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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Vida Awabu

Name: Vida Awabu


PO Box 12342
Accra-North, Ghana

Other Comments:
Tis person found me through and almost immediately wanted to marry me. She is listed in several palces but she is using a new twist if you get suspicious, when I told her I found her photos on this site and showed one to her she said she had given them to a girlfriend and knew nothing about it, to prove she was real she sent me a photo of herself at age 13 , you can easily see it is the same girl only much younger. When I offered money she was insulted, of course she admitted that as an english teacher she didn't make enough to come to the US. She even gave me her cell phone number and when I called at about 9am her time I could hear children in what sounded like a classroom setting and she was screaming she was so excited I called' told me later the children thought she was crazy, shes a sly one. I told her I would send $270 for visa and passport, then when she sent me a scan of them in her name , I would order ticket on the internet, one way, and it would be waiting for her, of course she could always cash them in but I wanted to see what she said, she said that would be fine! So watch out guys, they are finding more and morre ways to be convincing.

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