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How can I modify a TreeView item's height?


How can I modify a TreeView item's height?


Simply send a message TVM_SETITEMHEIGHT to the treeview control. The first parameter (word parameter, aka 'wParm') specifies the new height of every item in the tree view, measured in pixels. Note these restrictions:

  • this will affect all items in the treeview control
  • heights less than 1 will be set to 1.
  • if the height is not even and the tree-view control does not have the TVS_NONEVENHEIGHT style, this value will be rounded down to the nearest even value.
  • if the height is -1, the control will revert to using its default item height.

 procedure SetTreeViewItemHeight(aTreeView: TTreeView; iItemHeight: Word); 
 begin { SetTreeViewItemHeight } 
   aTreeView.Perform(TVM_SETITEMHEIGHT, iItemHeight, 0); 
 end; { SetTreeViewItemHeight } 
 procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); 
 begin { TForm1.Button1Click } 
   SetTreeViewItemHeight(TreeView1, 30); 
 end; { TForm1.Button1Click } 
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