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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine


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Several users on this web site posted comments about
Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine, after they found out that she is a gold digger.

Here is some identifying information:

Valeria Novitskaya
12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City
Mobile number +380633513531
D.O.B.. 30th October 1985 

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2013-02-02, 06:54:02
anonymous from United States  
Another Picture of a victim of Valeria on the Internet ... warn this guy.

She really does get around ... she has to be smart to keep all of these men straight. That she has the interpreters and the various agencies help her ... what an evil evil soulless setup. It is not just the money it is the time and the heartache.

Poor Poor Dasha ... what a role model!!
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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine

Keywords: Valeria Novitskaya - Poison Barbie you have been warned - STAY AWAY FROM HER
2013-02-02, 07:37:55   (updated: 2013-02-02, 07:39:15)
anonymous from United States  
Regarding Valeria Novitskaya her interpreter
Ekaterina Lopatneva.. (Katie) D.O.B...17-4-1989 ... aka Kate or Kattie ..her phone is 380 637 65 2387
unless she changed it- it is about a year and a half old. She's a bitch too. But like Valeria seems so sweet. Valeria cons the young women ... they make great money. $10 / hour to be Valeria's side kick, translate etc, prevent you from being alone with the viper. They really have a great scam going. I understand Julia is they same type younger sweet etc. Can you imagine how many other scams are going on each day in the Ukraine ... this must be a major major industry for them. It just shows there are a lot of older men like me with more money than sense.
I hope these posts are helping other men. I imagine Valeria will trap some and then like us the men will think something does not make sense and they will Google her. I wish this stuff was out before I met her. She is one evil evil bitch.
This image was also posted here:
Olga Kudryavzeva alias Elena Shamova

2013-02-02, 07:47:05
anonymous from United States  
With all these information coming out about Valeriya I am wondering is she can still do business.
If over 100 men have been scammed by her it leaves everyone to wonder just how long can she keep doing her thing with the assistance of her conspirators. Definitely they (authorities) might already be on her track and so she ought to be wary as to what she's doing now. That's just my honest opinion.
It would seem to me she has bought pain and miseries to a lot of people and so I can only share their misfortunes.
Truly she's a big time scammer and by showing her face and meeting her clients would really make her a hot item as revenge is just around the corner. I've read some comments on this post that says they will stalk her and to me that's possible as her face and profile are all known.
I've known some friends of mine who were duped and took matters into their own hands and got sweet revenge.
For instance some guy I was told was able to locate the girl that conned him and so they set her up by getting as much info. about her.Finally, they found her alone and she was beaten up so bad as she won't ever get her lovely face and body back to its original and desirable form. She's now I was told living in a battered women's home and is being useful there as a helper to earn her keeps so she'll have free meal and lodging till the day she dies.
You won't even recognize her; she looks totally pathetic and wasted.
For Valeriya this might very well be a wake up call.
There are scammers who made their money by posting fake and stolen pictures and sad to say got away with it.
The deceived ones never got around to meet or even see her. A lot of them ply their trade and once the going gets rough will mysteriously disappear. They come up with so many scenarios and ploys to extract if not extort money from others.These are the ones we ought to watch and play safe with.
Recently, there's this gal who emailed an acquaintance and showed her lovely and sexy pictures claiming to be a nanny for a wealthy English couple residing in London. They exchanged emails for awhile till she stopped. I do believe she was working for a syndicate and might have been moved to safer grounds as this acquaintance mentioned.
At the end if the day....we want to love but make sure our affection is not used to benefit others by emptying our wallets and check books.
Surely, I am really interested in following up comments about this Valeriya.
2013-02-02, 09:22:17
OJAS from United States  
Girls who use their own identity may incur the risk of scamming the wrong guy and physical retaliation. This thread is an example of a Ukrainian pro-dater http://www.delphifa..p=4#53123

Never give anti-scam info to any scammer!

Let's hope gold-diggers like Valeriya find out the hard way, what happened to Sharova, or a revenge trap like http://www.delphifa..=27#69193

Please see my request to upload full-size pictures of scammers using their OWN identity, and their URL links here. http://www.delphifa..136#239624 It may help future would-be victims.

Thanks, and once again sorry you guys got scammed. Expose scammers by reporting as much as possible. http://www.delphifa..36#239118

We don't like violence on this site, but when scammers choose their wrong victims, capable of violence, they have to bear the consequences!
2013-02-02, 09:26:48
anonymous from Swadlincote, United Kingdom  
Valeria/Valeriya Novitskaya believes she is untouchable because she is in Ukraine, but is often away scamming other victims. In any other country she would be prosecuted for fraud. I believe she could be making as much as a $100.000 a year if not more. she is that heavily into scamming & ripping people off. I'm sure she is going to come unstuck big time soon as it seems nobody was aware of the other men in her life until i put my first post up. It was only because i had a feeling she was not straight & honest when she called me anothers guy's name at the airport. So i decided to investigate.
The idea of setting her up with the media there is a good one but it would take some organising to do it properly.
Another good idea is making the taxman aware everybody who has sent her money should do it.

