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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers


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Are you an American or Western European man exchanging emails with a girl from Russia? I was contacted by a girl who turned out to be a scammer. Reader Derrick put together some great advice how to detect scammers.
I only have one advice (#8) to add: If a Russian girl tells you that she will get a visa to the USA instead of inviting you, that is - under the current immigration law - a SURE sign that SHE LIES.

Here is the process how a Russian woman can come to the USA:

If she is considered a relatively young/ attractive woman (let's say under 40, hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings here), then there is virtually NO CHANCE THAT SHE GETS A TOURIST VISA TO THE USA. First the Russian Federation will not allow her to leave the country. Then, even if she was getting out, the USA will deny her admission. The reasoning is that she is considered a risk. How could she not be a risk? If she had family in Russia (husband, children) or a valuable business or real estate. Most likely the woman who writes you will be considered a risk. The only way for her to get a visa into the USA is this procedure:

  1. the foreign man visits her in her native area in Russia
  2. they get engaged during such a visit - take photos of the 2 of you together
  3. he flies back and applies for a K-1 visa. A K-1 visa is also known as Fiancee visa, used for marriage-based immigration
  4. once the K1 visa is granted, the girl can enter the USA and stay there for 3 months. By the end of these 3 months you HAVE to GET MARRIED or the girl has to go back home.
  5. if you get married, the girl gets a greencard and can work
  6. after 3 years of marriage, the girl can apply for a US citizenship. That's when they interview you to find out if it's a real marriage. She also has to answer some questions about US history, political system, etc etc.

Here are Derrick's tricks (1-7) that he uses immediately from the start:
  1. GOOGLE or websearch the first part of the scammers first emails and/or 'profile'. SEE HOW MANY OTHER SITES their listed on! RECORD THOSE SITES FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. THAT alone can give you a good idea IF your dealing with a scammer OR not.
  2. GOOGLE or websearch the return email address. See how many 'hits' come from that search and also note all the sites. (many times you'll see the email end up on a 'scammers list') IF YOU FIND THE EMAIL ADDRESS LISTED ON A SCAMMER LIST - don't bother further, your only fooling yourself - no matter what excuse they might give you.
  3. FROM THE START - ASK FOR SPECIFIC INFOMATION! A full name, address, phone number - something. OFFER THE SAME in exchange, except make it a P.O. box and a CELL PHONE rental card that will protect your identity. If you see your requests ignored, which you usually will, don't waste your time further.
  4. ALWAYS ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS that would REQUIRE A SPECIFIC ANSWER outside the use of FORM LETTERS. IF YOU FIND your questions go unaddress in your reply emails from 'them/her' - YOUR DEALING WITH A SCAMMER. Again, don't bother further.
  5. DON'T WAIT 6 MONTHS to offer to talk with the PROSPECT by phone! WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! IF THERE IS CHEMISTRY OR APPEARS 'INTEREST' BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU - then sieze the opportunity. ARRANGE A PHONE CALL! International rates to Russia and most places are reasonably cheap. IF YOU GET THE REPLY ' I'M SO POOR I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO A PHONE' - drop the whole thing, your only wasting your time and WILL BE SCAMMED at some point in the future.

    ASK FOR A SPECIAL PHOTO TO BE TAKEN. IF YOU SENT YOURS, HAVE THEM TAKE A PHOTO SHOWING THEM HOLDING UP YOUR PHOTO IN THE PICTURE! That is a good 'scammer filter' - even the most adept with Photoshop will easily be spoted.


    AT THE LEAST - ASK THEM FOR A PHOTO of them wearing a specific combination of clothes and/or colors - something different then the usual 'model clothing' - most use to send out. OR AN OBJECT - TOASTER, ELECTRIC CLOCK, BY A COUCH, IN A ROCKING CHAIR something that would be very hard to use PHOTOSHOP to just PUT in another FILE PHOTO.

