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Dating scammer Kisha Bruce


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Name: Kisha Bruce


Kisha Bruce, 4th Regimanuel Ave, Spintex. Accra-Ghana. 00233.

Other Comments:
Kisha Bruce -

Kisha Bruce : My Gosh, i can't believe you actually waited for me to come online today,

Kisha Bruce : what came over you? Did you miss me, because i have missed you badly

Frank: You doing okay

Kisha Bruce : Yes i am doing okay, but not really, things are okay with you too?

Kisha Bruce : I am here in the miserable Africa, but for Gods sake and good reasons i am strong

Kisha Bruce : I am not working, i don't have a job here, its hustling and bustling here you know

Frank: : tell me about africa

Frank: : what part

Kisha Bruce : I am in Westafrica, Accra

Kisha Bruce : You know, i got myself landed in rich minerals deals and i am in the position of obtaining some properties, but i need to have a lawyer's hands in everything to secure all rights into my name and certificates

Kisha Bruce : have you forgotten that i once told you i had a Grandfather who initiated my father into Mining corp, i stay with him here, but he's old and sick, so nothing much i can do, i have to look for the greens myself..

Kisha Bruce : I don't know how much you will be delighted to help me you know

Frank: : how can I help you

Kisha Bruce : Lol, it is true that i could be more RICHER but not yet.... If i should tell you what God's done for me, and once i am done with the lawyer documentations and i have my rights, i could export the minerals into the states to sell them, and i would like you to be my contact over there, and we could make a very HUGE amount of money!

Frank: : tell me about mineral rights

Frank: : you lost me

Kisha Bruce : Its a very long procedure here, and normally don't make good money here, but when you export them out into the States, its serious money... I am in the position of securing a whole land in the Village Area where i could have them mined, its my daddy's property.. i had to trace it with lots amount of money and the help of my Granny...

Kisha Bruce : I have done all the necessary things and i need to hire a lawyer my dear... The amount he wanted was outrageous because he knew the profits of this business... So the moment i am able to pay him off and then i secure my papers and liscence, i would be able to send you some of the ores, try them and then send me the values.... so i know what quantity and money we could be talking if i have them mined, its a very secure place and i am sure i will make millions off that piece of land before it depreciates!!

Frank: : could you be more specific on the ORES

Frank: : you'll be sending me

Frank: : how much land is it

Kisha Bruce : So i thought i should discuss that with you and let you know all about this, because of some reasons.. I need a strong hold, i mean lengthiful contact in the states who could assist me, someone i could share profits and business with, someone i could trust but honestly i don't know who else to think of!! Its just you and the other man who treated me badly.. But i can't do anything with him, thats why i wanted your help...

Kisha Bruce : The ORES.. I have had surveyors checked out the lands from the land mines org. And i could do 14karat to 24karat Gold, and diamonds... But most importantly the pure Gold...

Frank: : what do you mean pure Gold

Kisha Bruce : Honey, trust me on this one, if you are able to keep this confidential and classified between us, we will both make at least not less than 5mil each from this, its a good deal i think, but we need to keep running things between us, and most importantly HONEST AND UNDERSTANDING..

Kisha Bruce : It will be hard for you to get some understanding right now, but trust me when i have been able to hire the lawyer and i get my papers and liscence, i will send you all copies of documents and have you signed your portions as well and then i will send you extracts, you test them and if you find out they are good, then we're in business...!!! Okay

Kisha Bruce : I will trust you on this one... Trust me, the Africans have rich lands, but they don't know the use!! And if you get a stronghold in the States or Europe, you will just be making all the money outside... It took me sometime to finally think about who should help me, and i am proud of myself, at least when we are in business, you'll see how much i'm worth

Kisha Bruce : Are you there?

Frank: : yes

Frank: : just reading your offer

Kisha Bruce : ok

Frank: : I hope your not trying to be putting me together

Kisha Bruce : Well, if you have always doubted me, i plead with you to believe me ON THIS ONE!!

Kisha Bruce : I promised, and i swear by the GOOD HEAVENS, that this is a chance for me to be RICHER in life, so i hope you will help things and then, we are both smiling

Kisha Bruce : So just think about this whole thing my dear and for now all i want is for you to help me with some funds to hire the lawyer, so let me know how soon you could get this done for me...

Kisha Bruce : Honey, i will try and visit you sometimes when things are better and then we could do our unthinkables together you know

Frank: : how much money do you need

Kisha Bruce : I will need 1200 which is way beyond my reach, he's taking 3000dollars but i'll need 1200dollars only from you

Frank: : who is giving you the rest

Kisha Bruce : I just want to do the down payment to get him on my job...And then gradually when income starts flowing i will be paying him bit by bit

Frank: : what is your address

Frank: : complete address

Kisha Bruce : I have given it to you before, right? You lost it???

