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CareerBuilder Job Scam - payment processing


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The following is in reference to, an online jobs board, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

CareerBuilder Job Scam

I posted my resume on; I was solicited by a potential employer affiliated with CareerBuilder, Niamax Limited. The email was sent on CareerBuilder letterhead, as are many emails I receive from the CareerBuilder site. The soliciting company's website is; this company is listed as doing business in the United Kingdom.

After expressing my interest with their company, I was emailed a legal document (employment contract) to email or fax back to them. The employer then conducted a preliminary "background check" on me and offered me a job. I agreed to work part-time for them as an independent contractor, processing payments from their customers in the United States. I was instructed that I needed to process these payments through Wells Fargo Bank, and would need to obtain a Wells Fargo Bank account if I currently didn't own one.

I accepted two payments (online transfers) into my Wells Fargo Bank account from two other Wells Fargo Bank customers that were supposedly Niamax customers. I was instructed to send the bulk of each payment to a specified business associate, after subtracting my 6% commission, and the Western Union transfer fee. I sent both payments to business associates in Athens, Greece by Western Union; both payments were picked up same day. One man's name was Cornet Deglos, the other was Cleys Mercken.

Wells Fargo Bank has now reversed the initial online customer transfers into my account, stating the transactions were unauthorized (hacked from the accounts of other Wells Fargo Bank customers). I am now responsible for the gross amount ($1977.30) of both unauthorized transactions into my account because I withdrew the money and sent it on, as instructed by my employer, Niamax Limited.

Wells Fargo Bank is not interested in discussing the fact that their system was breached by a hacker, or the fact that I only processed the payments. I asked Wells Fargo Bank why holds were not placed on these online transfers into a NEW account, but they gave no answers, and didn't provide me with an explanation.

Additionally, I notified CareerBuilder's Integrity Team regarding their affiliation with this employer. The representative stated CareerBuilder can't screen all employers utilizing their website, and that I should have read their fraud disclaimer, which is obscurely located in fine print on their website.

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2006-06-24, 20:11:21 from United States  
i dont think that site will help much.. and if so it says that we will never find out if they do catch the criminal... i think the only way to catch these guys is to set them up
2006-06-25, 18:45:28 from United States  
I wish I knew how..Wells Fargo turnd me into what! Any suggestions I would be so grateful - thanks
2006-06-27, 14:15:24 from United States  
I received an e-mail of a job offer charity scam from and its the same as They made it out as if they pulled my name from a careerbuilder job posting, but they didn't. Don't fall for the job charity scams.
2006-07-11, 13:29:34
anonymous from United States  
Have you guys ever thought of keeping the money and dont wire it back(laundering). Some banks dont bother to catch the victims. They have insurance. If someone wire or send me some money, I'm not going to send it back, only if the banks ask for it. From my experience, 1 out of 5 does. So keep the money. After a couple months and no response from the bank. Keep it! I call it 'scam busting'. It you can't catch the scammers, its better off that the scammer don't receive the money.
2006-08-03, 20:27:58 from United States  
yeah. i thought of doing that. but by the time i did. it was too late.
2006-08-03, 20:29:04 from United States  
yeah. i thought of doing that. but by the time i did. it was too late.
2006-08-05, 15:59:40 from United States  
I am the latest victim of this crime. I have reported the local police and FBI. I want to join the team of fighting this crime. For me, they used based in Netherlands. I lost $2000.00. I send money through Westernunion to a person in Ukraine
2006-08-09, 20:07:30 from United States  
thats about how much they usually get you for... i owe 1889
2006-08-12, 18:32:28
anonymous from United States  
I was sent close to $20K in a matter of 2 weeks which I was told to take my commision and forward the rest to Russia. I started thinking about dirty bombs and laundering money and called the FBI. They told me to send it back to the company, which I did. Within 2 weeks people were calling me and asking where their merchandise was. I wish I had kept the money.
2006-08-12, 23:03:11
anonymous from United States  
i wish u had too
2006-08-18, 16:33:21
anonymous from United States  
56 Marylebone High Street

OLDJOHNFABRICSANDTEXTILES company produces various clothing materials, batiks, assorted
fabrics and traditional costumes. We have clients we supply on a weekly basis in the United States and my clients make payments for our supplies every week in money orders and we always have problem cashing it here as it takes about 3months to get the money order cashed, so we urgently need someone in the United States to work as our company representative and assist us in processing the payments from our clients.
We are willing to pay you 10% of what comes to you weekly from the proceed of our sale. The payments come mostly by money order and you
can cash it and deduct your 10% while you send the remainder by moneygram money transfer to our company. I am attaching a copy of an
application form that you would fill and send back to me via email.
Please get back to me if you are interested in this job offer so that I can let you know more details as regards the job.



