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Dating scammer Megan qt


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Name: Megan qt


Lagos Nigeria

Other Comments:
She said that her name is Jelana Tina Jovic and she is from Cleveland Ohio. I search for this and i find nothing. She had a photos from Megan qt and said that her father die to Lagos and they gonna put her out of her Hotel because she haven't pay for a long time. She ask money for her re wall ticket and she flying with KLM to come to find you. She ask 257€ for the room and 451€ for the flying ticket. She have a receive from a Hotel named Hotel Happiness ans Suites. The number that gives you it's 2348139595850. She ask to send her money through Western union and Moneygram. The address who she use for collecting money is Ayobamitale Beckley
100 awolowo road
ikoyi lagos. She is appears to Tagged, adultfriendfinder, lesbiansfinder and friend finder. On friend finder has another name ( little xoxoxoxoxox, as a nick name) and the name cindoto but with the same email. Also she ask you to wipe Megan's photos when you gonna discovery that. I don't know if she is a scamer or not (it's smell like that), cause she said she is in Lagos from April and the Megan doesn't upload anything since then. Also she said that she is borne at 19th of April and this match with the Megan's Zodiac sign. When i try to confirm that address she gave to me, i find no Hotel there. You can check this if you want?

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2012-12-04, 20:17:48   (updated: 2012-12-04, 20:26:34)
DOC from United States  

Sorry if you were scammed! Scammers love to use photoshop!

Melissa Midwest http://flaauthor.wo..11/04/09/

2012-12-04, 20:22:32
DOC from United States  
2012-12-05, 00:36:08   (updated: 2012-12-05, 00:39:21)
Oh my... it's said the traditional African marriage ritual can be an entertaining event lasting about a week with plenty of warm homemade beer drank from gourds fashioned from the Cucurbitacase plant. The real maidens perform a reed dance as shown in the pic... not the photoshopped porn girls shown above... LOL !

2012-12-05, 10:04:56
anonymous from United States  
I know all to well about this scam after all the brain damage and sifting threw pages of pictures and reading about what these people have done. I currently am talking with her or whoever they are. I want to help in anyway I can to catch them . They still trust me and I would be happy as hell to set them up. Name is will from , I'll keep checking on this post to till someone directs me on what to do thanks
2012-12-05, 13:27:47
anonymous from United States  
All of you being scammed might consider customizing the following 'NOTICE' and send to your scammer friend as well as the various agencies you might feel appropriate. Most countries now require registration of cellphone numbers, so the scammers do not have total anonymity as they may think. I used this notice recently, and it did get the attention of the scammer who got really pissed; and threatened to have her high priest cousin in Haiti cast a powerful voodoo spell over me that would cause my balls to rot and fall off if I didn't stop the notice immediately. LOL ! So if you're not superstitous, give it a try and post your experiences which may help bring at least some resolution to others who have been scammed. If the source of the scam orignates in Ghana, you might try contacting the INSPECTOR GENERAL of POLICE [ICP}. The IGP is the head of the Police service and is responsible for the operational control and the administration of the Police Service - Paul Tawiah Quaye - is currently the ICP. Lots of corruption in this country, but it's worth the effort....

Notice To File / Internet Crime Complaint Center

'Pursuant to legal statures applicable to judiciary felony fraud cases in Ghana, evidentiary material enclosed indicates a clear intent of scamming over the internet, perpertrated by one Akakpo Samuel, a female of Black/African descent approximate age 31, whose last known physical address is: #14 Abavana Street, Accra, Ghana 00233 email address: and cel phone: 233 276339929. A number of photographs of the subject along with correspondence, depository from Womens World Bank WWB/0994-0801 dated 19 July 2009 and MTCN Western Union data are further enclosed herewith as an attachment. The purpose of which is for investigation and prosecution of suspected criminal and/or civil violations. It appears the premise is being used to conduct illegal internet fraud, whereby a fictitious persona is often created by the scammer who will profess romantic interests, in order to lure victims into sending money for various reasons. It is urgent you precede with an immediate investigation to prevent further scurrilous and fraudulent scamming activity by false pretenses, impersonation and abetment of crime on residential premise.

All agencies are being notified as necessary, including but not limited to; The U. S. Embassy (Ghana), all U. S. Federal Agencies, INTERPOL, NCR (National Cellphone Registry), Womens World Bank (Ghana), private investigator/law firm (Ghana), MoneyGram, Western Union, landlords, neighborhood addresses on Abavana Street (Ghana), other internet providers, affiliations, associates and religious institutions.'

