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Dating scammer Timmy Carr


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Name: Timmy Carr


not really known

Other Comments:
Hi guys, have just come across this site, wish I had found it a lot earlier, and after reading all the comments on here, has certainly opened my eyes. Was contacted by this person on a senior dating site, goes by the name of Timmy Carr, ( ) a 30 year old french latina, born in Missouri, then recently moved to Punta Gorda, Florida, USA, or so she claims, and claims to be into the art business, what I would like to know is, has anybody else came across her, or knows who she really is, or what she does, as I suspect the pictures that she has sent me, have been stolen, or bought and are being used by a scammer, although when I questioned her about them, and the mark on them, she claimed that they were her's, and was taken by a friend, when I asked her, how long ago that they were taken, she said that they were all taken the early part of this year ( 2011 ), just with different hair do's, I very much doubt that, because in some, she looks younger than others. To cut a long story short, the first couple of emails I got from her, seemed quite genuine, apart from the spelling, but then went onto Yahoo messenger and started chatting, and thats when the subject of money came into it, and yes I got caught by it, she sent me a copy of a certificate, or half of it, as it failed to download properly, claiming to be from the UN, for the release of her artworks, held in Tiawan, didn't give it another thought, looked genuine, until a few months ago that is, when the requests for more money came in, I took a closer look at it, wasn't happy with what I saw, and told her it was a fake, but she still claimed it was genuine, so I wrote to the UN, and sent a copy of that certificate, and got my answer, it was fake, as they said that they are not involved in anything like that, and the use of their name and emblem was not authorised, I done some more checking up on her, email address, could not be validated, because hidden behind a domain, the address that she gave me, as to where she lived, 2511 Luther road, Punta Gorda, Florida, no records could be found of her living there, also there's a male involved, goes by the name of Kenneth Smith, who is supposed to be her Lawyer, email adddress ( ), checked that out, doesn't even exist. Currently, they are both in Nigeria, supposedly trying to sort her artwork out, if it even exists, as I have told her straight, that she's not getting anymore money from me, although she's still asking me for it for various things, and is very persistant, even when I've told her that I haven't got anymore.
She's very elusive as to answering questions, and doesn't like it when being put under pressure. Still chatting with her at the moment, and will update this a bit later on, as I intend to start cheesing her off even more. She has a profile on facebook, as well as 5 other dating sites,, eharmony, zoosk, lavalife and, and prefers the older men, so be warned.

Here's a TIP: If you are approached by a nice looking girl from any dating sites, or a man, if you are a woman, and you think that you are being scammed, and are asked for money via Western Union, to help with whatever they are asking for, if you decide to play along with them, send them your details, using a false address, a false 10 didgit MTCN number, the amount they're asking for, and their details that they give you, then sit back and wait for their reaction, they will be certainly be cheesed off, when they go to collect the money, only to find that there isn't any, and that they have been made a fool of, if they ask you to send a copy of the transaction, there is no need to, just reply back, 'eat shit and die'

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2011-11-02, 02:08:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2011-11-02, 02:08:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2011-11-02, 02:08:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2011-11-02, 02:08:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2011-11-02, 02:08:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2011-11-02, 02:08:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2011-11-02, 02:08:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2011-11-02, 02:08:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2011-11-02, 20:38:24
Listen up guys... if you have to wonder why some young sexy babe thousands of miles away can't find a partner in their part of the world ? The clear answer emerges... cash, dollars, euros, rupees... or whatever you wanna call it, the motivating answer is simple = SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM !

There's no sexy babe on the other end ! More than likely some young dude with balls is being pimped by a greedy maestro, who has knife at his throat should he try anything else. And he's not alone. The cafe is crowded with lowlife scammers working for a 'maestro' who buys the computer time and hires them to scam you under the pretense of being a woman seeking romance. To these immortal thieves, it is just a business. And more often than not pictures of sexy PORN models are cleverly used to lure you into their web of deceit and deception. The 'maestro' gets a 60 percent cut and reserves another 20 percent to pay off law enforcement officials who rarely come around. That still puts plenty of cash in the scammer's pocket. The typical scammer spends up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week, huddled over one of many computers, pretending to be a sexy woman working his scams.

