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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer Tony (Antonio) Willson

Name: Tony (Antonio) Willson


Nashville, TN; Accord, MA; Acton, MA

Other Comments:
This was typical of the other scammers from what I'm reading. I approached him on Within two weeks he was saying he loved me. He said that he had raised his sister's son after she died when he was 27 and that because he was so work oriented, no relationships worked, so he was still single. He said he was born in the US but moved to Portugal when he was 2 after his parent's divorce. Then, his parents reunited when he was nine and his father and sister joined the mother and him in Portugal. He claims to be a lawyer in Portugal who has now spent the last eight years running family businesses.

He said he was 45, ran his uncles construction company in Nashville, TN as well a diamond importing and stock brokerage company that his father started. the toll free number for the construction company is 866-980-7773 and is answered as Teneton Construction, but the first two times I called it was Nantec Construction. The phone number is owned by a VOIP company in Nashville. I assume that is how the scammer managed to make outgoing calls from that number.

He said he was originally from Portugal, and also spoke Spanish, Italian, and French.

The pictures he sent along never included a pic of the son/nephew, but beware,I asked for ne wpictures and got two that day with the correct time stamp on them. I have no real idea of how he managed to do that.

He claimed to be travelling all the time when I offered for us to meet in a neutral place like NYC. I often wondered why he never seemed to sleep, now realize that there was probably more than one person at the other end.

It is amazing that he/they managed to keep all details of my life straight, and yes, we talked on the phone almost daily.

I hesitate to post pictures out of respect for the other victim in this, the person whose photos were passed off as being 'Tony Willson'. I am sure that the person whose pictures I received was probably the victim of a female scammer. I will post two pics that I received, and for one reason...because I almost believed that this was not a scammer simply because I did not find his pictures anywhere on this site.

I did, int he last month, received two dozen roses and also viewed an intinerary on line to the name of Tony Willson, no doubt paid for with a stolen credit card.

Without this site, I would never have thought to check for the originating IP address, thank you for the info. Every email I received from him came from Ghana, regardless of where he said he was.

There were a couple of slip ups that I not only noticed but called him out on. One was when he took a trip to Vegas and said he was flying home at a particular time but I checked flight scheduled and found no flights that would have put him back in Nashville as quickly as he got there. The second slip up was when he sent me an email that had the exactly same paragraph that I'd received in an email two days earlier. I think you have to pay attention to that stuff, but it's far easier to just find out where the email is coming from. Tennessee email does not route through Ghana.

In checking some web sites about Ghana, I found that the USN ship the USS Tennessee is docked there and has been for months, so perhaps that is where the Tennessee connection came from. I met this man on MATCH.COM...which I had always thought was a safe place to meet someone. Since reactivating my profile on that site, I have received approximately four or five emails a day from far flung users, and all of them sound consistent with teh scammer MO I saw...'I will treat you like a Queen', misspellings, bad grammer, etc.

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