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Dating scammer Asha Kumara


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Name: Asha Kumara


box 13153
10 Osoun St
Accra, Ghana
011 233 246 485 787

Other Comments:
This girl is good. She was in love with me within days. she send the following pictures. I was vulnerable and convinces. She claims to have been arrested at the Togo Airport on 6 Dec 2007 at 10pm for smuggling 8 bars of gold that her mother gave her to give to me as a gift. she said she needed $7000 USD to pay a fine. Her mother paid the fine on 8 Dec. Now claims the ticket is valid and needs 900 USD to pay fine to, you guess it, Green Link Travel Agency. I send a total of 1350 USD to her and she claims to have air line ticket for almost 2000 USD. Sent me copy of her passport, and confirmation of air line ticket. Be careful... this one is good.

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2007-12-23, 08:24:32  
Hey George
Her net should be going down. Will want $250 to keep it. Her mother is an invalid in a power scooter. She is really slick, pics are of a model, probably not of her. Careful. Play her well. I am waiting to hear back from her. She is suppose to be working at a restaurant called Papaye's. Send some pics she is giving you that are different than what I posted. I can tell you if it is the same scammer.
2007-12-24, 06:08:20
Peter from Germany  
2007-12-24, 19:40:13
Ive given her the brush and shes still persisting....says shell contact me tomorrow......
george aussie
2007-12-24, 19:44:22   (updated: 2007-12-24, 19:48:11)
thanks rjkay46....
asha kumara is actually a 'real' ? indian porno model ive discovered after doing a search....different girl in pics though.......
lets see what develops
george aussie
2007-12-24, 22:07:07
I discovered that Asha Kumara was an Indian porno star, even visited her web site. The pictures of the real Asha Kumara are of a different girl. I have one picture that people are telling me they seen in a Cosmopolitan magazine. I tried asking the magazine if they knew who was was but so far no long in downloading pic and sending it to them. Am posting the picture with this comment. The ad was for the pants she is wearing. Forget the name of them.
This image was also posted here:
Scammer Victoria from Ghana

2007-12-25, 01:59:37
OJAS from United States  
I posted twice on 2007-12-17 my strong suspicion.

Thanks rjkay, Peter, george Ausssie, Bob USA for identifying her
2007-12-25, 02:57:37
Peter from Germany  
I only was looking for the nice face from the 'janet' thread.
2007-12-25, 15:44:25   (updated: 2007-12-25, 15:47:38)
aussie,george from Sydney, Australia  
shes back again...
likes to im say hello then hits the buzzer
bloody cheeky I reckon
anyway Ive just advised her that for me to take her seriously there are some things I would like her to do for me.....
Ive got a very interesting list prepared for her hey mates (smiles)
then I hit the buzzer a couple o times to her and a couple rings for good measure.
Think its time she gets sorted out.......
Let you know how it goes
george aussie

2007-12-25, 16:54:20
george,aussie from Australia  
told her I will need to see a photo date stamped and in an identifiable place in Accra with her holding a message to me with a date on it .......
shes quick ......asked me to help her with a camera as she didnt happen to have one handy
I went no you do your bit then come come back to me....
Ill do the same I said....
thisll be good as she said okay .......lets see what she comes back with.......
george aussie
2007-12-25, 19:46:49  
George.... did she happen to tell you were she worked? With me it was a place called Papaye's Restaurant, a fast food place three floors high. If you Google the Green Link Travel Agency or Papaye Restaurant you will see a pic of it. Have her do a pic standing in front of it.
Chances are she will either come back with an excuse as to why she cannot or just not mention it and try to talk about anything but that. Or she will go hunt for someone else. Good luck and keep me informed. Would love to see that picture if she sends it to you. Please post it.
2007-12-26, 14:18:25
thanks bet ill keep you posted mate
although she agreed she did seem pretty deflated when she signed off.....
like she hit me up with this floating hearts environment on im....
was setting me up big time
ill give her a day or two and hunt her up
all the best mate
george aussie

ps im very grateful to have found my way here ....I felt I needed to do some research on her and yahoo'd her name hassiyah muniru.....the muniru led me to this site and as I checked it I came across RJ's pics of her....I was stunned .......
well done blokes
you know I can be very vulnerable when It comes to some person pretending to be a vpretty young thing gushing love and attention all over me....the end result of which being a lot of pain misery and an empty wallet.......Ill count myself blessed hey.....
Im sorry RJ that she got you ....but be encouraged mate theres better things ahead for you for sure........
rgds george aussie
2007-12-26, 17:08:53  
George, I hope you scam the scammer good. This broad is due for a scam on herself. I was hoping she would get back to me. I got a trick or two up my sleeve for her. I was wondering if anyone has heard of a She says she is from Michigan but her profile says American Samoa. Wants to chat in IM. Not sure I am ready for this one but will post here if she answers. Take care George and Good Hunting.
RJKay (Bob)
2007-12-27, 00:02:02  
I picked up a new girl today. She found me at under the username of Sandra204_Smith005. Her profile says she is from Michigan but actually is in the American Samos Islands. In talking to her she says her parents are dead and a friend of the family brought her and took her to Nigeria where she is stuck. She is dark haired and 29, 5'9' about 135lbs and has 36C breasts. I am going to try to get a pic of her next time she talks to me. I will then post it here in hopes someone recognizes her. In the meantime, I wish George all the luck with Ms Asha Kumara/Hassiyah Muniru.
2007-12-27, 00:04:53  
Forgot to mention she is using the name Trudy Gina Ferguason and the Yahoo address of TrudyCutie299.
2008-02-08, 12:30:58
anonymous from Argentina  
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