Don't take it personally that they're trying to scam you... just move on, brush off the dirt and learn from experiences. If not, the con artist wins because they leave a mark on you that YOU choose not to handle, and the next quality love of your life may have to pay the price for you not dealing with it.
2011-11-12, 16:51:46
bigbear from United Kingdom  
Update as to this person:
Having done more homework as to this person, 'Timmy Carr', through a link on this site, it appears that the person in the photo's that were sent to me, is in fact, a model, ( and a gorgeous one at that ) and probably unaware that her photo's are being used by scammers, for their ill gotten gains. It appears that the photo's came from the website; http/, hense the watermark on them, but it is possible to purchase a royalty free photo from them, for a small fee, without the watermark. Getting back to the matter in hand, I'm still chatting with this person on yahoo messenger, at the moment, but barely, the reason I say barely is that I think that whoever is on the other end of this, is starting to get rather pissed off, because they're not getting anywhere, I have also spoken to a female at the other end, and although she speaks with an american accent, she never stays on the phone long enough, to be really sure, so I asked her to borrow a webcam, seeing that she didn't have one, just to make absolutely sure, and the answer I got was; I would rather be there with you in person,
(wanting me to pay for her travelling expenses) I don't think so, things started to get heated, and the next thing, she just went offline. The next night she came online, this is what happened;

me(11/11/ 2011 12:08:40 AM) : hi dear, got the card, thank you
Timmy(11(11/11/2011 12:08:56 AM) : you are welcome
me(11/11/2011 12:09:40 AM) : how are you doing?
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:09:50 AM) : cool
me(11/11/2011 12:10:57 AM) : are you mad at me?
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:11:38 AM) : why not
me(11/11/2011 12:12:02 AM) : I thought as much
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:13:33 AM) : whatever
me(11/11/2011 12:14:19 AM) : what do you mean by 'whatever'
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:14:34 AM) : angry
me(11/11/2011 12:15:04 AM) : and why?
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:15:25 AM) : you know why but acting like a saint
me(11/11/2011 12:16:31 AM) : I'm not saying that I'm a saint, thats for sure
me(11/11/2011 12:19:56 AM) : you're angry because I asked you to borrow a webcam, aren't you?
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:21:11 AM) : how was your day
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:21:22 AM) : and hope you'd fun??
me(11/11/2011 12:22:01 AM) : absolute shit, no fun at all
me(11/11/2011 12:22:47 AM) : and u still never answered my question
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:23:16 AM) : u asked why am I mad?
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:23:34 AM) : isnt it worth it,how could be addressing in a careless manner
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:23:55 AM) : calling me all sort of names
me(11/11/2011 12:24:34 AM) : and what have I supposed to have called you then????????
me(11/11/2011 12:25:42 AM) : well?????????
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:26:00 AM) : is not your fault
me(11/11/2011 12:26:33 AM) : whats not my fault??
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:26:57 AM) : is this how you use to treat woman?
me(11/11/2011 12:27:32 AM) : what are you talking about?????
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:27:53 AM) : calling woman all sort of name
me(11/11/2011 12:28:25 AM) : what name?????????????????????????????
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:28:37 AM) : you know what am talking about
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:28:48 AM) : didnt you know why i left online yesterday
me(11/11/2011 12:30:14 AM) : and why was that my dear??
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:31:07 AM) : Can you remember this 'if you are the person in the pictures that you have sent to me, I would welcome you with open arms'
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:31:09 AM) : ?
me(11/11/2011 12:32:05 AM) : yes, and I stick to what I have said
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:32:29 AM) : no problem.i dont want to argue only here tonight to say hi
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:32:44 AM) : and tell u i couldnt get the cam will keep looking
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:33:00 AM) : i have to go,can stand you insulting me again tonight
me(11/11/2011 12:35:18 AM) : my dear, I'm not going to insult you, all I want is the truth, and proof that it is you in the pictures, and the only way to do that, is via webcam
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:35:47 AM) : since i havnt gotten one yet what do expect me to do?
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:36:35 AM) : i will look out again tomorrow
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:37:48 AM) : take good care of yourself abusive lover
me(11/11/2011 12:38:36 AM) : ok, if you got something you want to get of you mind, say it now
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:39:02 AM) : i am not happy with the way you use to talk to me
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:39:13 AM) : is totally unfair
me(11/11/2011 12:40:06 AM) : anything else?
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:40:25 AM) : noyhing more
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:43:31 AM) : i dont know why i still love you despite all of this,it seems am under your charm
me(11/11/2011 12:45:49 AM) : my dear, let me assure you, if you are genuine, and that you are the person in the pictures, then I will deeply apologise, but if you're not, then I've been scammed
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:47:18 AM) : dear you apology will be accepted but pain your word has already caused cant get heal for life
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:48:41 AM) : as for been scammed,rule that out it
me(11/11/2011 12:49:02 AM) : my dear, there are things that you have said to me, that I know aren't true
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:51:07 AM) : dear i have only told you what i know
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:52:00 AM) : when i told you about the magrine took it up told me there was nothing of such
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:52:04 AM) : so many like that
Timmy(11/11/2011 12:52:29 AM) : why all of this?
me(11/11/2011 12:55:40 AM) : you said at the time, marine headache, another thing you said when I asked you, as to when you had your pics taken, you said that they were all taken early this year
me(11/11/2011 12:57:11 AM) : were they?
me(11/11/2011 12:57:31 AM) : <ding>
me(11/11/2011 12:58:11 AM) : <ding>
me(11/11/2011 1:00:02 AM) : and its no good looking on the website, I've already done that
me(11/11/2011 1:02:36 AM) : <ding>
me(11/11/2011 1:03:44 AM) : <ding>
me(11/11/2011 1:04:14 AM) : why have you gone silent all of a sudden?????
Timmy(11/11/2011 1:08:34 AM) : i am not silent
Timmy(11/11/2011 1:08:50 AM) : i just dont want use to argue more tonight
Timmy(11/11/2011 1:09:11 AM) : will you be available tomorrow i need some rest now
Timmy(11/11/2011 1:12:03 AM) : okay
Timmy(11/11/2011 1:12:10 AM) : let talk tomorrow
Timmy(11/11/2011 1:12:15 AM) : okay?