Frank: : no

Frank: : you never given it to me

Kisha Bruce : Okay sorry about that

Frank: : or a phone number

Kisha Bruce : Kisha Bruce, 4th Regimanuel Ave, Spintex. Accra-Ghana. 00233.

Frank: : is that your mailing address

Kisha Bruce : Yes Home address, mailing address and if you should send me something thats the address you will need to send it on

Frank: : how secure is it

Kisha Bruce : But the mine site is like 3hrs away from my address! How secure do you mean??

Frank: : normally here in the states we use postal box

Frank: : how do you commute fr your apt to the mining site

Kisha Bruce : Ok i see, but i don't have a postal box, but if you send a letter or package on Fedex or UPS, i will get it though they don't deliever to homes

Kisha Bruce : I use my Grandfathers pick-up!!

Frank: : how do i sent it

Frank: : mail or FEDX or UPS

Kisha Bruce : I have spent huge money already and i am just glad to get somewhere now and in due time, i will be happier, just that i will need a stronghold... And good contact

Kisha Bruce : How do you send the money??

Frank: : yes

Frank: : Oh, just some express fund transfer, you can use my address and details, then i pick it up from here and pay him off

Frank: : so the address you gave me is your grandfathers

Frank: : Yes, thats our home!

Frank: : can you send me pictures of the mining site

Kisha Bruce : Here, he bought it permanently.. And anytime my daddy travelled and he's in the country he used to stay here too... I am checking on the internet, which one's best to use

Frank: : send me pictures of the land your trying to mine

Kisha Bruce : Okay, i will send you everything! I will go there the next monday, i had to get some papers done here in the city this week, so i will send you the pictures of the proposed site on Tuesday! And please remember is confidential!!

Kisha Bruce : I believe you! But i was only saying that because at least until we start enjoying the profits you might not know intruders... And even if you are going to contact the and test the mineral ores that i will send you, you should be careful of cheats on the market...Okay my dear,

Kisha Bruce : But i hope you have not forgotten my dad is late? I have some old pictures of him would you like to see?

Frank: : sure

Kisha Bruce : Ok

Kisha Bruce : Honey, i checked where's your location currently?

Kisha Bruce : Are you still in California?

Frank: : yes

Kisha Bruce : Alright, then i think Western union could be the best, you can check their website,

Frank: : ok

Kisha Bruce : ok

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2009-04-06, 02:55:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-04-06, 02:55:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-04-06, 02:55:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
2009-04-06, 02:55:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
2009-04-06, 02:55:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
2009-04-06, 02:55:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-04-06, 02:55:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-06-11, 14:13:48
anonymous from Kuwait  
Another bunch of picts that were sent to me, I'm Will from Canada.

This is my response to her after several ones, but I busted the bitch.

[Kish: you are calling me a liar? Well, I never ever lied to you about anything ever, every letter I wrote to you was from inside me, BUT, your real intentions showed up very very different than what I expected.

ANY WISE AND MATURE GIRL, Should have gotten happy to death, when her lover tell her, that he will come to her to visit and spend time with her, she should jump up and down day and night for she found a serious man, thats willing to take the relationship into a much higher level, but for my astonishment!!! YOU FELT..................................... I'M LYING!

What a freaken stupid attitude towards the most WARM REAL PASSIONATE MOVE from my side.

Well its not stupid only but it made me lost trust in you, you know why??????????????????????????????????????????????

Because that made me think that you don't want me to see the place you live in, this means::::::::::

1. either you are a black Nigerian bad looking freak
2. you are lying and you are not for real
3. you are not in Ghana basically, consequently lying again
4. ...........