    *** IF this person is real or sincere, they won't mind doing this for you! ALSO - offer to do the same for their comfort also - that is only fair.
  8. If she talks about getting a visa or that she needs money to get a travel visa to the USA, she lies. See the proper course of action described at the top.


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2009-05-07, 13:39:42
MAGNUS from Norrtälje, Sweden  
Hello.I just wondering if somebody have information about who the woman is which is on the photos on scammer Anna Ogannisyan?
2009-05-07, 16:53:59
anonymous from United States  
this girl is a scammer from accra ghana, she goes by grace asante and uses a id of godblessgrace_logan, beware

2009-05-07, 16:55:18
anonymous from United States  

2009-05-07, 16:56:25
anonymous from United States  

2009-05-07, 21:14:24
OJAS from United States  
Dedicated thread for seeyuliana http://www.delphifa..p=0#144704
2009-05-08, 02:19:04
anonymous from Poland  
Max from Poland again is here>
I have a new girl friend from Russia! The scammer find me in the web site ''. This is the mail from 'Mariya' under ''

Hello Max. I am very glad that you have answered me:) I thought
that you will not answer me, I with impatience waited your letter. And
at all I do not know from what to begin ours with you dialogue. The
matter is that I earlier when did not get acquainted on the Internet.
And I was solved and I write to you. I have decided to correspond with
the man from other country because it was disappointed in our men. The
majority of Russian men do not respect Russian women, behave very
ugly:( you likely know that Russian men like to drink vodka. And
vodka destroys many families. I do not want that with me there was it,
and on this I have decided to find the man from other country. I want
to find the man for serious relations. I am not interested only in
friendly dialogue or in dialogue for the sake of fleeting pleasure. My
purpose - formation of warm, serious and lawful relations. And what
relations interest you? I want, that our correspondence proceeded and
is farther, and that will be then, it will be visible. The future
depends only on us. I think that the base of relations this trust,
mutual understanding and respect. I want to tell to you about myself.
My name is Mariya.
At me light hair of average length, green eyes. My growth 170 sm,
weight of 58 kg. I have sent you my photo, on this you can see me. I
was born in small fine Russian city Irkutsk. I was born on March, 27,
Now I work the tutor of children in a small private concern. In more
detail I shall tell about work in the following letters. Now at you
can arise some questions on me. Do not hesitate, set, I was necessary
for you on them I shall answer. You also can share with me the ideas,
I the person very sensitive and consequently can always understand
problems of other people, empathize them. I would like, that we
frequently corresponded with you, I shall try to write to you so
frequently as I can. In this letter I have enclosed a photo while at
me not so it is a lot of photos. I hope soon to receive from you the
answer. Your new friend Mariya.

2009-05-08, 02:20:52
anonymous from Poland  

2009-05-09, 06:16:08
anonymous from United States  
***@@@@@@@@@@Hi my name is Josh, I have a russian girlfriend who is living with me. She has a ILLINOIS ID and does not live there. She over stayed her visa. She came to USA alone. I have been going out with her for a while and something doesnt seem right. She is very secretive about things. She only has cloths with her no Pics or any thing from home. How do I know if she is trying to scam me. She had accsess to all my account #s. She seems like a realy honist girl but who knows in this world. Any advise ?? I see her pasports but who knows if they are real. THANK YOU<< Josh Pergola
2009-05-09, 06:16:10
anonymous from United States  
***@@@@@@@@@@Hi my name is Josh, I have a russian girlfriend who is living with me. She has a ILLINOIS ID and does not live there. She over stayed her visa. She came to USA alone. I have been going out with her for a while and something doesnt seem right. She is very secretive about things. She only has cloths with her no Pics or any thing from home. How do I know if she is trying to scam me. She had accsess to all my account #s. She seems like a realy honist girl but who knows in this world. Any advise ?? I see her pasports but who knows if they are real. THANK YOU<< Josh Pergola
2009-05-09, 12:20:02
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ Josh Pergola

At first I'd change all your account #s...just to be sure...even if it upsets her....either that or transfer most of your money to a new account that she doesn't have access to! As you say 'who knows in this world' If she needs some access to some money just leave a little in only one!