and thats as far as its got, still waiting to see what happens about the webcam, that should be interesting, as for the dates to when the photo's were taken, they range from 2008 - 2011. Received a text message the other day on my mobile, from the person that claims to be her lawyer, Kenneth Smith, says he's back in the USA, and how could I be doing all of this to her, yeah right, more bulls**t, maybe he's trying to find webcam footage of the real person to use, we will see. I've posted another couple of pictures of the real person, that is more up to date.
If anybody knows what her real name is, and where she lives, could you please email me at; mick_505@, any info would be helpful, Thanks

2011-11-12, 16:54:39
bigbear from United Kingdom  

2011-12-09, 21:07:27
bigbear from United Kingdom  
Another update:
Think I might have just pissed someone off, by leaving a message on their facebook wall, the message I wrote was; ' the picture of this person is of a model, and is being used by Nigerian scammers '. Didn't think no more of it, until a couple of days ago, whilst on messenger, this person came online, using yet another photo of this model, here's the conversation that took place:

Timmy(12/06/2011 11:37:51 PM) : hi
Me(12/06/2011 11:38:00 PM) : hi
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:38:06 PM) : how are you doing
Me(12/06/2011 11:38:42 PM) : about average, and you?
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:39:09 PM) : whatever.what was that you went to do on my facebook?
Me(12/06/2011 11:39:38 PM) : how do you mean?
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:39:54 PM) : you know what am talking about but pretending
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:40:04 PM) : what was that you wrote on my wall??
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:40:12 PM) : on eharmony'
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:40:41 PM) : but bullshitting act like a man.
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:40:53 PM) : stop bullshitting act like a man.
Me(12/06/2011 11:42:14 PM) : and what makes you think that I'm bullshitting then???
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:42:37 PM) : you're cos you pretending not to know what am talking about.
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:43:03 PM) : why do you hate me this much?
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:43:13 PM) : tell me what you problem for me.
Me(12/06/2011 11:45:07 PM) : Lets get one thing very clear shall we....... I do not hate the girl in the photo, I think she is absolutely gorgeous
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:45:43 PM) : so who do you hate
Me(12/06/2011 11:46:14 PM) : I dont hate anyone actually
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:46:28 PM) : so whats your problem.
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:46:41 PM) : what do you want me to do have not done
Me(12/06/2011 11:47:49 PM) : prove to me that you are the person in the photo
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:48:07 PM) : in what way do you want me to do that?
Me(12/06/2011 11:48:29 PM) : you know damn well
Me(12/06/2011 11:50:09 PM) : so what are you going to send me?
Me(12/06/2011 11:51:16 PM) : well???
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:52:40 PM) : what else
Me(12/06/2011 11:54:31 PM) : my dear, that is a fake passport, I'm sorry to say
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:54:40 PM) : see you.
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:54:49 PM) : you dont know what you talking about.
Me(12/06/2011 11:55:38 PM) : my dear, I know very well what I'm talking about
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:55:55 PM) : you dont,proof it
Me(12/06/2011 11:56:44 PM) : and how do you want me to do that then?
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:57:17 PM) : what make you think am fake..and why you scared of not letting me come
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:57:28 PM) : if you want to come u're free
Me(12/06/2011 11:58:30 PM) : would you like me to answer that my dear
Timmy(12/06/2011 11:58:46 PM) : yes
Me(12/06/2011 11:58:58 PM) : ok
Me(12/07/2011 12:01:57 AM) : first of all, you told me that your passport had expired and that you needed money to renew it, which I sent, the date on that passport shows from 23 Nov 2005 to 23 Nov 2015, explain that please???
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:02:56 AM) : I uses the cash for that for something else if that is what you wanted to ask..