Please, , fill out the form accurately with correct information and send back to me via e mail.











I ___________________________________hereby accept the job as a representative of the above mentioned company here in the United States, to receive payments on behalf of the company. Payment received by me shall be processed, make deduction of 10% as agreed and forward the balance payment via to any of the company's regional warehouses that will given to me later. I shall also inform the company a week ahead if eventually l want to discontinue this job, so as to terminate all payments coming my way to avoid conflict.

Signed by me.

2006-08-18, 16:41:07
anonymous from United States  

Job from OZON

I am Mellisa, manager of OZON.

Our company resell notebooks and electronics an other goods from United States
to Russian Federation
OUR company web site ( We have no english version at this moment)
WE OFFERING - Correspondence manager vacancies
- Resident of The United States;
- Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word;
- Home Computer with e-mail account and ability to check your e-mail
box at least twice a day;
- printer;
- Adults only accepted (we cannot hire underage people);
- 1-3 hours free during the week (mainly in the evening /
non-business hours) for communication and 4-5 hours a week more for
package processing;
- Ability to handle packages weight up to 20 pounds(get them to the post office).

Job description:
1. Receive the parcels from our partners (US sellers) to his/her
residential address or alternative address(office and etc) ;
Correspondence will be delevering from 9:30 am - 17:00 pm
Via UPS FEDEX or DHL you need sign for packages
2. Our manager will e-mail you prepayed shipping labels in word 2003 format/pdf.
You will need download shipping labels and print;
3. Go out your local USPS post office (you can check office location on

and ship package ( You not need pay your money for shipping, shipping labels already

4. Report to your personal manager that package/s shipped

First month we offer $40,00 each shipped out box and 4-10 packages per week
After first month we will pay 50$ for each box and ~ 15 - 20 packages per week
Our company pay Every 2 weeks
We can pay out money via next Money transfer methods:
- Paypal
You not need spend any your money for working and registration !!!!

If you want start partnership with our company
We need register your in our database
Then will be verification process - we ship first verification packages
(will pay for this packages also)
After verification completed we will start working with you

For registration provide this information :

1. Your age (>18 (we cannot hire underage people))
2. Your address for receiving packages
3. Your alternative address (optional) $10.00 for each parcel shiped.
4. Your Contact phone number
5. Provide your paypal ID

First of all, we have already encountered problems when Correspondence
manager candidates gave us the fake street addresses or the address of
the neighbor. As the result all the merchandise was stolen and lost.
We had to contact local police departments to investigate such cases.

Secondary, we do not hire people under 18.

Once we received all information from you
Your personal manager will confirm you that information received and processed
Verification package will be shipped within 1-3 business day.

We need partners for LONG time !!!

Please, enter all details for start:

Fist name:
Last name:
Home phone:
Cell phone:
PayPal E-Mail:
ICQ(if have):

Our e-Mail :

Hope receiving your reply soon
Best regards
Mellisa Orlova
'Ozon company'

If you have questions or comments for, please use our feedback form.
This email was sent from Account ID A8A1WK72ZLRBNCPZ91M and by this logged in User U8A8BJ67S1ZS46BD2YT
Please be aware that the content of this email has not been reviewed or approved by CareerBuilder and is in no way endorsed by CareerBuilder. You are solely responsible for any response you choose to provide to this email and you do so at your own risk. If you have questions regarding the legitimacy of the position being offered please contact the CareerBuilder Site Integrity Team by emailing Please also review common scams and tips for protecting yourself on CareerBuilder's Fraud Page.

I recieved this through Careerbuilder. I should have known it was too easy.Come to find out this is a scam and highly illegal.
2006-08-22, 19:31:24
anonymous from United States  
Lets get these people into into jail. I was about to get enrolled
2006-09-03, 19:05:03 from United States  
I am wondering who has been contacted by the police regarding this. I was actually scammed and the received no help at all from the police, the FBI or anyone else. I am working with a private investigator who will help anyone here. Does anyone else have a paper trail?
2006-09-07, 08:46:55
anonymous from United States  
I am glad I read all the responses as I was just going to get involved. Glad I did some due diligence before I completed any transfers. Thanks!!!
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