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About purchasing and investing in Real Estate. From mobile homes, studios to single family residences.


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Next years housing prices - forecast by


I found this web site which tries to predict real estate prices for the upcoming year (2007). What do you think about it?


I checked San Jose and San Francisco. I can believe San Jose to go down but not as much as indicated. San Francisco -9% No way.
I live in Santa Cruz and that site stated -9% or similar for my town as well. Could be true.

I think this web site was set up in a quick way to generated some Adsense income.

The topic attracts expensive ads and each time a user clicks on an ad, the web site owner will get something like $2 to $5.

Note how the site has this 'menu bar' of ads near the top (right below the big blue bar?) The bolded blue text is not clickable, the user gest frustrated and clicks on those "links" at the top.

A site with that kind of layout .. I call it "made for Adsense" site. There are sites that are worse, at least this site has some content, but I think it is not the best. I saw no sources or reasons for the predicted numbers.

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