They have the power to make Western Union & others inform them of the amounts of cash sent to these low lifes.

Basically what she does is theft. The real victim of this is her poor daughter Dasha. A totally innocent child being used by a worthless peice of shit that claims she loves her daughter. who will eventually find out what her disgusting mother is like.
Anybody scammed by her should not be embarrassed. she is an expert LIAR. The more that is put up on the internet the less chance she has of getting more people falling into her cluthes. Somebody ought to find a way of posting the information about her in the Middle East as i'm sure most of the men there are totally oblivious to her activities..
I think & hope she is going to come unstuck in the Middle East. Egyptian & Muslim men (somebody should inform the likes of Waleed Aly & Moataz Moatzam Hamdi) especially do not like to be made fools off. But she is that cocky & self assured nothing will ever happen to her.
& if something happened to her there, who is going to care..?? The desert is a big place to get dumped in.. or the sea where she likes to spend time.

Footnote has anybody noticed she does not appear to be on dating sites as much since all of this came to light..
2013-02-02, 11:16:07   (updated: 2013-02-02, 11:18:47)
anonymous from United States  
Talk of physical violence is wrong. Please I hope no man is thinking about that. Valeria scammed a lot of men, my self included ... it is sad but no physical damage was done ... lost money, broken heart, embarrassment. I would imagine these scam reports are hurting her business ... please no more talk of physical damage to anyone, taking matters into your own hands ... you then would take a karma hit.
I will pray that she sees the light and changes her ways. Any man that sees these posts would run from her no matter how good she looks. I would image the agencies have to see this too ... a bad risk for them. I hope the daughter Dasha has someone that loves her and takes care of her.
Love not war
and men wise up. The Ukrainian dating stuff is a mine field. I am done with it and I watch it now and I am thankful I got out with only minor damage to my wallet, my self respect and my heart.

I hope you all find love and happiness and that your bad memories of Valeria will just be bad memories and you will be grateful that she is not in your life.
2013-02-02, 14:08:33
Nobody is saying turn violent against Valeria Novitskaya. But i can see it happening. She is totally oblivious to the danger she is putting herself friends & her daughter in.
The best way is for her to be humiliated or for the authorities there to punish her before something bad happens. There are to many nutters in this world & anything could happen to her. Especially with her repeated trips to the middle east. Moataz Moatazm Hamdi & Waleed Aly are friends from Sharm el Shiekh & are probably sharing her. & she does put it out if there is enough cash spent & both her & her little helper have to much to drink with there meal. with the amount of men she has slept with an HIV test would not be a bad idea. Seriously.

NOBODY could be arsed to post anything about her until i started the ball rolling by putting her on here & other sites. If everybody who had been scammed made a little effort. Maybe a lot more would not have been conned by this evil liar. Its not the money that bothers me, its the time wasted & the principal of it all.
As she herself says when i confronted her. 'I do not care what is put on the internet about me, there will always be lots of men for me to choose from. My family & friends do not mind what i do'
She is that self assured, that i can not ever see her stopping of her own will.
I even had a letter sent to her father telling him of her activities by recorded post But it made not 1 iota of difference.
Its her daughter Dasha i feel sorry for the poor little girl deserves a lot better than this self centred bitch.
As for dating agencies removing her. You must be kidding. They do not give a damn. she is to much of a cash cow for them. Making them & herself a fortune.
But even if they do she will just use Skype & the likes of V.K.Com to reel more men in to her webb.

I personally hope the authorties in Ukraine take some action against her & make her come to her senses before its to late.
Maybe more of you should contact the authorities in Ukraine & post about her on different scam sites. Or contact anybody you know who is being scammed by her.
You never know you might just do her & Dasha a favor before its to late.

she had everything with her husband but he just upped & went when he had a baby beautiful daughter that he has never seen since. Because he could not stand her promiscuous life style & constant demands & lies.
2013-02-02, 19:34:07
anonymous from United States  
Wow Hagar,

a letter to her father! Did you meet him or the daughter. The daughter really reeled me in ... I have a lot of pictures of Dasha. I never met her though always some excuse and never stayed in her home city Nikolaev.

