asyou understand, I'm from the railwayman's family. My parentsalways wanted me to work at the railway as well. But thenature gave me a beauty, sagacity and creative gifts. I havenever imagined myself working at the railway. That is why Iwork in Lugansk. I'm young. I'm attractive. Also I'm a verydirect girl and it's my nature to tell always the truthonly. From another side I'm a romantic and tender lady. Ibelieve in being in love and feeling it as deeply andtenderly as possible. I want to love. I want to be loved. Icouldn't find my man either in Rodakovo or in Lugansk. I'msure that you are not surprised of this because Russian (orUkrainian) men are well-known all over the world like menwho like vodka best of all and don't care about theirfamilies at all. It doesn't mean that all men in Ukraine arethe same. But here I have never met a man in whom I can beinterested in. I'm not like the other people here and my manshould be unique too. I want my man to complete me. One dayI started thinking that most probably my second halfwouldn't live in Ukraine at all. Truth to tell, we live in ahuge world and it would be very strange if two halves of asingle whole would be from the same area. I became sure inmy opinion when one fine day a young beautiful lady attendedthe place where I work. She wanted to make a good hair stylebecause she was waiting for arrival of her fiance fromabroad!!! She told me her story. And I made a decision forlooking for my soul mate abroad too. Are you that same manwhom I am looking for?? Are you interested in a simple ladyfrom Ukraine who wants to give you all her tenderness andlove and to be loved by you in return?? Please, write me.Tell me your thoughts. I'm waiting... P.S. Today I'm sending you one of my favorite photos. Don'tforget to comment it!!! It is very important for me to knowwhat do you think about me. Bye, bye, my wonderfulnew acquaintance,take care,Alyona.
2007-11-09, 17:44:50   (updated: 2007-11-09, 17:45:54)
anonymous from Australia  
Hello, hello my wonderful Dan!!! What a lovely day today!!! Your answer is here. It makes mesure that you are really a man I was looking for. You cannot imagine how impatiently I was waiting for your letter.And here you are!!! Thank you for your lovely words and sonumerous compliments. But I don't think that I'm toobeautiful. I'm normal as every woman and everything I wantis to be happy. It's my very first time when I try to find ahusband abroad. I'm serious girl and I'm here with firmintention to find my man. I'm looking for my true love. Ifyou are able to distinguish black and white, you willunderstand that my intentions are honorable. I just hopeyours intentions are the same. Maybe some people play andtry to steal money from others, I don't know. I neverpretend to have something that doesn't belong to medirectly. You have your money but it doesn't mine and thatis why I will never pretend on your money. I'm a hardworkingperson myself and I know what it takes me to earn something.I'm not a thief but at the same time I will never letsomeone to steal something that belongs to me. Let's keepgetting to know each other better. I think it's veryimportant for us to know as much as possible about oneanother. Do you agree with me?? Tell me you opinion in younext letter. Last time I told you why and when I decided tostart seeking for my man abroad. I have to tell you that itwas a very difficult decision for me by many reasons. Firstof all I didn't know how to start. As you already know I'm ahairdresser. I work in the simple saloon. I don't like toflatter myself but I know that I'm a very good specialist inmy field. I'm a beautiful girl and I know how to keep myface, hair and body in the excellent shape. From theschool-days I helped my girlfriends to look pretty makingbeautiful and creative coiffures. Probably, it's really mymission to help women to be good looking ladies. Once Itried to change my working place and got fixed up in amodern stylish saloon. But it was impossible for me to workover there. I don't know, maybe in your country thesituation is completely contrary but in my country a hugedifference exists between simple and rich people. Richclients don't respect the workers of the saloon at all. ButI respect myself. That is why I work in a simple but cosysaloon. I work with simple people. I don't earn much moneybut I enjoy my work. I sincerely hope you'll understand meand my life position. Money doesn't make people happy. Doyou agree with me?? Also I hope you understand that makingof coiffures is something different comparing with knowingthe foreign languages and using modern digital technologies;). I couldn't imagine before that one fine day I woulddecide to look for my man abroad. I was dealing with makingwomen beautiful but I have never had time enough or apossibility to learn English or computers. Now I understandthat in order to find you I need English and Internet. Thatyoung lady (I told you about her in my previous letter) toldme that she used a translation agency which helped her tofind her love. I didn't have another choice except to do thesame. So I saved some money and came to the agency with firmintention to find my man. Luckily I have found you. I'm veryinterested in you. I want to make you interested in me.....I have a will to start learning English as soon as possible.Be sure, I will do my best in studying!! I'm a smart ladyand I will be able to speak English very soon... And I willdo everything in my power to win your heart. Do you allow meto do this?? I need your answer. Write me... Please, don'tkeep me waiting too long for your answer. I already missyou... P.S. Today I send you two photos of me. I want to show youhow beautiful and sexy I can be. I hope you'll enjoy myphotos;)!!! Bye, bye, my wonderful,take care,Alyona.

