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Dating scammer Roberta Mills


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Name: Roberta Mills


Floral Park, New York

Other Comments:
She says she is a shopkeeper in Floral Park, New York, though her email domain has the Russian suffix, .ru.

She is patient, spending a few hours over a few days gaining your trust and winning your heart and loyalty. Then she receives bad news about her 'grammam' having a stroke in Ghana, and she must fly there to be at her side.

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2009-05-22, 05:56:49
anonymous from Canada  
Thanks for this site. I'm new to the date scam epidemic. I went to last Fri., May 15, 2009, just to check it out and see if I could meet someone locally so I'd have a date for my upcoming bowling banquets. I'm sick of going solo! Immediately upon entering, I was swarmed with greetings in the chat window. I think lavalife is particularly useful for these scammers because of the chat function. They come at you before you even figure out what's going on or how to navigate around the site.

I'm one month shy of my 59th birthday and all of these women were between 28 and 32, if their profiles are to be believed. I had no clue about date scams, and I'm a very trusting soul. Of course I was astonished that women that age would have any interest in a comparatively old geezer like me. But they all said the same: age is irrelevant when searching for True Love. Same with distance: I'm in Canada; you're in Ghana. They say distance no obstacle to true love! I thought I had discovered heaven on earth, and that was even before they took me offsite to IM chat and uploaded their photos!

Once I saw who I was allegedly dealing with, I was over the moon! My God, these babes are gorgeous. I focused my chatting on two of them. The first is well known on this site, Tanko Rukaya Amadu of Accra, Ghana. I was glad for the opportunity to upload new images to your database, and to tell of her latest scam. She is now a poor starving Lebanese refugee, orphaned in the recent Lebanese/Israeli conflict, and she wastes no time finding the expressway to your wallet with her sad story that melts your heart. The only thing that saved me from getting bilked is that it was a long weekend/bank holiday in Canada, and my employment insurance deposit was delayed by one day. And by that time, I knew I was being scammed. I'm one of the lucky ones who emerged unscathed from the grips of these very nasty creatures who will burn in hell!

The second scambabe I dealt with calls herself Roberta Mills. She says she is a shopkeeper in Floral Park, New York, though her email domain has the Russian suffix,
. She is patient, spending a few hours over a few days gaining your trust and winning your heart and loyalty. Then she receives bad news about her 'grammam' having a stroke in Ghana, and she must fly there to be at her side. My search did not find her on this site, so I will upload her picture here and also to your database.

Roberta quickly stole my heart and became my numero uno! I was entirely honest with her from the outset, and told her about my ongoing chats with Tanko. I told her Tanko would now just be my friend, and I must send her 100 cedi by Western Union because the poor young war orphan is starving, and what kind of person would I be if I turned my back on her? Roberta assured me she understood.

Luckily, I am a caring person in matters of the heart and I would rather talk about the other person than myself. So I kept questioning and trying to elicit personal details from Roberta. She was slipping and sliding trying to keep up with her filthy lies, and my questions would bring the same result. Her IM chat status would switch from Available to Offline. She would then send an email to say I'M SO SORRY, SO VERY SORRY, and blah-blah-blah. So it wasn't long before my suspicions could no longer be distracted by the luscious photo she sent when we first met. I went online and googled
date chat scams
and knew in a few minutes exactly what I was dealing with.

I then decided to have some fun and get vengeance at the same time. I turned the tables and the mark became the scammer. I played them off against each other, switching my allegiance from Roberta to Tanko, and bad-mouthing Roberta to Tanko. At the same time, I was picking fights with Tanko. I had them so wound up the day before yesterday that they were sending pleading emails like crazy! I was laughing so hard my belly ached. I have not laughed so much before in my life! It was way too much fun!!!

In turning the tables on these two evil witches, I discovered they are not the least bit clever or aware. They have no smarts whatsoever. I made it so obvious that I had caught onto their game, and they never clued in. With Tanko, especially, I talked the most outrageous absurdities, and she went along and went along like the dumb, stupid dog that she is --if she is even a real person, which I doubt.

So I have had my fun and now there is much work to be done to get these people out of circulation who have no regard for fellow human beings. All they care about is lining their own pockets. I want to destroy them all!

Here is the photo of Roberta Mills:

2009-05-22, 07:24:25
anonymous from Canada  
I must share my epilogue to the Tanko saga. She IM'd me just now. Transcript:

tanko says:
Donald says:
hello tanko
how are you
hey, do you know you are famous?
tanko says:
am doing well
Donald says:
tanko says:
Famous am where
Donald says:
on Net
google Tanko Amadu...
you will see
tanko says:
Famous at where
Donald says:
on Internet
tanko says:
you mean i find me net
Donald says:
very famous
you are big football star!
tanko says:
Donald says:
tanko says:
at where
my dear you dont turst me again
Donald says:
google tanko amadu
go see!
I'm so excited for you!
pictures of you, many pictures!
you be in jail soon, get plenty to eat there!!!!
tanko says:
Haha you think so..
I am a scammer and you are the Mugu.
Donald says:
go see now!!!
google tanko amadu!
no, with u I was the scammer!
I catch on quick...
u too stupid to know u the one being scammed, dumb bitch!
i scam you three days now!!!
before u steal my money!!!!!hahahahahaha!
what u say now, smartass?
my story on poor starving refugee now in global database of date scammers!!!!
tanko says:
well am not this it the really Tanko
Donald says:
u mugu!!! hahahaha !!
Mugu is a term used by the scammers among themselves to describe their intended victims. Roughly translated this term mean 'big fool' --wikipedia

speak english, dumb bitch!!!
make no sense!!!!!
bye! have good time in jail. eat well!
brainless dog!!!!!