She got me for about $6 grand maybe 7. She had me so so fooled and I am not an idiot ... but I feel like one now. I think if she gets kicked off the websites it will be much harder for her: She has been kicked off RLM, Jump For Love, Single BalticLady, Natasha Club ... it will be much harder for her to work the scams on V.K.Com ... I think I might create a fake profile there and see if I can get her to friend me :) Also she will not get the income from chatting ... hit the bitch where she lives.

I say we target RussainBrides and the Anatasia sites ... if they get 20 or 30 complaints and if we also list the sites we used. I used Jump 4 Love ... got they got a lot of money from me. I also think we should list the interpreters she used Kate and Julia with me ... they both were so believable. If any guy gets teamed with them ... he knows he is being scammed too. Valeria probably teaches them ..

I will find a way to contact the Egyptian men .

I agree the way to stop her is to tell everyone. When I visited her there was nothing on her nothing after the first visit she had me hooked. She really is a very, very skilled liar ... it is hard for me to believe such evilness and deception as her exists. I think the Ukrainian culture ... must be very very corrupt also ... it is like a way of life for these folks.

I attached a picture of valeria with her daughter Dasha so cute ... you can see how we got pulled in.

2013-02-03, 04:52:45
Hi there.

No i never did get to meet the father (I had a letter sent to him in Russian explaining what she does) or daughter. Always some shit excuse. That is why i had her watched 24/7 for 2 months by a team of P.I's. Yes it was expensive but saved me a small fortune.
The devious bitch nearly got me to buy a luxury apartment in Odessa. You can imagine what that would have been used for while i was away dealing with my business matters back home.
In the first month she & her little schemers met 7 yes 7 different men from different parts of the world. She even saw 2 at the same weekend in Odessa keeping them apart by only a mile or so. How the hell she pulls it off i do not know.
She does not sleep with everyone but i guess she must with a few.
In that time she went to the Maldives with Waleed Aly & had another visit to Sharm el Sheikh. Good luck with trying to contact the Egyptian guys. Let me know if you do. Be interesting to know what they think & how she will try to lie her way out of that with them. They must be totally clueless to what they have got involved with. I know i was & am classed as intelligent.

Her poor daughter Dasha is who i feel sorry for. When she is older she is sure to find out what a worthless article her mother is. Even in all my business dealings i have never met such a devious self centred person. She is so believable to, giving you little gifts (which you have probably paid for) text messages, love letters, telling you Dasha wants you as a father & hoping we have a brother for Dasha smiles hugs kisses occasional sex etc etc. All to keep you thinking you are the only man in her life. (Not a prayer she will NEVER be loyal to 1 man) When confronted she denies everything & can even turn on the tears just like that. It is very hard not to be drawn back into the spiders web she is so believable.

The team of P'I's that i employed were staggered at just how many men she had on the go. They believe it could be as many as 30 at any 1 time. She must have scammed 100's over the years. She is a very wealthy women by all accounts but always pleads poverty & gets men to buy her gifts take her on holiday & send her lots of money. Is it any wonder she will NEVER change or stop of her own free will. Her ex husband who she told many was killed in a car crash. Left her & went back to Armenia. Which is a shame for poor Dasha as she probably needs a father to dote on her. But this bitch uses the poor girl to help snare men. The only 1 who will suffer is Dasha.
I personally hope the tax authorities look into her activities & punish her & her sidekicks. If they do maybe it will stop others. It is just a way of life for Valeria she will NEVER change & could NEVER EVER be trusted. I lost about 20 grand on her + the P.I's fees. Yes i was angry & hurt. More with my self than anything for allowing myself to be taken in by this worthless excuse for a women. The money does not matter. Its the time wasted travelling half way around the world .& the thought of being used. She is using men from just about every country in the world. If she had put her intelligence to good use she could be sucessful in her own right.

I think everybody scammed should post her on every scamming site possible & certainly inform the Ukrainian tax authority.
If she continues like she is she will get seriously hurt, maimed or even killed. She does not know what the truth is or being honest. Maybe she is ill in the head.
SHE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED BEFORE ITS TO LATE. For Dasha's sake if nothing else.
2013-02-03, 08:23:11
All that is necessary for evil to prevail; is for good men to do nothing.
I do not want what happened to me to happen to another man so I will post my story about Valeria. When I dated her or was conned by her there was nothing up on her so I salute you who first posted her as a scammer.
I met her on HRB / RLM she was amazing when we chatted …talked about family, love, children …(She is no longer on HRB /RLM )
She was Arabica back then
Arabica AM:
I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!
Me AM:
I love you .. I look at you and I melt
Arabica AM:
i love you too my sweetheart
She got me good we talked …about marriage a lot and of children. I probably lost 8 grand .. not counting my expenses to fly there. She seemed so loving, so caring. When I asked her about the dating sites she told me to ignore them. They help me and when we get married I will have the profiles removed. When I said that it really disturbed me she said I was not a man … I needed to believe her and that together we would be a “wall” against the world. I believed that horse shit for a while and ignored it and supported her. I even still chatted with her when she went to Egypt for work??? And then to the Islands for work … to check out hotel agreements for her travel agency.??? The travel agent thing never made sense to me. Was going to meet her parents and then something came up … Dasha wanted to be with her grandparents … wtf.
When she put her arms around me - I thought I was in heaven. We broke up when I said I couldn’t afford a trip to the islands. I wanted to save the money for the marriage and honeymoon (what an absolute idiot I was) So I wasn’t man enough and it ended. I probably needed therapy … it fucked me up for a while. Seeing this stuff makes me feel better. She has quite a racket going. I hope it dries up.

