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Dating scammer Natalya Oparina


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Name: Natalya Oparina


Solnechnaya house 24-1 Cheboksary - Russia poste code: 428000

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This scammer wishes to receive many money, she or he is dangerous.

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2009-04-16, 13:50:27
2009-04-16, 13:51:10

2009-04-23, 10:32:50
Still Active but claims to live in Moscow!

2009-07-08, 08:32:12
anonymous from Spain  

2009-07-08, 08:34:07
anonymous from Spain  
Hello my fine love Jose.

I am very happy, that you have written to me the answer to my letter!!!

Your letters fill my soul with pleasure,

and I know that without you my soul will be gloomy as a cloud...

My soul shines with a heat and tenderness!! I cannot simply live without your letters I

Every night I think, I wait every night when the most love will write to me,

it you my angel...

I represent if we shall be together as to us it will be very good.

I have a fine dream I hold you for a hand and we go on a mooring and about us the finest kind.....

You have captured me strongly strongly and have told to me that you very strongly love me,

and then your angelic lips have kissed me very strongly...

Here again I simply could not resist from your charm,

and also have kissed you gently and is sweet...

I have understood if not you who then we bypass to me,

I have found the most ideal the man on all white light both this fine and

the man you are kind my dear Jose!

But when I have woken up I have understood, that it was the just fine dream,

and that it will be carried out to us it is necessary, will meet!

I very much would would like that our meeting took place and that my dream could be carried

out in a real life and that I could feel taste of your fine lips and that

I would feel strong embrace strong your hands!

I very strongly hope that our dream will be embodied in a reality and that we would be happy!! I very much would like to know

Your opinion my angel?

I with impatience shall wait your warm and

The gentle letter!!

Your love Natalya


2009-07-08, 08:36:31
anonymous from Spain  
Hello my fine prince Jose!!!

I am very strongly happy to see your fine letter.

I very much like to read your letters, I understand, that

Your letters are necessary for me as air my fine prince! I

Would ask the god that at us with you all was good and what ours

Attitudes have reached top of the big love!! Understand that for continuation

Our attitudes it is necessary for us to see each other, that

We could study each other better!! Know, that our meeting

Will pass very well because we understand everyone and I know that we

Are created the friend for the friend and that we cannot live the friend without the friend!!! I not

I know, that I shall do without you if I shall lose you, because mine

Heart belongs to the finest to the man on light it to you mine love Jose, which

I was filled in my heart to happiness and a heat, it you

Fine prince! I am very happy what the destiny has made, so

Have met you, the finest angel will do all what

Our two hearts became loving each other!! I think that we should

The nobility at each other all home addresses my angel I wish to give you the

Home address: city Cheboksary, street Solnechnaya the house 24-1,

Name Natalya, surname Oparina. I also wish to know your data?

On it I would like to finish the letter.

I with pleasure shall wait your warm letter for me.

Your sincere love Natalya, I send ardent to you an ardent kiss.

I LOVE YOU Jose and I think of you!!!



2009-07-08, 08:38:09
anonymous from Spain  
Hello my love Jose!

How - you my dear most?

I am very happy, to accept your letter today, it is full of warm-heartedness and sympathies to me.

I think, that for that time that we with you correspond we very much have approached and between us there was a

feeling, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart.

On work I became a little inattentive also my girlfriends speak, that I am enamoured. I was never so is happy.

I have absolutely changed, my girlfriends and friends speak about it. This all because of you.

I as though fly in heavens.

I yesterday thought of our attitudes and concerning our feelings. I already have so become attached to you,

that I miss every day your letters. I always, think of you. I can do nothing with myself. I think,

that I am enamoured. Yes I love you Jose!!! I completely trust you. I think, that we should meet,

we should see each other, look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to

understand each other. We became frank with you, and I think, that you wish to learn about my sexual experience.

In Russia all men dream to drag only the girl in bed, but I do not want it,

I to not wish to be given the first comer that it has taken pleasure.

It something from above it gives love to the person that learn happiness in this life,

and men represent it only in the form of sex, I think, that it is not correct also I hope,

that you with me agree. I wish to be with the only thing the man with

which I shall feel love. I shall give myself to it completely both a body and soul.

We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will pour out for limits of love,

and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life till last moment of our existence..

I feel, what our hearts fight in one rhythm, and you feel it?

I wait for your letter, whether it is important to me to know you divide my ideas?

I look forward your warm letter for me!

With greater respect and love yours Natalya


2009-07-09, 15:06:51
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Spain.

Naming photos with numbers Ф-7.jpg is a scam sign. The Bat! keeps track of sequence numbers for each victim. It tracks project (= victim N°), letter sequence N°, and photos N°
2009-07-14, 13:07:45
anonymous from United States  
2009-09-16, 15:19:08   (updated: 2009-09-16, 15:22:07)
anonymous from Brazil  
To think that its letter true, more eye that and true, you do not have other man I cannot imagine.

