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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Barbara Cole

Name: Barbara Cole



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Name: Barbara Cole

We met in Lovehuddle. We chatted online a number of times. She said was is from North Carolina, that she is in the restaurant business in the Western Salem. She told me that she needed to go the UK to sign legal paper (her dads will) and she will be back in a few days. Two days later, we chatted online. She told me that she was in Nigeria (as we chatted) because there was some problem with the paper. Her lawyer in London and her had to go to Nigeria to finalize the paper about her dads investment in CONOIL in Nigeria. I became suspicious and I stopped on the pretext that it was late.

Letter# 1

hello, I got your mail onmybox on love hudle and i want to say hi to you as you have said maybe we can get to somewhere.. i hope you have gone through my profile as i have doe to yours. pls tell me something about you and your entire family as i will like to know what your background looks like.. I am a God fearing christaian and will like to tell you alittle about me in my next mail ok. Till then TAke good crae of yourself Barbara

Letter # 2

Hi XXXX, Thanks for your compliment about the pics and i must say i am r eally flattered with those words of yours.I think about hearing your voice too . but i do hope i wil talk to you sooner on phone.... I got a call from My dads lawyer from Uk and he wants to see me..I dont know what it is for but i do hope you comeonline tonight. I will really love to talk to you.I know we don't get to talk or see each other much. But being apart for now doesn't change the way I feel about you in my heart. Sure I'm lonely, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed with this emptiness in my chest. But, i just remember i found you.Well, I though you should have checked out my profile on the site about my birth date...I was born on April 15, and my birthday is next week sunday.......I will like to know your birth date too. While lying in bed yesterday and thinking about the times we've spent together chatting, I still wonder if I'm dreaming this magical life with you. cahtting with you brings joy into my life again. I think your contacting me will change my life suddenly and brought happiness. I know you like me a lot as you always say that I mean everything to you. I am just thankful to God i met you but never know your intention. I know thethe road is still long and wide and very, very difficulti will really miss talking to you if you dont come online soon. I wait for your message if you are too busy to be here... Hugs Barbara

Letter # 3

Hello XXXX, I miss you.. You promised to mail me but you didnt, in really miss your words. Happy easter and do hope i meet you i ma waiting for you to come by and tell you some thing aout my trip. Hugs Barbara

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