2009-05-22, 07:27:50
anonymous from Canada  

2009-05-22, 07:28:41
anonymous from Canada  

2009-05-22, 12:19:10
anonymous from Canada  
Above transcript was submitted rashly and I now regret it. It was childish, vindictive and purely motivated by spite.

I'm feeling pretty ashamed of myself right now for allowing it to happen. I thought I was a better man than that.

Terribly sorry!
2009-05-22, 18:42:16
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

If, You truly are the person, Who made this posting ?
Contact the site administrator and ask it be removed.
Give him the name of thread date time etc.
He will listen to, You and will know if in fact, You are the one who posted
this here in the first place.
If, Your not the original poster well then, We don't need to hear from You
at all.
Everyone will just disregard your last statement as being made by a scammer.
So please if it is really a mistake do something about it now.
The site administrators address is on the left side of the page near the top.
Just above where it says Tell a Friend.

I will keep watch on this to see what happens.
If it is a scammer trying to do damage control good luck with that.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-05-24, 01:45:25
anonymous from Canada  
It was, in fact, the original poster, but it was no more than a momentary lapse on my part. You know, the hardest part about being scammed this way is it's difficult to separate the illusion from the probable reality. For a fleeting moment I felt bad for the girl in the photo, forgetting that she has nothing to do with the person I was actually dealing with in the transcript. She's probably some model somewhere having a great life.

It is a bunch of greasy sleazeballs who are on the keyboard chatting with us. They are crooks and thugs. They steal the photos, they even steal the words they use to express perfect love: I call it seduction by plagiarism. They have no hearts, no souls, only lust for money. They destroy lives and laugh all the way, calling the honest, trusting, compassionate people they dupe 'mugu' -- big, stupid fools. Funny, I don't feel foolish for being trusting and caring. I know I'm a good man for it. I laugh at them. They have other people's money, but I have other people's love and respect. Who is the mugu?

PS: If you google 'Tanko Amadu', you find it's commonly a man's name. There is a Turkish football player with that name and a Ghanaian attorney. Draw your own conclusions.
2009-05-24, 03:17:18   (updated: 2009-05-24, 03:20:52)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Thank You for your response.
I did not mean to imply, You were a scammer just standard practice when, I
come across such a posting. Many scammers try to do damage control
by saying things just like, You wrote.
Your not silly or strange in how You acted at all.
The emotional turmoil one feels is very powerful and can make anyone do
crazy things.
Scammers kick the props out from under a person and it gets messy.
Trying to help woman who make postings here is another whole topic. LOL
They are a breath away from being funny farm material.
One wrong placed word and well trying to help them can turn into a exercise
in self defense. LOL
Not that, I don't like woman mind, You. LOL
You seem to have a very solid grasp on things now by, Your wording.
I am glad, You escaped the scammer.
I knew the posting was of someone, I had seen before.
Stolen photo's the usual.
If, I'm correct the name usually associated with those pictures is
something like Jewel Dane ?
Unfortunately that posting was done by someone who posted just a picture
with name on about 12 or more threads mostly nude shots.
I absolutely agree that scammers are cold hearted trash that actually do
laugh at their victims. Since mine did just that.
It inspired me to do all, I can to get the last laugh on them. Playing with peoples
lives is the lowest form of life on the planet.
I know that scammers pick some pretty stupid names to scam with.
I saw one with Perry Mason. LOL It amazes me how some get by at all
with obvious names that should ring a warning bell.
Glad the mystery here is cleared up now.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2009-08-18, 18:49:34
I am still in touch with Tanko... having a ball speaking nonsense with her....keep calling me dear and how much sheloves me..hahaha....guesswhat she even sent me photos of 'herself'..any photos that you want..well..can't post her as nudity is not allowed..
2010-02-16, 11:48:03
anonymous from Canada  
hello everyone...

I just met that one too... her adress is :

2010-02-16, 11:54:15
anonymous from Canada  
here is her 2nd picture: (rrukaya tanko rukaya amadu)

she's hot indead... well the one on the picture. and was very nice. I was quite decent... and I tried until the end to catch her off guard. I was quite decent though... I even wish her good luck with her next one.

In some country... where they could sell their own children to have a decent meal... they're ready for anything. I know it may sound cruel to us.... but can we really blame them?

I can't imagine how someone can fall for that though... there's a saying we say in Quebec... I don't know where it come from... but we say:

if something's too good to be true, it isn't.

best of luck to you guys.

2010-02-16, 13:12:42
anonymous from United Kingdom  
@anonymous from Canada

You're right!

See below!!


2012-07-29, 22:16:41   (updated: 2012-07-29, 22:17:39)
nizertop from United States  
Roberta Mills

2012-07-29, 22:18:47
nizertop from United States  
Roberta Mills

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