She is absolutely the most believable liar you will ever meet … she had me hook, line, and sinker for quite a while. I read the threads here … and pissing gasoline on her when she was on fire would be good therapy for me.

2013-02-03, 09:07:30
To all you guys that have been scammed by Valeria you are not alone there are many others scammed by her. & the devious little bitches that assist her in her scams. I honestly believe she makes in excess of a $100,000 a year TAX FREE + gifts & holidays. No one will ever know the true amount + all the hearache she causes.
She said the same to me, when i confronted her that she needed a real man & i was not 1 if i did not believe her. Even turned on the waterworks. she deserves a bloody golden globe/oscar for her performances.
A week earlier i was the man of her dreams & she could not wait to marry me & for us to have children. Dasha thinks of me as her dad. I was a REAL man the ONLY man for her & i would NEVER loose her. (Sure as long as i kept sending sack fulls of gold)
Everything that comes out of her mouth is pure shit. Truth does not exsist in her world.
Like the guy above i met her through HRB & full credit must be given to them for promptly removing her. even though she was probably making them a fortune.
It took me many months to get over her lookinto her in detail by hiring a team of P.I's & put the info about her on scamming sites in the hope it would warn others.
At the time i felt like going there & putting a bullit between her eyes, i felt that angry & fucked up.

Anybody ever thought why she goes to Egypt so often,..?? She likes the place..Its not love. The only person she loves is herself. I doubt she even loves her daughter. Maybe when these Egyptian guys realise they are being taken for idiots they will come to there senses & dump the bitch. No man could ever trust her in any way or form.
She does not need a visa to visit Egypt or the Maldives Turkey & other Islands. & the men there are more trusting & gulable. They will believe all the lies etc she tells them..
To get a visa to visit the States or Europe you need to have a JOB something this devious bitch has NEVER had & never will.
Its the weekend so she is probably scamming some poor dude in Odessa as we speak.

I think she has serious mental issues as regarding men. I do know her parents & step brothers are decent hard working people. Maybe she was just a spoilt bitch that turned rotten to the core. No one will ever know.
1 thing i do know. She is playing a very dangerous game of Russian Roulette.
2013-02-03, 09:18:48
Just an idea. If those Egyptian guys think Valeria Novitskaya is genuine they should set up false profiles on Anastasia & Veronika love dating sites. That would prove to them they to are being scammed. If anybody manages to contact them or the tax office let people here know.
2013-02-03, 15:25:37
anonymous from United States  
All the egyptian guys need to see is this web site and pictures of her with other men.
That ought to do it.... they think they are the only ones.

I could hack into their VT account .... I need to use my knowledge for good ... this is good right ?

Valeria has to have taken notice of this stuff... she is not liked by the other women in her city.
I am sure she can not be so arrogant ....
2013-02-04, 04:07:20
Reply to 15:25:37.

Valeria is that arrogant she believes she is untouchable. She is back on dating sites this morning reeling in more mugs like us. Any way you can inform these Egyptian guys the better. But i'm sure she will be able to sweet talk them round & turn on the tears for them. They need to set up bogus profiles on the scum dating sites.. She does not give a f..k about what is posted on the internet about her.
There needs to be a lot more pictures of her with different guys on here. I wanted to get posters with her mug shot on & put then up around Nikolaev but was informed it would be illegal & i do not fancy free bed & breakfast in Ukraine..

One thing i will tell you little Dasha WILLl find out what her disgusting creature heer mother is when she is older. I will hire a P.I to locate her & inform her. Patience is a virtue & i have a lot of patience.

She really does need stopping & putting in her place.. FAST..

I'm still trying to find out how i can piss petrol... Lol..
2013-02-04, 04:26:28
Has any body had a response from the taxman yet in Ukraine regarding the parasite Valeria Novitskaya & her little helpers..??
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