2009-06-11, 17:07:58
anonymous from Australia  
i can understand your story..they are freaking black scum of the earth , (its definitely a man, using women photos..what they do is they post as white women asking man for their photos and more and even famlies photos, children etc depending how much the man trust them .and then they are armed with your photos to scam women and pretend to get friendly and write and when women ask for proof of other photos, they will send one otr two and then to convince the women they will use dyour family photos to send to women...i have received a lot of that too..
or they steal opther innocent men photos (not the pin up look) but common normal guys and used them adn cook up a beautiful profile..i cam across that while browsing of the same photos but one pretray as a pilot flying the world over etc..sick !, we will torch them if we knew who they are ,..i am a racist now.cos of the pain they cause.
2009-06-17, 02:00:41
I have been getting emails from a chick who sounds very simillar her history and living situation r da same but she livs in a different local n has nveva asked 4 ne $$$$$$ wot dus ne1 think
2009-06-18, 10:41:02
did you ever think she may have bee geuine?not all women on the internet are scmmers I have met few women that have all been genuine people of course you feel something is up but just because a woman ha ben talkng with a few guys dose not mean she is a scammer and come on! $1200 bucks a woman can make that on a corner in a day if she was tryin to scam you dont you think she would have wanted alt more??????And 1 comment mentions ha caught her out ! how ?Because she did not want sa strange guy coming to her residence?Have you heard of John wayne Gacey,Jeffory Dahma ?Well she peobaly has to.Everything is not a conspiracy guy's!!!!!!!!Get off line and live abit
2009-06-18, 15:49:14   (updated: 2009-06-18, 15:55:08)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Anonymous and Anonymous

To the first one on the 17th.
Ignore the the Fool that posted on the 18th.
By His remarks, He is a scammer.
Back to, You it does not matter if, You have been asked for money yet.
Some scammers actually wait for many month's before asking.
You failed to mention any useful information such as where she is from ?
But a guideline to fallow is this.
If, You are contacted by a woman good looking that's a sign its a scam.
No woman on Earth ever falls in Love with someone they never met before.
Especially in two or three e mails.
Nearly every scam is done by a man. So its most likely a guy using
fake name, stolen photo's, they have many e mail addresses.
They can fake a woman's voice, and fake a web cam appearance.
If Your little sweetie claims she is either in or from any West African
Country at all its a scammer.
There are no White or Black, Woman or Men on line from Ghana, Nigeria,
Senegal, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Refugee Camp Senegal Dakar,
All of West Africa.
That are on line that are not 100% scammers. NONE NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!!
No matter what anyone tries to say no matter what made up story.
If any fool says there are those that can be trusted then one of two things
is true.
# 1 He is a scammer himself.
# 2 He is being fooled by a scammer.
Please come back and fill in the blanks so someone can help You.
By the way notice how the other anonymous hid where, He is from.
Notice, I have shown where, I am from plus, I sign what, I write.
Never post Your e mail address on this site scammers watch this site
Your inbox would flood with scams.
example being most likely the idiot posting from the 18th.
Never tell the scammer anything about this site or even how, You
found out the truth.
The scammer has a story to cover their ass on just about anything.
Keep in mind the scammer is a guy.
Your only hooked by the stolen photo's.
Never no matter what is said send money to anyone, You do not know.

Anonymous from the 18 th. Your comment at best is from someone
who is clueless about scams or is a scammer.
Either way Your opinion is Dangerous and Stupid.
You go ahead and risk, Your own life but don't drag others down
with, You.
By the way Your poor English is very scammer in appearance.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-06-25, 12:54:58
thank you sincere people, just a note though, 99.999% of scammers are originating from Africa, these people are fuckups, full of shit, and thank you dear friend whom posted above for your words are really true, and btw, me myself became a racist, I just hate africans more, they are tearing the world apart, anywhere they go and/or live, sometimes I feel petty about them though.

Well thanks for this site for its ealy warnings about scammers, this thing should get advertized more often to give warnings to victim poor men, online dating is just a dream unfortunately, that is why we need a better controled system with security policies that Identifies true people from fake ones.

Again, everyone please be cautious, and try to use this website to identify your scammers,, and computer freaks can also install NeoTrace, to check the ip address from the website above, it will tell you where is the person that you are talking to you, and this is ofcourse is a first line of defense, use your sense and own judgment.

Kind Regards to all people helping in here.
2014-01-26, 00:35:39   (updated: 2014-01-26, 00:45:00)
Bax from United States  
Featured Article, Dating scammer Kisha Bruce

Photos displayed have been taken from porn sites.
Due to the contacts location and money asking address,
are found to be stolen and used as bait-pics to trick you.
I have not included links because the sites are tasteless, dirty-smut images!

Address: Kisha Bruce, 4th Regimanuel Ave, Spintex. Accra-Ghana. 00233.

2009-04-06, 02:55:18 [hidden] from United States (Top pic, original location);
Platinum Karups Galleries
<img src='/r/thumbs/19/19484.jpg' alt='Jennifer'>

3. you are not in Ghana basically, consequently lying again

2009-06-11, 14:13:48 anonymous from Kuwait (pic original location)‎
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Status Report complete.
urlQuery Alerts Detected RedKit exploit kit URL pattern

These internet contacts are NOT who they say!
This pic is much closer to the true contact!!

Dating scammer Henry Addy impersonates 'Charles Brooks'





Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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