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Dating scammer feniya Zavodskaya


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Name: feniya Zavodskaya


Dimitrograd Russia

Other Comments:
after a few letters she's asking for money now for visa and stuff.

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2008-01-04, 23:35:32   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

2008-01-05, 01:09:43
seen here picture somewhere not the same name, getting back on this.
2008-01-10, 03:16:01
Her's a letter i received today, it's heartbreaking...............

Hi lovely, I am so happy to receive the letter from you, and thanks
for your understanding, it really to speak me about much, that you
really want to be with me as. Lovely I to have very heavy today day,
it absolutely is not present forces at me here, I in fact to not have
absolutely anybody here now only you the unique close person for me in
this world, is not present even the friend here near to me which could
support me a difficult minute, Lovely I want to speak you what now to
occur. Lovely me to expel nevertheless from an apartment where we to
live with my girlfriend as I am not included in the contract on rent
of an apartment. And to me to give term 2 days that I to leave this
apartment, and I shall remain in the street in two days!!!! It really
is very hard for me, lovely I want to arrive as soon as possible to
you and to live there with you, lovely but I to not have at all cent
in a pocket for this purpose, and it is even more difficult for me,
lovely I to you already to write how many to me it is necessary to
arrive to you, and I hope that you can give me it quickly that I to
start to do other documents as the international passport I to have,
with all documents I will be helped by one person in embassy, in
Moscow, this person to have good connections, is the employee of
agency in which I earlier to work, I yesterday to call to him and to
explain a situation, he has told to me that I can take off but only if
will be ready all my documents, but only I should pay for all as soon
as possible, you understand it! Lovely me to hold nothing here only
sad memoirs, and it really very difficult, I am ready to live there
with you? And we shall really have a happy life together,I to
congratulate you with past ' New Year ' and 'Christmas' I hope that
you to have good holidays!!!! I hope that you were glad to my
congratulation!!!! Lovely I shall wait for the letter from you with
opinion on everything, I hope that you can help me quickly, in fact it
for ours with you of the future! I love you, whole yours Feniya
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Dating scammer Feniya Zavodskaya

2008-01-10, 03:22:33
OJAS from United States  
Ring on right fourth finger means a married girl's pic is being used for scam. Newcomers please read welcome /primer http://www.delphifa..2412.shtml
2008-02-03, 08:33:18   (updated: 2008-02-03, 08:34:56)
anonymous from United States  
this lady is defently a scammer 18mths ago she claimed to be a school teacher from magnitogorsk now she claims to be from dimtrivograd claiming that the mum and dad died and the russian goverment kicked her out of the mums and dads flat also the girlfriend nady is dead and she needs money to come to me in usa after 7 letters!!
dont give her nothing not even your time as its a waste and the pictures she send are of atleast 3 different ladys!!
dot give her nothing!!!!
2008-02-04, 07:32:54
anonymous from United States  

Hello my honey Jim !!!! Many thanks for your letter, me it is very
pleasant to receive the letter from you, with such fine words., your
letters always to cheer up me, and I so am always sad when I to not
receive the letter from you, it is good weather today here. But only I
am very strongly upset, my grief is very strong here now, I to not
sleep all the night long, last night to come to me the militiaman and
to speak me awful news. The militiaman to tell to me, that yesterday
at 16:00 Moscow time, my girlfriend Nady was lost in a road accident,
Nady to bring down the machine, and I today to go to identify body
Nady in the morning, it was awful for me, it was really my girlfriend
Nady!!! I am simple in a shock, I to lose now last person close to me
here.: (now I to not have in general anybody except for you, and I
would like to arrive to you as soon as possible because I have nothing
to do here more, to me it is very hard now here for one, and only you
can make my life happy. I do not have anybody except for you more, to
me so is lonely here now, I so am grateful Nady, that she to force me
to search for the man on the Internet, and I could find you, now I
love you very strongly, and nobody is necessary for me except for you
lovely, I so strongly to love you and so strongly I want to be with
you, Lovely I already to be today at myself on work and to explain
them all situation. And they to tell to me that they to help me to do
all documents that I could arrive to you. If you certainly want that I
to arrive to you as it is possible soon, lovely they to me I shall
tell that I only should have to abandon the country and to arrive to
you, this money to suffice me for everything, (that they to tell to
me: Lyudmila, money it to suffice for you to receive all necessary
documents, + the insurance of medicine safely to be in other country,
+ the air ticket up to you lovely, + to go in Moscow and to receive
the visa to 90 days, I should live in Moscow two days before I to
receive the visa so if you can send me this money I can arrive to you
during 1.5-2 weeks after you to send me of money, my familiar everyone
will arrange, that I to not have any problems.) Lovely I hope that you
to understand all. Also you can help me that I could arrive to you,
and to be happy with you, in fact only you now to remain in my life. I
have nothing to do here now, lovely I want to be with you, I hope that
you can make all to help me, Lovely I to love you, and very much to
want to be with you, lovely I to have the international passport, so
it will be less time to receive all documents for that. That I could
arrive to you without problems. And to live with you very happy, As
lovely they to tell to me that the most simple. A safe and fast way
that you could send me of money it Western union, you only should know
such my data to send me of money: Zavodskaya Feniya, Russia! And that
I could receive this money I should know as your full information and
number of a remittance, lovely it to me all to tell my familiar, which
to use this way of transfer of money to send money to the relatives in
neighbouring countries and cities so I to find out only now about it,
I hope that you to hear about it ever, lovely I very much hope that we
can be together absolutely fast with you!!!!!! Well lovely I hope that
you will closely read this letter. Also you can understand me. I very
much hope for were with you together. I love you, I want to be with
you. To kiss and embrace you, With love yours Lyudmila
2008-03-06, 03:00:22
Send her some letter to tell her she a scammer and she should leave me alone now but here's her next letter as if nothing ever happened, are they drunk or something......

GOOD AFTERNOON lovely Peter!!! Excuse that could not
write to you earlier the letter, but I really to not
have money to write to you,
I am really shocked with your letters???? I to not
represent as it can be???????? I to not know what to
tell to you!
You to prove really that I not indifferent for you,
and that you really love as strongly me as well as I
Lovely I very much love you, and very much I want to
be with you as soon as possible so lovely to try that
we to be together already as soon as possible!!!
I very strongly want it!!!! Lovely it will be only the
short letter, and I shall wait for conversation with
you in yahoomessenger!!! I very much want to chatter
with you,
Well lovely, I shall wait for the letter from you and
conversation as, I very gently to embrace you and is
sweet to kiss your lips!!!!
With the big love and care to you. Yours Feniya
2008-03-11, 07:38:53
she send me this.........
2008-03-11, 07:39:53
she send me this.........
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Dating scammer Feniya Zavodskaya

2009-02-10, 04:57:26
anonymous from India  

2009-03-27, 19:33:33
anonymous from India  

2009-06-09, 01:26:40
anonymous from India  

2010-03-14, 23:11:16   (updated: 2010-03-14, 23:14:28)
anonymous from India  




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