Me(12/07/2011 12:04:35 AM) : my dear, you told me that your passport had expired, so what did you use the cash for?
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:05:31 AM) : I use the money to help an orphanage home which i think will need the money
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:06:18 AM) : i believe if i ask you for such you might turn me sorry dear.
Me(12/07/2011 12:07:22 AM) : my dear, now who's bullshitting???
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:08:36 AM) : I am bullshitting you're the one making things hard.
Me(12/07/2011 12:11:40 AM) : I'm not making things hard my dear, another thing about your passport is, you said in your first email, that you were born in Missouri, and yet on your passport it says Florida???
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:13:09 AM) : base on my father as an immigrate will be so hard getting the Florida if nor claim Floridian
Me(12/07/2011 12:14:42 AM) : so where did your father imigrate from then?
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:17:15 AM) : Mexico.
Me(12/07/2011 12:18:39 AM) : so what was your grandfather's surname then
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:19:12 AM) : Carlos Timmy
Me(12/07/2011 12:19:59 AM) : and what was your dad's surname?
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:20:58 AM) : rodequez
Me(12/07/2011 12:21:54 AM) : my dear, I'm not following the connection here
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:22:46 AM) : why are you following
Me(12/07/2011 12:23:16 AM) : it doesn't make sense my dear
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:23:29 AM) : nothing make sense to you
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:23:41 AM) : you are the perfect man every other are imperfect
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:23:45 AM) : the wise M***
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:23:47 AM) : silly
Me(12/07/2011 12:24:27 AM) : lets cut the crap shall we?
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:24:45 AM) : what
Me(12/07/2011 12:25:42 AM) : in other words, stop trying to bullshit me
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:26:14 AM) : i am not
Me(12/07/2011 12:26:50 AM) : I'm afraid you are my dear
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:27:08 AM) : if you think so
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:27:24 AM) : so less i forget why did u do what you did on my facebook??
Me(12/07/2011 12:28:18 AM) : I cant get on to your facebook my dear
Me(12/07/2011 12:29:36 AM) : and why did you say that you closed it, then re-opened it
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:31:50 AM) : i have ever visitated it for a long time again..i thought i close it not until i got a notification that you sent that silly message
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:32:03 AM) : is so unthoughtful of you
Me(12/07/2011 12:32:27 AM) : what silly message was that
Me(12/07/2011 12:43:37 AM) : u still there?
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:44:32 AM) : yes
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:44:36 AM) : go and sleep
Me(12/07/2011 12:44:50 AM) : why?
Timmy(12/07/2011 12:45:56 AM) : Tired of you annoyiing words for the night
Me(12/07/2011 12:47:21 AM) : my dear, why don't you like me asking you questions?

and with that she signed out, the proof that she sent me was a copy of a fake passport, full of mistakes that anyone could spot a mile off, these scammers might be clever at some things, but thick as shit when it comes to others, my friends, if you want to piss these scammers off, and if they are on facebook, leave a message on their wall, then sit back and wait for the shit to hit the's a copy of the fake passport.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Timmy Carr

2011-12-09, 21:21:24
anonymous from United Kingdom  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Timmy Carr

2011-12-14, 17:29:28
anonymous from Australia  
Hi, yes 'Timmy' has contacted me. she's soo in love with me. i'm the man of her dreams, she's

been waiting for. she set me virtual flowers a few times. yesterda, she ask for some money

. to be sent to this kenneth dude, her 'lawyer'. we've to admit, she's quite clever, the way

she spins the yarns. have found a few others. one in particular has been going for quite

awhile. she changes her name quite frequently. most of the time she's mixed. sth. african-

ghanaian, swedish- ghanaian. she goes by the names of vannessa, leticia, katy.
2011-12-14, 23:01:27
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