2009-09-16, 16:32:36
anonymous from Canada  

These are some photos to watch out for all date scams via ghana
2009-09-20, 22:16:59
Hello there, I show you some of 'Her' letters, this was the first, she doesn't even know your name if you don't write it.

Hello my dear friend.
To me it is very pleasant that you have found time and have answered my letter!
I think that I have liked you? My dear I wish To find such the man which would love me all life!
To me the person is important on its internal qualities. I think, what it is possible?
During these I saw 28 years much. At me were very much not The pleasant moments,
I wish to divide them with you, and it will be To interestingly you why I in a life had such vital values.
My dear when to me 18 years I were executed has got acquainted with one
The young man I met it approximately five years and we wished to do wedding,
But the life seem such hardened, it is very difficult to me to speak about it,
But for all I have learned these five years much, I had from it much
Scandals also has torn with it attitudes, it very strongly beat me and even turned out,
yes first time to me it was very bad, these instants for me were very bad! And now I
I know, what is necessary to me the person: interesting and good in a shower which
Will love me better. Here that I would like to tell to you! I
Still I wish to tell about me directly. My hobby - a fashion. I very much
I like to go with my best girlfriend on shops and to buy very beautiful
Things, we often go after work. Still I have not told all of you where I work, I work in a beauty salon and my trade 'Hairdresser' very much to like Me my work.
As whom do you work and than is engaged? You had the wife? You have children?
Tell to me please about itself, it is as much as possible... ok?
As I shall describe myself: I was born in Russia in city Cheboksary!
My year of a birth to 1980 me of 28 years, my birthday on September 4 th. My weight of 52 kgs and growth of 167 centimeters.
If I shall have time tomorrow I shall write to you after work!
And so I write to you from the Internet of cafe. I with impatience shall wait for your letter
I very much hope to see from you the answer.
Sincerely yours Natalya
2009-09-20, 22:24:30
'Her' next letter:

Hello my dear friend!
For me it is very pleasant that this day you with me. I Are is very happy to see and read your fine letter.
My dear today very remarkable day!
My soul sings also happy beams of a heat from your letter me heats. I very simple girl also can speak with you on any
Themes. I very much wish to learn you better. I am very happy, if you
Write to me more and more about ideas! So it is pleasant to divide
With the person about ideas of ideas and feelings! I wish to tell that in Cheboksary I live with mum! I very much love it, and I adore.
It does not work. My mum on pension. It is borrowed in a kitchen garden but now it sits at home now not that season,
And now its big season has ended!
Now it will be at home and I shall meet it frequently, in the summer it lived in the small house about a kitchen garden and in the summer I saw it very seldom.
My daddy also the pensioner and it lives far in Samara! My mum has left the daddy and has left in Cheboksary together with me!
And now we here live! My daddy every month writes letters. My daddy often drank alcohol here on it mum and has left it.
In letters it writes to me that it often drinks! Such family to me certainly
Is very much pity, that I have no brother and the sister, but I very much very strongly love the parents.
Now has come to finish time my letter...
As with impatience I wait your mutual answer... It is very pleasant to me to have contact to you!
I look forward your letter.
Your Russian girlfriend Natalya
2009-09-20, 22:30:31
In this letter she declared her love:

Hello my the finest the man (your name)!
Today again it is very pleasant to me to receive from you the finest letter!
I read your gentle letters what even my heart now flares a bright flame,
your letters give to me huge pleasure on a shower, and from your letters my heart loves you.
It is very pleasant to me to read your letters, to me very much gives pleasure to receive from you
every day letters and to wait new I also with pleasure write to you letters,
hoping for your kindness and the understanding and each new your letters do us more close and more
Sincerely in letters I give heart and love, I hope that as also you!
Why it seems to me, what in the future we necessarily shall together and what I shall arrive to you when or?
It seems to me, what we come nearer each other, whether not so?
Today beginning morning at me the fine mood, is probable because you are at me and that at us all will be good!
It is very pleasant to me to speak with you about many things
because in we wash opinion you very clever and understanding person!!!
I would like to learn that you think of us, I would think that at us in all that that became to appear beside,
I do not doubt rather from this because when we have started to correspond with you for me the man which
I understand that you attractive seemed that you good and fine and interesting which I searched!
I would be glad to love and messages the remained life close to good and sensitive to the man,
I wish to rely on you because you unique the man which very much is pleasant to me and on any more,
I would want that we had understanding and happiness,
I think that without it to us will be very difficult to live in this world.
And certainly to have children, to grow them, to learn them by a life and very much
I want such father of my children as you that would love them and shared with us each fine instants of our incorporated life.
my dear (your name), on it I would like to finish the today's letter and to wish you all good!
It only probably to wish the love person!!!
With love your frank girlfriend Natalya.
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