It's not a good thing as you say 'She is very secretive about things.' doesn't look very careful.

Good luck with your new challenge.
2009-05-09, 12:34:11   (updated: 2009-05-09, 12:36:46)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

Russian girlfriend+Illinois ID+overstayed visa+full acces to your account? = Get serious, will you!

2009-05-09, 13:11:02
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Who put the keywords to my photo?
2009-05-11, 02:49:36
wanwan from Japan  
These IPs all come from Alivtina Skolova.She is a Scam Artist from Mariy-El,Yoshkar-Ola.
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional
When we use IP tracer,it says '' it comes from Mariy-El,Yoshkar-Ola ''.
But we can not trace the final host server.Because scam artist trying hide their final host server name.

IPs In The Neighborhood | S | SD | SDC | SD | SD | S | SC | S | SD | SD | S | SD | SD | S | SD | S | S | S | SDC | SDC | S | SDC | S | S | SD | SD | S | SDC | SD | S | SC | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | SD | S
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2009-05-11, 10:30:54
wanwan from Japan  
Scam Artist Alivtina Sokolova comes from Mariy-El,Yoshkar-Ola.


When I have found the scam artist ,Sokolova on Dating site ,I have decided to bust Russian Dating Scam.I have given them my sweet bait.Russian scammers have eaten my sweet bait.I am correspon-
dence with Alivtina Sokolova.I have found our mails 52 over in my mail box.For few months I have wasted her(his) precious time .I have enjoyed the game of offence and defence.I have sent a receipt copy of Western Union to Sokolova,the initiative has passed to ! !
(Sokolova's scam mail)

I want us to be together so much, that trying to do something for us to see
each other at last. I want to tell you today, that I have made all documents
for getting foreign passport and to begin to make the visa.
It is possible for me to get a tourist visa for to come to you. I have to do
some paperwork and to pay some money for visa. I write you through the
tourist Internet-agency, which give a such opportunity. Agency works more
than 8 year and many girls went to the abroad Russia with the help of this agency.
After my arrival to you, we'll get acquainted and if we decide we'll make
all documents to make fiance visa for me, whereupon I'll be able to stay with
you forever. While visa is being making, we shall communicate through e-mail,
it will allow me to learn more about your l.
(Sokolova is robbing me of my $$$$$$)

Since the morning I send you a kiss XXXX.
Today since the morning bad weather, and I did not sleep almost at night and this all
from for that that I very much want in your hands and embraces.
Since the morning I have gone to embassy, and now I speak that I have brought bad news.
This that that in embassy to me have told, that for crossing border, in any country
I should have at myself pocket money, it is the exact sum of 700 euro.
I strongly was upset, as I thought that I shall quickly arrive to you XXXX, and it
will not be what delay, I cried and thought of you XXXX as I have grown fond of you.
Because I'll arrive to you with the visitor visa. And this money is needed for a life in
for 40 days (since validity of the visa is 40 days). You lose nothing XXXX!
Because when I arrive you,I'll give you this money. Without this money I'll not be
released outside of Russia. I have money for tickets, but I do not know where to
take 700 euro. They has told I that that I need to buy round-trip ticket.
I was very wondered, when she has said this since I was going to buy one-way-ticket,
because it is cheaper than round-trip ticket. But she has told me, that with visitor
visa I'll not be released from Russia with one-way ticket.
This is explained that now there are too many emigres, wishing to leave our country,
who do not return to Russia. With ticket round-trip there are determined
warranties that person will be back into his country. Especially, this is wide-spread
for young women, not having children and relatives outside of Russia.
Also she has said that I'll need to to make the insurance. I have to pay for my ticket
here because if you will buy ticket , I shall have to buy insurance,
which costs 260 euro. But if I shall buy ticket here, then cost of insurance will be
included in price of ticket. I went to the airport, 2 tickets will cost 680 euro.
XXXX, now I am very upset after these news. I know XXXX, that money is much
not only for me, but for you, too.I did not want to ask for you about money,
but I really did not know that it will be required extra money. If I would know,
I would discuss first with you this, after all I don't have any extra money.
My love,I'm in Moscow only in two days from you; if you believe me and want me to come
to you, I ask help to me in this difficult situation. I ask to tell to me you help to me?
I promise that I shall give all of you your money which you will give to me. and in two
days I'll arrive to you and we'll be the happiest mate in the world.I even begin to
think that our meeting in person is impossible.
I begin to feel myself worse XXXX. Now XXXX, we need to pass the last step and
we'll be together. I love you XXXX and want to be only with you!
PS. I send 1000 kisses. I am strongly concerned, and I suffer, I do not know as me to
be bad on soul, and I am strongly adjusted on arrival to you. Remember that I only yours
and I suspect all life. I speak you XXXX that I shall necessarily give all of you of money,
very much it is not pleasant to me to ask you about the help but it is necessary now for me.
I trust in you XXXX and very much I wait for a prompt reply. You most for me favourite.
Your Alivtina.
(I don't send you ,Sokolova,my formal letters of invitation,so you can not get VISA.When you will come to an Embassy and will apply for it ,Embassy never accept your application.Do you know th? )
(finally Sokolova asks me for my $$$$$$$$)