2012-12-05, 18:35:25
anonymous from United States  
Well i did'nt know how fast i would get some feedback...Thank you DOC and others i guess i would rather have my heart break from the truth here,then lies being dragged out by 'mary' i was going to post more pics but what you have put up is enough to know...GOD did it seem so real the 'wedding pics' i started to challenge 'her'and she sent me pics 'wearing'the jewelry i sent her so then i felt better..i guess those were faked too.I tried to contact her today,had'nt heard from her since Sat. but a couple days off were 'normal'...i recently asked her if she was MeganQt she said yes and that was past...taking a christian lifestyle.I looked through this site lately checking names, addresses and did'nt see hers so i had felt good somewhat...before todays news i was going to post more pics and thoughts(1)its the truth (2)scam/lies (3)real good scammer perhaps MeganQt...the woman i spoke with maybe the scammer or helping them.I didnt want to reveal the name i was given when i had guys be careful of Mary Dapaah whoever it is,i had seen or known of her facebook profile but did'nt see it...i will check in maybe i can help someone.Maybe i'll send mary pics of Raven Riley wearing her wedding gown...Thanks someamericanguy
2012-12-05, 21:00:50
What every scammer counts on is for his prospective mark to want to believe so badly that he or she won't see or hear what is presented.

2013-01-28, 00:22:05
anonymous from United States  
[ RRS ]

The more Information That People write about the Better. I want others to know to watch out for those Possing as the Police. The first thing thay Do is tell You that Your being Scammed, they will ask You for Help to arrest the ones Scamming You. I Guess the Cost they Ask for Help is nothing compared to what a Scammer will try to get from Someone. There so many Tricks they Use to Fool others and there getting Smarter about it. I could write My Story, but its To Crazy, I've Learned alot and there's ways to know if Your Being Scammed. Just be Smart about what Your doing with Someone and Let them Know from The Start that You do not send Money to anyone You haven't Personally Met. They will not stick around long.
2013-01-28, 00:48:01
anonymous from United States  
[ RRS ]

I Forgot to write about the one I'm chatting with right now , 1-28-2013. She's claiming to be Megan QT, She's from Ghana with the same Basic Story. This ones say's Her Name is Diana and I Know Megans First name is not Diana from another site. There are so many Scammers using Pictures of Porn Star because of all the Pictures they can get to send out. Blueyez - Cassandra, Josie Model - Josie Ann Miller are just two others being Used Heavily to Scam People. What would be Nice is if these Porn Stars would Write a Big Note letting People Know They have Never Been in Africa. This would Let others Know that the one Who's Claiming to Be Them is a Fake. They could Send thm that Picture if needed to end things. The one Whom I'm Chatting with claims to never ask for Money and will Meet Me When She comes back from Ghana, I'm not holding My Breath, but I'll string them along so they don't go after someone Else. To be Honest I too have Fallen for This one and I Would like nothing Better than to Start a new Life with Her, Megan QT's Something. The People Who sign up to Dating Site want to Find that one Special Someone to spend a Lifetime in a Happy Healthy Relationshhip in Love. They May not Be Perfect but there's always someone out there Perfect for Each of Us. They put there Hearts and Souls out there and Scammers are stomping all over them. After being approach a Dozen times by People from Ghana, I've Learned How to Spot them.
2013-01-28, 01:04:08
anonymous from United States  
[ RRS ]
I Forgot to Write about the one Who I'm Chatting with right now 1-28-2013. She's claiming to be Megan QT. But Her Name isn't the same as Megan's Real first name. There's alot of Scammers using Casandra-Blueyez and Josie Model-Josie Ann Miller, there so many pictures for them to Use. There are Pictures of these included, I also included Josies Sister. Be Careful and Don't send Money or Items.

2013-01-28, 01:11:33
anonymous from United States  
[ RRS ]
I Hope this one goes on the site, I'm Chatting with someone claiming to Be Megan right now, Jan.2013. She's sent Pictures off Megan's Face Book Page and Keeps Saying She's the one in the Picture and Will not ask for money. Her name is not Megan' Real First Name
2013-01-28, 01:32:59
anonymous from United States  
[ RRS ]
I Hope this one goes on the site, I'm Chatting with someone claiming to Be Megan right now, Jan.2013. She's sent Pictures off Megan's Face Book Page and Keeps Saying She's the one in the Picture and Will not ask for money. Her name is not Megan' Real First Name
2013-01-28, 01:40:46
anonymous from United States  
[ RRS ]
I'm Chatting with someone right now who Claims to be Megan QT, as of Jan Two Thousand Thirteen. One of the Same Pictures off Her Face Book, she tried saying it was Sent drom Ghana and the Pictures fron last Year. Megan QT-She's Not Chatting With Me Either.
2013-01-29, 05:24:45
OJAS from United States  
Compare the 2 pix posted by DOC.

Chin contours of Melissa Midwest and Raven Riley are different. But their shadows on the neck are identical! Amazing!
2013-01-29, 18:16:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
just want to tell you ive been talking to doris milady dove650@yahoo using pictures of megan qt.nearly got me but the western union in my home town had recently been shut by authorities due to its involvement in arranged marriages,internet dating scams etc...i am soooo lucky.HE would have got everything...also watch out for celina diego and real dream.dont know if they work together but its surely no coincidence they all contacted me within 24hrs of joining dating website...have been fortunate.and wish to share careful its a jungle out there....
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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