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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Ekatarina milashkekaterina

Name: Ekatarina milashkekaterina



Other Comments:
Hello Kurt,
How are mood?
I am very glad to receive your letter. I am glad to receive your
Excuse, that I did not write to you. I could not write to you because
at me the computer has broken. When I went in a city to give my
computer to repair to me have told, that repair will occupy some days
because in the service centre it is a lot of work. I have taken away
today my computer from repair, and at once have decided to write you
the letter.
At me today very happy day because I can write again you the letter,
and I can read your letter. To me it was very boring without your
letters. I have very strongly become bored of you, and your letters.
It is very interesting to me to find out about you more. I with
confidence think, that at us to turn out good acquaintance, and it
will be pleasant to us to communicate. How you think of our dialogue?
I even think, that we need to write each other every day that we could
find out about each other, it is as much as possible. You also think?
I hope, that we can find out about each other more, and it will be
pleasant to us to communicate every day. Understand, that I wish to
find out about you more because I am interested by our dialogue. You
also are interested by our dialogue? I also will write to you about
everything, that will help you to find out me and my life it is
I hope, that to you like to read, that I write to you, and you write
to me to communicate, and not just, to receive from me a photo. I am
glad to read, that you write, and to find out about you more.
We should admit for what purpose we write each other. You also think?
I wish to ask you, what you wait from our dialogue? I hope, that we
sometime will have serious relations, but we should understand, that
there should pass certain time when we can tell, that at us serious
relations. You agree, what we should not hurry time? We should concern
our dialogue with understanding. I want, that our dialogue will be
without lie and a deceit. I hope, that our dialogue is sincere and
fair. I hope, what you wish such dialogue with me?
I think, that it will be interesting to you to find out about my life
in particular. I think, that it will be better to write, how I spend a
free time. I will usually generate my free time with my acquaintances,
but I have not enough of them. All my familiar is girls, and they my
fellow workers. After work to us to like to go to cafe, to have a
rest, and how to spend weekend.
In weekend to us to like to be engaged fitness, and aerobics.
Sometimes we are engaged in driving on a bicycle or jogging on the
nature. To me to like to support my organism in the healthy form, and
I constantly watch it. Now many people smoke, and take alcoholic
drinks through a measure, thereby they badly influence the organism. I
do not smoke, and I do not take alcoholic drinks, but if only on a
holiday, and that only champagne and wine. You smoke, and how strongly
you take alcoholic drinks? Also at me is not present tatu and piercing
because I concern it tolerably, and I think, that the person is
decorated by natural beauty. You also think, what the person is
decorated by natural beauty?
To me still to like to read books or magazines. Especially willingly I
read novels, and magazines on a cookery theme, and fashions. What you
literatures read now?
Sometimes I acquaintances we go to cinema. At cinema there are many
interesting films which to me to like. Lately I have looked films
which have especially liked me such as Kate and Leopold; Titanic;
Pearl Harbor; You've Got Mail. You looked such films? Tell, what films
to like you?
I hope, that you liked my story as me to like to spend a free time. I
will be glad, if you write to me more than you are engaged at leisure?
Unfortunately, that now I finish my letter. I send you still my new
photo. You liked my new photo. I also will be glad to receive your new
I with impatience wait for your letter with your full answer, and your
new photo. I will be glad to read your letter.
Your acquaintance Ekaterina.

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