Good morning my road XXXX.
Today it is a lot of sun since the morning and I wake up with the big idea on you XXXX,
I represent as I shall soon wake up in a place with you to embrace to kiss since the morning,
to be engaged in sex, and I think that this the most important for us ---to be happy in a place.
I dream at night and in the afternoon much, and I trust that time will soon come that we shall
be always in a place for all life. I dream to walk with you in to embrace along the street to
kiss always you at all and when to not hesitate this. To speak many pleasant words and to give
the soul to you XXXX. I ask the god that he it have presented us all love to each other as
soon as possible. I went to bank and found out all exact information as to me to receive money
from you. I am very grateful that you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX do not throw me a difficult minute.
In bank to me have told that I can receive money in any bank of Moscow, I need to have only all
exact information from you, is the country, city, state, the address, both an exact name and
a surname. As you fill all documents so I and should fill itself. I have no registration in
Moscow and you should not write a word Moscow so I you ask to not write a word Moscow,
you understand me? In bank to me have told that you XXXXX have sent money for my exact name
this name - A l i v t i n a, a surname - S o k o l o v a.
I write to you the address of the nearest bank it Russia Western Union, CENTER-INVEST BANK,
KOMSOMOLSKAYA PLOSCHAD 6. I very much trust that soon we shall in a place and we shall kiss and
embrace strongly each other. I trust that soon we in a place shall be happy all life.
I strongly love you and this huge happiness that we shall be in a place for all life.
Today at me it is very bad on soul from for this that I have no money for arrival to you,
but I ask the god that he have connected us as soon as possible. I trust that you XXXXXXXXXXXX
strongly love me and I promise that I shall give all warm-heartedness all to you XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
You will be the happiest the man. I love you and I wait for the letter.
Your most gentle bride Alivtina.
(Scammer asks me for my $$$$$$,so I have sent a copy receipt of Western Union except M. )
(I ask her for passport .)

My darling XXXXX.
I read your letter I understand this that that is necessary a copy of the passport,
I shall make it and at once I shall send you XXXX.
You XXXXXX ask about anal sex, I when not try it, but for the sake of you and ours
love to each other I shall go on all. I love you XXXXX and I do not wish to lose you.
I kiss you and today I shall send the passport.
Your bride Alivtina.
( I have taken the initiative in our negotiatio)
Finally scammer Sokolova has sent me her forged passport.Because she wants to get my MTCN.
But I don't tell her MTCN.

to be continued,,,,,,my boys!!
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2009-05-12, 00:36:48
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi Wawan, have you ever thought about a career in filmaking? I cant wait for the next episode.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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