2007-11-09, 17:47:27
anonymous from Australia  

Dear Mr. Dan, Welcome to the translations bureau
Our translations bureau to offer the services by translation from Russian into English and from English into Russianpositions. We deal with translation of differentdocumentation. We work with organizations and with privatepersons the same as we translate as business correspondenceas private one. We translate your correspondence with missAlyona N. The reason we contact you now is to inform youthat we can't translate and send you miss Alyona's letterbecause she can't pay us for the translation cause of herfinancial circumstances. Miss Alyona knows that yourcorrespondence is important for your common future and thatis why she asked us to contact you behalf of her name. MissAlyona would like to be in touch with you until you aretogether in real life and sad that now your correspondencestops. Contact us if you are interested to continue yourcorrespondence with Miss Alyona N. and we will be glad tosend you our prices and conditions. We work in the closecooperation with all our clients. Our goal is provideprofessional translations with the minimal prices and timeconsumption. We emphasize on quality and reliability of ourservices and always consider all customers requests. In ourtranslations, we always retain what author says andaccurately keep author's style and privacy. Best Regards,the administration of'Modern English Language Centre'.
2007-12-15, 08:38:41
Had been contacted by Alonya a couple of days ago. Second and third letter from are completely same and photos too. Probably the photos are stolen or she is a new scammer. I am always very careful when girls send sexy photos in their 3. or 4. letter. Don't waste your time.
Next letter comes 100 % from translation agency asking for money for it service and lowest rate I heard about was $150 a month.
Forget this girl and do not waste time.
2008-12-21, 09:18:03
anonymous from China  
The girl in Pink Lingerie
Lauren Anderson
Miss July 2002

2009-08-05, 11:07:21
anonymous from United States  
My name is Alonya and I am not a scammed I live in Miami..... I like to have fun in the sun I love CRAZY sexy and I'm in it to win it! So to keep it raw and un cut I'm Asian sensation!

2009-08-05, 11:08:25
anonymous from United States  
My name is Alonya and I am not a scammed I live in Miami..... I like to have fun in the sun I love CRAZY sexy and I'm in it to win it! So to keep it raw and un cut I'm Asian sensation!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alonya

2009-08-05, 11:10:29
anonymous from United States  
My name is Alonya and I am not a scam er, I live in Miami..... I like to have fun in the sun, I love CRAZY sexy ladys with allot of class and a little ass and I'm in it to win it! So to keep it raw and un cut I'm Asian sensation, don't taint my name! Alonya
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alonya

2014-11-10, 17:23:47
anonymous from New Zealand  
Hi all was wondering how can you do a check if you believe you are being scammed and also i have heard from Alonya but from russia and do not know if this is the same one but started to email me out of the blue. She fallen in love with me only after 3 emails as like to play along sometimes but will never give money over the internet.
Is there a way if i have given accidentally photos and some info of me via these to be deleted???

2014-11-11, 02:10:58
Haaa, your pretty Russian girl has fallen in love with me assuming I sent her $$$ ! LOL Alonya assures me:

I know that we will have a wonderful night of love and mutual caress. I am assured that I shall not disappoint you and I am precisely assured that I shall never be disappointed you. I frankly hope that we can overcome together this small obstacle and enjoy the friend the friend to the full (spiritually and certainly sexually).

I need about 950usd from yourside,because I have to pay for ticket and a few thigs yet,and I have to pay in advance about 1320 usd and if the tickets will cost less i will get some money back. when we meet I will return this sum and some extra money because to send thransfer costs money too. I have to be sure that I will be able to book it or I will lose all the money I gave them in advance. I’m in hard situation but I full of the love to share with you. You know,I really counting days and minutes before our meeting.

2014-11-11, 10:04:31
OJAS from United States  
Reverse image search


NEVER alert a scammer that you are onto HIS stolen pix game!

Grande Finale articles start with http://www.delphifa..htm#168643
2014-11-11, 13:02:35
OJAS from United States  
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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